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Veillance is a new German-based Electro/Industrial project founded by Marko V. He has recently released a first self-produced EP-CD entitled “United”, with which he can prove his talent by providing an experimental kind of Electro/EBM music. But also some chosen remix contributors asides the “always-the-same-names”-mentality should grab the attention. A newcomer project to follow for sure which we like to introduce with this interview…

Chain D.L.K.: Hi Marko, I guess it won’t hurt if you could introduce you and your music project to start this interview. Please fill in any relevant info out of your bio. How, when and why did you built Veillance?
Veillance: Hey Marc, well, I always liked to make music and I have started to play instruments very early in my life. I played different kinds of instruments and later I started to teach myself how to play bass-guitar. I bought one of these cheap e-bass bundles, on which you get everything you need and I bought Peter Sonntag’s ‘Bass Craft’. That is a very good book for beginners by the way and also for the ones, who like to go further. In my youth, I played in different kinds of Metal-bands. Some were more into Black-Metal and some more into that “viking” stuff. Yes, it was a wild youth indeed. (laughs)Veillance was founded in January 2006 under a different name and is based in Germany. As already mentioned, I always liked to make music and after moving away from my hometown, there was no possibility to join another band. Lack of time, distance and often a different kind of music were some reasons. So I haven’t done anything in music business for almost three years and I started to miss something. So I have decided to start withsomething new and the idea of creating an EBM/Industrial-project with a very dark sound came up. Now, with my solo-work Veillance, I like to produce EBM/Industrial music with some Powernoise influences, combining strong beats and percussions, harsh melodies and atmospheric sounds.

Chain D.L.K.: Out of curiosity I need to ask you about your previous musical directions and your project Bloodywing. I hope that I don’t have to regret this indiscreet question, but how does someone got the idea for this band name? 😛
Veillance: (laughs) As already said, I played in different Metal bands but also liked other styles of music such as Gothic-Metal, Gothic, EBM, Industrial and what not. Veillance got initially started on that other name and the direction was more into Goth than EBM or Dance music. The initial idea of my first EBM/Industrial project was to create something very dark – what I kept alive after changing the direction more into dance music. When I started with this project on the other name, it was just some kind of testing as I had no previous experiences on making such music. So I didn’t really thought about how to name it. So the first name was a random-thing. I started with that project at zero and very soon I realized, how much I have to do to achieve a good quality. In2006, I spent a lot of time with technical concerns on how to produce music instead of making music. People liked what they heard and it pushed me hard to get it all done as soon as possible. However, it takes a while when you start at zero with something like this.

Chain D.L.K.: Your first official release “United” is a self-released 6-track-EP featuring four own compositions and two remix works. Maybe this EP can be seen as a first diving into the world of Electro/Industrial music? Why did you avoid to add vocals to your music so far?
Veillance: Yes, this project has been my first step making music in this genre and so this EP can be seen as a first diving-in. In the first year, many people asked me, if there is any possibility to buy a CD and that pushed me to get a release out. Regarding vocals, I haven’t really avoided to add vocals to my music. It simply wasn’t possible from the technical side yet. I also liked to be experimental on how much I can get the tunes to speak for me. For example, I’ve used some controlled over-compressing on some parts of the melodies to make these parts sounding like they would scream to top the climaxes off.

Chain D.L.K.: You’ve invited DJ Shai and the Portugal-based act In[Perfektion] to create remixes for you. Both artists are hardly discovered so far and also to insiders rather unknown. Therefore it could feature some nice details why and how you’ve decided to ask both acts to contribute remixes. Wouldn’t it have a more sophisticated effect on the sales if you could have included a better-known and established name to work on your stuff?
Veillance: In[Perfektion] and DJ Shai liked to work on my music and the results of their work on the remixes are really good. I think, that’s not only the case because of both are very talented, that’s also because of both wanted to do that and enjoyed working on it. Yes, I agree to your point, that it would have a more sophisticated effect on the sales, if I would have remixes on it done by better known artists but I was not looking for good sales in the first place. Both are very talented and it is worth to check them out. There are generally many really good, undiscovered bands out there.

Chain D.L.K.: Since your current music works are instrumentally arranged, I tend to ask you for your personal involvement and the things which drive you thematically by composing music…
Veillance: Thematically I am inspired by a lot of things surrounding me. Speaking of movies, images, soundtracks, stories, my past and not to forget ? the most important thing – people. I started working on the track “United”, when I had to realize, how volatile things in our scene and how strong all the bitching and flaming about other people have become. That’s something what really disappointed me as I was used to something different and this song can be seen as a “shout out” against this trend.

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Chain D.L.K.: Sales of CD’s have slowed down and the lack of it screws especially the young newcomer acts in this music scene. Since your release is a self-produced one, you’ll receive the whole effect of this evolution. How and why do you still feel the need to try it in your style? Why don’t you produce cheesy Pop music and try to earn some money with it? 😉
Veillance: I do produce cheesy Pop music in my little secret room back over there and I earn millions and millions of money with it but I prefer to keep this a secret not to get flamed for it, you know? (laughs) No, I don’t produce such kind of music as that’s not what I want to do. I have been in this scene for many years now and I cannot even imagine myself doing something like Pop music. I wouldn’t be myself and with my music I want to express myself.

Chain D.L.K.: Lets talk on the technical side of producing music generally. Which kind of synthesizers do you prefer, hardware- or software-based? Where do you see the pro’s and con’s on both kinds?
Veillance: I prefer hardware-based synths as the quality is often way better than most soft synths can achieve. Nevertheless, some software-based synthesizers already have achieved a good quality and also developed some great possibilities, so I am really into them. Generally I am very addicted to try every single software-based synthesizer as long as this addiction is affordable. Having some hardware-based synths in your gear is alsogood for using them on live shows of course. I don’t see much cons on hardware-based synthesizers except that the good ones are very expensive.

Chain D.L.K.: How is it with live gigs? I guess it’s difficult for a one-man act to work out a satisfying live performance. Any plans to storm some stages soon?
Veillance: Well, there are some talks going on about some live gigs but that’s all I can say for now. 😉

Chain D.L.K.: Your daily life besides being a musician. Please fill in details, relations, hobbies, and furtherinterests?
Veillance: There are many things I like to do next to making music. In my free time – for example – I like to work on some websites I have created for some friends. Most of my time I spend on my studies and I also have a job next to everything else. I like to read music-production magazines, music magazines in general and sometimes a good book too.

Chain D.L.K.: Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new works or maybe a new release you like to confirm here?
Veillance: I am working on new material including vocals but I cannot state anything more than that yet. In spring 2007, a new release of Veillance may appear but nothing’s for sure now. I am also planning to include live recorded bass-lines in my future work. So I can use my experiences on playing e-bass on this project as well.

Chain D.L.K.: Some final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
Veillance: I like to thank all the people, who support me on my path and also thanks to you, Marc and Chain D.L.K., for this interview. Keep an eye on the new material, which, I hope, will bring much more energetic feelings to all of you. ? – stay united –

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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