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Coming out from the band Empire State Human, The Garland Cult spread his wings to conquer the dancefloors with tons of glamour, electro waves and fashion lights. Discover something more of whant’s to happen in the near future!

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Chain D.L.K.: It has been a surprise for me to see you forming, with another ESH member, a side project. What convinced you both to form The Garland Cult?
The Garland Cult: We’ve been very lucky in the past to have always worked outside and indepently of ESH, with other producers, bands and songwriters too. Also, being in a group who are constantly writing new material, not all of which can feature on ESH releases, can mean that this drive has kept us sharp as performers and songwriters. This extra creativity needs an outlet too.Having worked so hard on Empire State Human’s ‘Cycles’ album the last 2 years, remixing a lot for other bands and doing an original film soundtrack, Aidan’s poetry/verse book, and then the Dead or Alive tribute, we decided after 2005 to take a break from recording as ESH, and work on promotion and networking before starting the next ESH album ‘Paparazzi’ end of 2006/early 2007. So myself and Lar, who have always enjoyed the closest of friendships, in fact we’re really like brothers, began talking about a project last year, which would help unite our own electro tastes, combining art and film influences, 60s trashy pop and the great vocal singers. All of this has become The Garland Cult

Chain D.L.K.: Aren’t you afraid that this will take energy from your main project?
The Garland Cult: We don’t believe it will, as The Garland Cult debut album ‘Protect Yourself From Hollywood’, has already been written and is at the final 2 tracks production stage. Also, a good 50% of the next Empire State Human album ‘Paparazzi’ has already been demo’d and these demo’s have been set aside until later this year. So, taking all of that into account, we’re well ahead of ourselves, leaving us time to stay focused and attentive to both areas of our lives. A lot of bands, have difficulty just writing a new album, where as we’re lucky enough to be able to write material for 2 strong albums a year.

Chain D.L.K.: From the two tracks I listened (“Impossible” and “Style”) The Garland Cult sounds more like early ESH than ESH themselves. What is your opinion about this?
The Garland Cult: Yes, there is a rawness, and possibly a ‘young’ or ‘early’ feel to the mixes thus far. The sound is stripped down oly in feel and not in programming content, we feel, and also Aidan’s deliberatly more featured up front vocally in the mixing of tracks for The Garland Cult. Most of the new material is produced by outside producers (QUBIQ produced both ‘Impossible’ and ‘Style’ for instance). QUBIQ has a very club orientated sound, but don’t think for a minute there’s less involved – it’s terrifically complex, layering and mixing that type of analogue/dance sound, with a tradition singer, which of course Aidan is. We love the balance and end results. We would say to you and like to think, that when you hear more of the album, you’ll get more of what we want to accomplish. John Giacobello has produced ‘Pity Party’, ‘Like A Riverboat’ (he wrote that one too) and 2 brilliant mixes of our Laura Brannigan cover ‘Self Control’. ESH fans may remember, John also produced some tracks for ESH (‘Digital City’, ‘Liquid Blue’ ect ). We like to think, that the door is still very much open, to work with new producers/remixers in the near future. We’ve a few exciting remixers/producers about to join the party in the next few months too.

Chain D.L.K.: The tracks you sent me sound a lot more dancey. Is for this reason that The Garland Cult will work mainly with external producers?
The Garland Cult: Yes, that is right. We hand pick people to suit the songs and have always an opinion and direction to share with the right people, when we’re at a stage to send them a song to produce. We demo a new song, then dissect it, discuss it and evaluate where the songs strengths and weaknesses lie. From there, it all falls into place. Luck has also a big part to play, in that the you have to hope and pray that the choice people we want to work with are interested in working with us and are free to work with us in a short space of time. Thankfully, we’ve only had 2 disappointments. We’re amazed at how many people know and like ESH, and this has opened a few doors for us as The Garland Cult.

Chain D.L.K.: “Impossible” remind me a little the latest Marc Almond, can you tell our readers something about the other tracks of the album that will be released anytime soon by Ninthwave? How do they sound and what are they about?
The Garland Cult: ‘Impossible’ will be released as a 5 track DJ/promo single by Ninthwave very shortly. The debut album ‘Protect Yourself From Hollywood’ will be out this year, followed by a 2nd DJ/promo single. We love Marc Almond, so any influence is because of how highly we rate him and his Soft Cell output. At present, the producers involved in the debut are: Baxendale, QUBIQ, John Giacobello, Seán Barron (from ESH), DJ C@sper, Arron Clague, and Godlike. Very electro sounding, dance orientated beats mixed with great pop vocals. Expect a real pop gem. The website of has 5 tracks, which sound 50% of the album. It’s retro, but modern can we say? Here’s a rough track listing for the album ,which is likely to alter:

THE GARLAND CULT – ‘Protect Yourself From Hollywood’

01. All Good Things

02. Impossible

03. Style

04. Self Control

05. Pity Party

06. Move On

07. Monomania

08. Like A Riverboat

09. Gender Device

10. Robot Love Vs Clara Rockmore

11. Cubalist

12. All Good Things-Reprise

Chain D.L.K.: The name The Garland Cult make me think about Judy Garland and about the Hollywood stars of the past. Do you love that kind of glamour?
The Garland Cult: That’s were the name came from. The Garland Cult were a group of fanatical Garland fans that followed her around the world, turning up at her live performances. Even the website (designed by Mark from the UK cyber-slut band The Thought Criminals), shows real glamour and colour. I guess, we could be described as camp, we of course would say hetro-camp!! 😉 There is an underlying seriousness too, even in the album title ‘Protect Yourself From Hollywood’ is a bold statement to make people aware of excess, greed and insincerity. All of which, Hollywood is a metaphor to us for.

Chain D.L.K.: What would you say will convince the audience to buy your album?
The Garland Cult: Well, hopefully when they listen to the free download tracks from www.thegarlandcult.comKeep an eye on our NEWS Section. All of this, will maybe prove to the listener that The Garland Cult are worthy of a purchase. If people trust ESH, and what we do there, then to may follow on they’ll trust this project. Dave Richards (Ninthwave Records) is very excited about signing us, and that’s a great boost to have. We’ve also recently remixed Fr/Action and Dave loved the results, we are about to start remixing Tycho Brahe and we recently completed a cover of a track by UK million selling Goth band Attrition, called ‘A Girl Called Harmony’, which they loved too. We believe all of this means something and stands for something in the scene. We do want to open new doors for The Garland Cult, and we believe the debut will sound terrific and hopefully do that for us.

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Chain D.L.K.: I read that you are looking for remixers, have you already received offers? What kind of stuff you’d like to receive from potential remixers/DJs/Producers?
The Garland Cult: We’ve had response from a DJ how remixed Mesh, and also EMP who’s remixed The Human League many times, and has remixed and co-written tracks for Mel C (Spice Girls fame). Ideally, we want to receive interest and work with people that excite us. We know when we listen to new potential remixers, whether or not they’ll work well with us, on first listen to.We’ve been in talk with Larry Tee (electroclash God) and Mark Moore (of S’Express fame) about working together. This kind of talent would be so good to get involved with.

Chain D.L.K.: What would you say to explain what The Garland Cult is about?
The Garland Cult: We’d like to quote our website:

Let us introduce a new electro project for 2006 ….. words from the upcoming website

“The Garland Cult: Aidan Casserly//Lar Kiernan. An electro music project that likes to inject a bit of style and colour into todays insipid pop-music. A bold mission statement true – but at least there’s no flashy and misleading press releases – The Garland Cult are for real! Inspired by the films, actors, singers, producers and art that they adore, you’ll find mp3’s of tracks from the debut album ‘Protect yourself from Hollywood’, as well as a video for one of its songs on their website. Occasional news updates, when both the mood and the news arives from garland hq in Dublin, Ireland. Thankfully they don’t take things too seriously, just seriously enough.”

Chain D.L.K.: What are you expecting from your new project?
The Garland Cult: First to get the releases out and then to hopefully do some live work. The Thought Criminals have asked us over to London in 2006, to open for them somewhere. That would be cool, of course, as we’re big fans of Mark. They ROCK!! We’re also keen to complete some Dead or Alive covers, for a short EP. That’s still about 60%/40% and all depends on what we’re up to in the coming 6 months.
If things go well, we’d certainly be interested in working on a 2nd studio album with The Garland Cult. In this game anything possible, even over night a little bit of success can arrive your way. Whatever the future holds, we dead keen to continue with The Garland Cult and something that’s independent and strong and that feels natural musically.

Visit The Garland Cult on the web at:

[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Aidan]


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