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Chain D.L.K.: How long have you been playing music?
Vv Morgue: Since the age of 3. My mother started me off with piano lessons. We had a grand piano in the house and she would do scales with me and we would sing. Then I made my way to the violin, but only played that for a year and got bored. I wish I would have followed through with it now though. It’s such a cool instrument. Plus I’m part Irish so it would be cool to play. I tried the flute but hyperventolated during the first practice so forget that. I picked up the guitar at 12 and got some lessons from a family friend named Kent. I remember the first song I learned on the guitar was “Horse with no name” by America. I never got that good at the guitar so I tried the drums and that by far is my instrument of choice. I think I play the drums the best out of any of the instruments I can play.

Chain D.L.K.: Where are you from?
Vv Morgue: Born and raised here in San Diego California. I used to complain about where I was from, but as I got older I really learned to appreciate the city. I can see myself living somewhere in California all my life, but I’ll probably die in San Diego.

Chain D.L.K.: Vv Morgue started out as a solo project? How long did you do it that way?
Vv Morgue: I did Vv Morgue by myself for about a year and a half or two years. I wanted to do a project by myself because I was sick of working with people and trying to coordinate schedules and stuff, but then as I progressed I really missed the commradery and the fellowship that a band offers so i inlisted some old friends to help me with the project.

Chain D.L.K.: Who do you have playing with you now?
Vv Morgue: I have two really great people working with me at this point. Nigel Revenga a.k.a. Voodoo Elvis playing drums who has played in bands for years here in SD and up in San Francisco. He used to play guitar in a band up there called Veronica Lippgloss and the Evil Eyes, and we’ve been playing on and off in different projects for about 5 years. Erik Sangre, who I met through Nigel and he just really works out and kind of completes the band on bass. He brings a different aspect to the music. He has a lot of effects that he brings to the table and helps with a Kaosolater and sings too!

Chain D.L.K.: Who influenced you to play music?
Vv Morgue: Music has always just been around in my life. I started out really early and got the lead in a Christmas Carol at the age of four playing “Tiny Tim”. I got the acting and singing bug from that experience. My mom would train me for that part by having me sing at first next to the piano then take a few steps back every time we did the song so I ended up on the other side of the house and you could still hear me singing over the piano! I remember the director of the play getting mad at the teenagers because they couldn’t sing as loud as I could.

Chain D.L.K.: Are you working on a new album?
Vv Morgue: Yeah we are working on a new record hopefully out sometime this year. I had a solo Vv Morgue album come out in 2007 but it doesn’t really reflect what we are doing now in the band and I just wanted a new Cd to showcase my new songs and players.

Chain D.L.K.: How did you end up in Mick Mercers book “Music to die for”?
Vv Morgue: I submitted my solo Cd called “Priapism” to Mick for review he liked it, and somehow we ended up in his book. It was a complete suprise and a pleasent one. The book has 624 pages of Goth Post Punk and Minimal bands from past to present and it’s just an honor to be mentioned in there.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you think the goth/postpunk scene is hard to break into in San diego?
Vv Morgue: Well considering there isn’t really one here I would say so. We usually get lumped in with noise bands or punk bands and I love both genres but it doesn’t really reflect what we are doing as artists. I think we would have more luck in San Francisco to be honest. There seems to be a resurgence with that kind of style that has been going on up there for the past few years. I like being different and you never know what you’re going to see at one of our shows. So I don’t see a problem with it. There is a huge noise scene down here so we get to play a lot of shows that way.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any other projects you are working on now?
Vv Morgue: I do have another noise project called La Baterista. I do about 5 shows a year with that project. It’s just me so I get to fullfill that solo project side of me and the project is basically noises found in nature that I totally screw up and use to scare people. My last show I had about 6 people leave. I consider that a success.

Chain D.L.K.: What music did you listen to when you were younger?
Vv Morgue: It started out with what my parents liked to listen to Johnny Cash and Harry Belefonte and the Island Singers. My mom liked a lot of folk. When I started liking my own stuff it was mostly punk like Dead Kennedy’s and Sex Pistols. I started gravitating to the darker side a bit later stuff like Lydia Lunch and Alien Sex Fiend. I like all kinds of music. Now I’m really getting into dance goth darkwave stuff. I like to dance. So… let’s dance!

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[interviewed by Ant Dakini]


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