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Chain D.L.K.: How did VV start? Please tell us all about the project, conception, nice stuff.
Venus Virus: Venus Virus started roughly ten years ago when I found myself alone again after the demise of yet another band and relationship. I originally just wanted to be a singer, but realized I couldn’t depend on anyone else to make the commitments to music that I wanted to make. That left only one other option, writing everything myself. Venus Virus was never intended to be a solo project, but definitely started out that way and has once again ended that way. The concept behind Venus Virus is one of duality, space-age love sickness, and the warrior spirit. It is the purest expression of who I am. I try not to overthink it too much especially when writing songs. In doing so a lot of my inner self is revealed and I learn some new things about myself. It is an exercise of self discovery.

Chain D.L.K.: What are your projects for the future?
Venus Virus: I’m working on writing new songs, and will be going into the studio to record in late January. I started prepping my voice up with a new vocal coach and hope the next recording session will be one of my best. In addition to recording some new Venus Virus tracks, I will be doing some vocal work for a side-project called Brand NewDay. For the most part, I am totally overwhelmed with ideas, so much so it is hard to concentrate and discover which ideas are the most solid and my bestdirection to follow.

Chain D.L.K.: Any new record coming out?
Venus Virus: I am slowly and surely putting out a full-length album. I’ve been saying that for years, but 2006 is the YEAR! It will be entitled ” T ” and is about halfway done now. I still have a lot of work to do, but I am quite determined.

Chain D.L.K.: What is your main source of inspiration?
Venus Virus: Other artists and musicians are constant sources of inspiration. There’s Adam Ant, Peter Murphy, Eurythmics, and a lot of 80s stuff that to this day give me goosebumps. The MAIN source of inspiration for me, however, is found in watching people and observing the everyday dullness about life. It is a constant reminder of what I do not want in my life and helps me push forward to reach for my dreams.

Chain D.L.K.: Tell us about your past European tour– how did you like Europe and stuff.

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Venus Virus: This was my second time performing in Europe. I can’t wait to go back, I absolutely love it over there. The audiencesare welcoming, encouraging, and interested in what I have to say.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you believe in heaven and hell? If you do or don’t who would you put in heaven and who in hell?
Venus Virus: I have thought a good deal about heaven and hell and the only conclusion that sits well with me is that neither exists. Perhaps it is better to say they both exist, but only as we deem them into our own lives. As far as who to put in which place? I am definitely not one to judge.

Chain D.L.K.: Are you inspired by any source of spirituality?
Venus Virus: Not in a traditional sense. My family is rather religious, and I have never felt much a part of that life style. I think there is a strong spirituality that moves through me and that can be heard in my music. What I try to tap into is emotional human truths, and when I hit it right I think that song is very spiritual. A good example of this in my own work, would be one of my personal favorites, “Emeralds.”

Chain D.L.K.: Do you like your city? What do you like the most about it and dislike the most about it?
Venus Virus: I love Los Angeles. It’s a fast-paced city and there is always something to do. I’m a night owl and can still find plenty going on at 2am even on a weekday. Another thing I like is that there are so many diverse cultures to experience here. You have to be tolerant of other people, different races, and different cultures. I find it exciting being a part of that all. The things that get to me are the traffic and smog. I could actually do without those. Fortunately, I reside in Burbank, so I can avoid most of the traffic problems. Everything I could possibly need is walking distance from my place. The city of Burbank really keeps its own “little town” feel. It’s my little escape from the BIG CITY.

Chain D.L.K.: Ask yourself a question!
Venus Virus: I don’t have a question – but I am going to tell you about a dream I had last night, because… well, it is on my mind. It started off with me walking down some trails. I don’t even know where I was really. Some wooded area. There were houses there, and the trail I was walking on ran behind these houses. So there I was walking along not going anywhere in particular. This one house had some strange animals in their backyard. I remarked at the odd collection and continued on my way. Sure enough, a few houses down, lo-and behold, one of the Tasmanian Devils had escaped from the house with strange animals and now had mecornered. I had to wrestle with this beast and get it under control. I wasn’t too scared of it, since I knew how to defeat it, but I was tired of having to keep wrestling with it. It would not let me be. I woke up while thinking of a plan to get it back to in its pen.

Chain D.L.K.: A message for our readers?
Venus Virus: See it – Believe it – BE IT

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[interviewed by Ant + Maren – Antiquark] [proofreading by Maren]


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