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Signed to the Japanese Goth-Rock label Cure ( we like to present andwelcome a new Harsh EBM/Electro/Industrial talent hailing out of Greece. Thanks to thesupport of Cure label-chief Kiwamu (who’s also the band leader of the well-knownGoth-Rock act Blood) the band could release its official debut CD “Place No Reliance”, aquite well-done album combining the old and the new school of Electro/Industrial music.Some questions have been conducted and sent out to Pierrot, who represents the band andlikes to tell us some background info on this three-men output… Chain D.L.K.: Hey guys, first of some words to your project Virgins O.R. Pigeons. Couldyou please fill in some biographical details of about the finding, the how, when andwhere? Oh, and please try to explain your band name…
Virgins O. R. Pigeons: Hello there! First of all we would like to thank you for yourinterest towards Virgins O.R. Pigeons. We are an Industrial 3-piece band from Greece.The band was formed in 2002, by Pierrot, Sitras and Steph in the city of Thessaloniki.Combining our disparate musical influences, we created songs that exude the imposingviolence of Industrial, through Dark Electro melodies that are included in the songs ofour debut album “Place No Reliance”. The name of the group is taken by a quote made byA. Crowley „We place no reliance on virgins or pigeons, our method is the science, ouraim is religion“. This is actually the main content of our lyrics in short…

Chain D.L.K.: YHow does a Greece-based Electro/Industrial act get signed by aJapanese Goth-Rock music dealing label? Is the MySpace community to blame, since youseem to use it as your official website?
Virgins O. R. Pigeons: MySpace has helped a lot the band to gain more popularity and fansbut that was not the reason we signed a record deal with a Japanese label. We got contactwith Cure when we’d supported Blood (the label’s owner personal band) at their gig InAthens, Greece. Kiwamu liked our music/visual style and after a while, he offered a dealthat was better than what other labels had offered before. So here we are…

Chain D.L.K.: After having seen your band photos for the first time I thought on asomewhat different music style out the Metal genre. Your info sheet also describes two ofyou are playing guitars, but this acoustic instrument can’t be heard with a fewexceptions. Tell us a bit about your manifesto and the function of the band…
Virgins O. R. Pigeons: Yes, that’s true! At first (sigh) almost everyone thought we were anew formed J-Rock or Metal band. We believe that the appearance, apart from music, shouldbe one of the elements every group must pay attention to! It is essential to ourtheatrical dimension at concerts. As for the function of the band, Sitras and Pierrotperform the distorted and clean vocals respectively and Steph is responsible for thesynth programming. Guitar parts are added to our live shows in order to bring moreaggression and realism to our sound!

Chain D.L.K.: More and more acts out of Greece based into the hard Electro/Industrialgenre are currently coming up and can release some stuff. How is the current situationregarding bands and labels and how are the reactions of the mass media on you?
Virgins O. R. Pigeons: The last few years there has been a progress in theElectro/Industrial scene of Greece. As you said more and more bands are coming up withnew releases which is great. Lots of great events and concerts are taking place and morepeople get into this music genre every day. Of course the scene is not as big asGermany’s for example, but there are right substructures and I am sure things will bemuch better in the near future! Now about the mass media. From the day one, we had greatresponse from everyone. Many people supported us and helped us to expand our audience…

Chain D.L.K.: Please tell us a bit about the content of your track „NASA’s Lullaby“. Whythis special dedication on both space shuttle tragedies Columbia and Challenger?
Virgins O. R. Pigeons: We were expecting this song would draw some attention…Yes, it’s astrange title and anyone could have thought that we are making fun of these tragedies!But that’s not it…there is a hidden meaning behind these lyrics, part of our beliefs.When Columbia crashed, a certain general from Russia said „NASA is paying the price forignoring the contract they made with the „strangers!“ But apart from that NASA didn’t follow the protocol of science society which forbids anyone who were accused of homicideto take part in science projects! But a particular person was a pilot o the Columbiamission although he took part in bombings. But there are more to discuss and we don’tthink this is the only protocol they didn’t follow… Virgins O.R Pigeons is also atheatrical group which sometimes doesn’t present its belief, but presents facts insteadand lets the audience think and decide on their own.

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Chain D.L.K.: Times are hard for all bands and labels due to the lack of sales and thegrowing downloading piracy. How does the currently evolution affect on you as a band? Howimportant have legal downloading portals like iTunes become for your music?
Virgins O. R. Pigeons: That is true. Lots of labels have been closed due to financialproblems and bands left without a „home“. Having legal downloading portals is importantto the band. We are not aiming on making profit. We are here just to make music andexpress artistically. But there are some expenses that need to be covered in order to beable to keep moving forward as a band. We are sure that the ones who really like ourmusic will buy the CD instead of downloading it.

Chain D.L.K.: How is it with live gigs? I think you’ve done some gigs in Greece with yourlabel comrades Blood. So how are the plans and how does your show look alike? Any touringplans you can already confirm?
Virgins O. R. Pigeons: Oh yeah. We have already played a gig with Blood in Athens. Thiswas actually our first live appearance. After that show we also participated in few moregigs in different cities. At our concerts we combine our visual style and performancewith our heavy beats and sound. We have a lavish stage show that everyone must watch andenjoy. There are plans for an upcoming European tour but nothing is confirmed yet so Ican’t say more about that.

Chain D.L.K.: Please inform us about your upcoming plans, some new releases for you andyour label you like to confirm here?
Virgins O. R. Pigeons: Right now we are working on some remixes. These remixes will be onthe next release of Blood, which will be a 5-Track EP, with Blood songs remixed strictlyby Virgins O.R. Pigeons. After that we will try to book as many gigs as we can and thenstart working on new material for the next album.

Chain D.L.K.: Some final words to our readers to conclude this interview…?
Virgins O. R. Pigeons: First of all we want to thank you at the Chain D.L.K. for all thesupport so far! Your readers can check out our MySpace profile They will be able to listen some of our songs there andget any info they want concerning the band. We hope to come and play some gigs to yourarea soon!

Visit Virgins O. R. Pigeons on the web at:

[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy. T. Rapisardi]


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