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This Russian Harsh EBM/Electro/Industrial duo recently released its debut CD “HugeFrustration” on the Hungarian-based label Advoxya-Records in October 2K6. Meanwhile some bad times happened with the front man and vocalist Vyacheslav, who had some trouble with the Ukrainian justice and his health condition. Now back in Moscow, the band has found thetime to answer on some introducing questions…

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Chain D.L.K.: Hi, would you like to introduce us at first your music project Wavefall? Whoare the people behind this act and when did you decide to build it up?
Wavefall: The Wavefall project is Russian by origin. We call the style of our music heavydance electronic – so that not to frighten an uninformed listener by loads of strangedefinitions of musical streams and trends. Our group consists of Vyacheslav and Tatyana.It’s hard to say when exactly the project started. The idea dates back to the days ofchildhood, the title and the first demo-album appeared in 1999, and the first officialalbum was released, as you already know, in 2006.

Chain D.L.K.: Although you’re hailing from Moscow, being placed in Russia has still a kindof exotic touch for the western-oriented listeners. Tell us a bit about your life, contacts, people and acts not to be missed around your area…
Wavefall: Exotic? Cool! ? … I’m (Vyacheslav) being a music lover for about 20 years. I can say that the country of the origin never mattered for me – what’s important is if the group’s liked. The fact that now we have fans from abroad proves that we’re going in the right direction! So we’ll do our best to keep level with the best foreign bands. I’ll tell a few words about how it all began. In 1987 I heard Front 242 for the first time, which was the starting point of my further creative development. What influenced me deeply and forever were the “Stress” album by Insekt and “Deus Ex Machina” by The Force Dimension. Only in 1999 I began to compose music. Several albums were released – among them some in light electronic style, similar to Orbital and Banco de Gai, but none of them attracted serious attention. In 2000 I met Tatyana and that was the moment when Wavefall came into being. It was not only the music that joined us, but also the interest for computer games – we are addicted gamers both. Only now we have less and less time for the games. Our interests, aims, opinions and musical tastes are just the same. So wedecided to work together. Lots of remixes, music for other bands were written, but not all of them are known to the public. Both of us like animals, nature. And it’s painful for us to see what man does to the planet. Mankind seems a malignant growth and the planet can’t be cured of it, though sometimes makes attempts to get rid of this parasite. I’d like to add that we are against drugs and excessive drinking. We are fond of mountain biking, though have to practice it in Moscow conditions.;-) We love cinema and fishing – the point of the latter is not the amount of the fish caught, but peace and quiet of the surrounding nature. Usually we let the fish out after catching it. We are against hunting, as in modern times man kills live creatures not to have nourishment, but just for fun. We are fans of American sport cars. Slava is for the tuning himself. We are happy possessors of one of the legendary “freedomcars”. You can hear its ‘voice’ inthe ‘Dedication’ composition. ? During the recording we got carried away by the process and drove right into the fencing, which is clearly heard on the album. So, during the recording one car was damaged. As for the latest meaningful events – we can mention the release of the album. For us the feeling is the same as after the birth of the baby.

Chain D.L.K.: Your label Advoxya-Records lately has made an official statement to informthe audience about some bad terms out of your private life. Would you like shortly explainus the whole story about your bad experiences with the Ukrainian justice, the medicine youneed and your health condition generally?
Wavefall: In September 2006 we went on vacation to the Black sea. I had problems with myhealth shortly before, so I brought medicine with me, which was prescribed by my doctor. The medicine afterwards was the cause of my arrest by Ukraine customs officials. I was charged with contraband of psychotropic chemicals, despite the medical documents. They kept me in jail for 2,5 month in awful conditions, without offering medical help. They threatened me, put pressure upon me to make me sign the contract, but in reality, they kidnapped me with the purpose of blackmailing me for taking my money and my car. The Administration of the Ukraine Security service is up to this! I wasn’t the only one, who suffered. They do it systematically. Tatjana with the help of mass media raised a clamor. Ukraine social and remedial organizations stood on my side for my protection. At the first sitting of the court they organized a meeting for my support. The musicians of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine also raised an informational clamor. In St. Petersburg was held a festival “Electroshock” for my approval. The “law-enforcement” people, without knowing how to prove my guilt, found fault with the music I write and the way I look on the stage and took the picture from the internet. This case is much talked of now. Many of those who took part in this criminal business are hiding from the court, because the time to answer has come. Now we have information that at custom house people, who transport medicaments don’t get arrested anymore. They are afraid of their criminal actions and it is the main thing! We have a unique advocate and a whole team of lawyers that try their best to make it well known, so nothing like that could happened again.

Chain D.L.K.: What’s going wrong in peoples mind when almost all think that Russia is theparadise to start some downloading piracy? Your point of view, please…
Wavefall: We are against piracy. Pirates don’t only steal money, they steal soul! That is what’s mostly disappointing. But one can’t ignore the fact that the living standard is dramatically low in Russia, so most people just can’t afford buying licensed disks. And if we imagine total liquidation of piracy in Russia, it would mean that the music expansion will be over. We hope the situation will change for the better, sooner or later.

Chain D.L.K.: Having Tatyana on board, but why doesn’t she pick up the microphone to add afemale vocal performance for Wavefall?
Wavefall: Tatyana has a unique timbre, which is incompatible with the music we play now. But we have some ideas, though it’s too early to dwell upon them now. Her voice is present in the second album that is being recorded.

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Chain D.L.K.: Your first official CD “Huge Frustration” is out now on the Russian-Hungarian label Advoxya Records. Please tell us a bit how you got signed to them. What “frustrates” and drives you thematically?
Wavefall: As we already mentioned, we searched for the label to release our album for quite a long time. And, as it happened, some of our stuff was heard by people from Advoxya Records. These were some old records, in fact. Something must have seemed to be good to Dima from Advoxya Records, and so our co-operation began. The author of the idea for the title belongs to our friend and colleague Sergey Naan (The-Pulsar). Let’s imagine a gardener who has sown some seeds of a plant that grows for many years, but, when finally grown up, strikes everyone by its incomparable beauty, variety and richness of flowers and exquisite grace of shape. All these years the gardener cultivates his flowers: turns up the ground, waters and weeds it, willing to give the world the beauty and perfection, which becomes the purpose of his life. But as a result he sees that instead of a heavenly flower the whole field is covered in ugly weeds, and a fewsurviving sprouts of the miracle are hardly visible among the monsters, and are already inagony. That’s the ruin of all the sewers’ hopes. He is desperate and devastated after all the efforts wasted. Or, if he knows English, he’ll call it a “Huge Frustration”. All the mankind is like this weed on the fields of the divine thought. Most of us have no idea (or do not accept it) of the high destination of human being, infinity of evolution, unity of man with the universe and the rules that this unity implies. Homo ‘sapiens’ has become a self-centered consumer who tries to get the whole of the evolutional crown he possesses, according to the Darwin’s idea of the monkey becoming a human being. The result – an intellectual monkey with less amount of hair, but that, unlike her predecessors, is capable of inventing and making use of the weapon of mass destruction, fighting for the power and self-consuming comfort. The opinion most popular among new leaders of the new population is that life is the only one and one have to get the maximum of it without giving something back, at least no more than give birth to someone’s own son, build one’s own house and grow one’s own tree, out of which the crowd will construct the cross for a philosopher who dared to interfere with this idyllic vision. The processes of zombic programming of the human consciousness, forming bio-robots led by primitive instincts are increasingly strong and are caused mainly by intellectual cynicism. This is what “HugeFrustration” means. In cosmic autonomy of its existence the spiritual side of the man isagonizing, and this may mean proclaiming the death sentence for man.

Chain D.L.K.: There can be heard a German voice sample taken out of a traditional polkapiece on your track “Devil’s Clones”. Why this sample? Please fill in a short explanation…
Wavefall: This is the technical trick that makes the listener pay particular attention tothe song and probably will make him think about its content and its message.

Chain D.L.K.: Your cover art and also your website (www.wavefall-music.com) featureseveral drawings of some sci-fi-like art. Who has drawn it? Please fill in the ideas behind it…
Wavefall: We create our site and draw images ourselves. The picture on the cover showswhat, in our opinion, the future of man will be like if his consumer attitude to the planet remains unchanged. And among the pictures you can see at our site there is one showing the invasion of extraterrestrial creatures – this is the illustration to the “Invasion” song, that is due to be released on the next album. If our listener feels some emotions while looking at the picture, if he starts to reflect upon its content and sense, our objective is achieved.

Chain D.L.K.: I’ve seen several photos taken from some live performances on which you’reusing tarnishing and flourescending paint on your bodies and faces. Tell us a bit about the sense and the concept of being painted…
Wavefall: Yes, no use to be secretive. The objective was to stand out among the crowd of other singers. To become remembered and easily distinguished 😉

Chain D.L.K.: Speaking on technical side of your music. In times of a growing evolution ofcomputer-based software-synths, which kind do you prefer, the hard- or the software-basedsolution?
Wavefall: Yes, the equipment is a subject in itself! Mainly it is the equipment by Korg,Dynacord and Boss, along with the programs Minimoog, Moog modular (Arturia), Reason,Cubase.

Chain D.L.K.: What else do you expect from the future, musically and for your privatelife? Any new releases in the works which you can already confirm here?
Wavefall: It’s hard to imagine the future. We can say only one thing – we’ll goon workingand creating new things. We have ideas for 15 years to come and don’t have time to fulfilthem. There’s a lot of work on sound, voice, pronunciation and so forth. There’s no limitto perfection. As for private life – this is the private life! 😉 We won’t mention new releases beforehand. In 2007 a new album is due. We think it is rather a dance album, with more drive. We were in a cheerful mood, so some songs are simply a joke.;-)

Chain D.L.K.: Your final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
Wavefall: Thanks to everyone who supports us and to those who’s just interested. We won’tlet you down. Lots of health and love to you, take care! And – we’ve nearly forgotten -buy our album!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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