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Chain D.L.K.: “Osforrás” is your third album and by its sound I could tell that? it is the darkest of the lot. Can you describe the different steps of the journey that took you to its creation?
The Moon And The Nightspirit: “Osforrás” is the outcome of a relaxed sound-writing process. We didn’t rush things and waited for the inspiration to come. Actually it took two years to write all of the songs.Every note of the album has been recorded in our own studio, so we didn’t have to care about studio-time. We’ve enjoyed every moment of the creational process. We’ve also learned to play some new and exciting instruments, such as morin khuur (a horse-head fiddle of Mongolian origin), that we used in some of the new songs.“Osforrás” is a big step forward for us both musically and lyrically. It is a more mature album than the previous ones, an album we’ve always wanted to write. Though our “musical path” was clear from the beginning, we could reach and actually tread on it only with this album. We didn’t want to do a clone of our previous albums and tried to step forward to create something new and refreshing. This time we did “dig” deeper into the spiritual, shamanistic world, and on this journey we’ve found our own style, our own voice. “Osforrás” is “deeper” and more ritualistic than our previous albums. The role of percussions become more evident and we also wrote some songs with both of us singing. We think this combination of the light and aerial female vocals with stronger and harsh male vocals created a very special atmosphere. Actually they are conversations, where the female voice represents the feminine, lunar side of Nature, while the male voice the masculine, solar side.

Chain D.L.K.: Your music deals with the relationship between human beings and mother nature. How do you apply this to your daily lives?
The Moon And The Nightspirit: We live a simple life in a quiet place trying not to succumb to the “great beast of globalization”.

Chain D.L.K.: Do “Osforrás” songs have a common theme?
The Moon And The Nightspirit: Though it wasn’t planned, the album has a strong conception lyrically. “Osforrás” is a collection of songs, rituals dedicated to the old and eternal tradition. Offerings and prayers to the slumbering gods of the old forests, streams and stones.

Chain D.L.K.: Our ancestors had ways of nurturing their psychic nature that nowadays most people aren’t aware of. Do you think that some steps of that tradition are lost forever? Do you think it could be possible to find a new way?
The Moon And The Nightspirit: No I don’t think it is lost. There are still some people caring about nature and answering to her whispers. They are maybe few in numbers, but their number is growing day by day. There are things that cannot be erased from the soul of Man, no matter how strong this media-ruled consumer society is. Our bond with Nature is eternal.

Chain D.L.K.: Listening to “Osforrás” I get the feeling that your aim was to? gather energies that people could use to awaken their inner self. You know, the obsessive percussions and the dissonant melodies almost as if you were looking for a state of trance…
The Moon And The Nightspirit: Exactly. The primordial form of music was meant for rituals, for the celebration of Life, for the connection with the spiritual world. Music is not mere entertainment, but something deeper, something that touches the very essence of the soul and lifts it to its “original” place.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you consider yourselves pagans? What are the deities you are most fond of and why?

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The Moon And The Nightspirit: If by pagans you mean someone who loves and respects Nature, then my answer is yes. We believe in the everlasting, light-begotten bond between Nature and Man, between Mother Earth and her seed-children, humanity; between the Sun-antlered Father of All and the fiery-winged soul; between the spiritual and material world. We believe in the eternal Light, hidden deep inside, the unquenchable, inner flame, the living fire of the soul. This bond, this burning flame drives and guides us on the path.

Chain D.L.K.: Have you ever thought of collaborating with some other bands that share your “vision”?
The Moon And The Nightspirit: Yes. Actually on the limited edition version of “Osforrás”, there’s a bonus track with guest musicians/vocalists from Poets to their Beloved, Hexperos and Dwelling. I think it is a very special song, as all of the vocalists sing in their own language. Maybe we’ll do things like this in the future as well.

Chain D.L.K.: Are you composing new songs? How do they sound?
The Moon And The Nightspirit: No, not really. The new album just came out a few months ago, there are no new songs yet.

Chain D.L.K.: Where is your music taking you?
The Moon And The Nightspirit: Right now we are doing as many live shows as possible in Europe to promote the new album, with the help of live session musicians, namely Gergely Cseh on bass and geyerleier, and Gabor Vegh on percussions.

Chain D.L.K.: Final words?
The Moon And The Nightspirit: Thanks a lot for the opportunity. May the moon-adorned Mother of All guide You on your path!

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[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Marc Urselli]


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