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Chain D.L.K.: Hello!!! Please introduce yourself!
The Flight Orchestra: My name is ANNIENOMUS aka ANM aka anm dj akaWILSON, DAVID N, born 26 APRIL 1977 in Spokane,Washington. A lot of people ask me ‘what’s the dealwith the name?’ or avoid it all together, reverting to”HEY YOU,” or “BUDDY,” “GUY,” but it is aself-christened name, a play on words of ultimatelyhow I would like to live my life. I’ve heard it wasFreudian (is everything? YES); I’d like to say that Iwas clever enough to takeinspiration from that, but I’m not.

Chain D.L.K.: How did you get started? Tell us your musicstories from childhood! History, bla bla.
The Flight Orchestra: I was a classically trained accordion player fromage 6 up until the age of 12. From there, I was sodisenchanted with music that I never wanted to utter anote ever again. But around 16, fueled by hormones andangst, I became interested in playing guitar. So Itaught myself. Fromthere, I joined a hardcore band (teehee, doesn’teveryone as their first?) . That band fell apart. Ithen learned how to play the drum kit, bass guitar,keyboard/piano, various hardware and softwareapplications; learned/copied recording techniques ofthe 60s and here I am today. I had no friends, hence alot of time.THE FLIGHT ORCHESTRA has been so since 2001 in variousincarnations, including a bassist and drummer, butthat didn’t last.

Chain D.L.K.: What are your major influences? What kind of sound are you trying to achieve?
The Flight Orchestra: I would say some of the people who have influencedme to make my sound are Carolyn Hester, Phil Spector,Underworld, John Lennon, The Band, things like that,but the list is far too long for me to write in onesitting. I am inspired by emotive things, art, music,film, etc. I find that trying to be emotive whilstmaking electronic music presents an interesting andwonderful challenge as my palette is sterile. Butthat’s the trick, isn’t it?I strive to make a “human” sound whilst being anelectronic musician. This means that I attempt tointerject a human quality to this style in the sensethat I give myself the opportunity to play my songslive in different ways every time I perform. I givemyself the opportunity to MAKE MISTAKES when Iperform. This is massive, as I think much electronicmusic relies on the fact that it is constant. But whenyou think about it, what is constant in this worldthat is true? Aside from birth and death, nothing. Soconstancy is pretty daunting, in my view, and not thatfun. Equally, I try to break free from the stereotypeof electronic musicians hiding behind theirlaptops/gear/ what have you. Personally, I don’t thinkit’s such a badthing, but all electronic musicians have heard jokeslike “oh, are they checking their email back there?”Lame as it is, that is a popular perception and I tryto make a personal connection in some way with myaudience each time I perform.

Chain D.L.K.: What are your major non-influences (music you hate)?

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The Flight Orchestra: I can’t say there is any music that I hate, as Irespect any artist who tries to make a sound.However, there are things, bands, people that annoyme. But all said entities are aware of my displeasure.

Chain D.L.K.: Projects for the future? New releases?
The Flight Orchestra: I am now finishing my new record “THE MILITARY OFFATIMA,” which should be done by May. This record isan amalgam of frustration. After going on tour twicelast year doing shows in much of the US, I found somany wonderful people who had genuine anger. But theyseemed to be unaware of the catalyst of this anger,which in turn frustrated me. Unfortunately, there is alot to be angry about in America today. Things can bebetter; that is another major theme of the record.Plus, I am adamantly ANTI-BUSH / anti-right wing /anti-conservative, as there is a lot of anger and fearthat fuels those beliefs. From that, you can readwhatever you want into the title of my new record.Luckily, I’ve been presented with opportunities torelease this record but unfortunately I can’telaborate much on it now…
Am going to re-mix an ASYMMETRICAL HEAD track soon,and also I’m planning on doing a collaboration withthe cut-up LA duo EMIS. I’m really stoked about both.I was going to guest on BACKTEDNTED’s debut recordwhich is coming out on Plug Research but I couldn’tget out to the session. I’m was bummed about that, asI am aHUGE backtednted supporter, in fact I should list himas a major influence. He and the Los Angeles artistTEHN.

Chain D.L.K.: Your show is definitely “driving” for beingyourself alone on the stage. I like when you jump anddance… Is it your decision to be alone on the stage,or just didn’t find the right fellows? Is there aconcept behind your music?
The Flight Orchestra: I like irony, as I think every creative persondoes.Does irony get abused in the indy creative world?Maybe, but irony has a lot to do with the way Ipresent THE FLIGHT ORCHESTRA live. I’ve had a fewincarnations of it as I mentioned before, but I thinkthis serves the overall vision the best. As far as howI move, to use the cliché, I just let the music takeme. If I feel my audience is payingattention, I will give them something to watch, or Iwill try to get their attention by freaking out. I donot practice my dance moves, and yes, the stuffed LIONis a major part of my show; even if i wave him aroundor not, HE MUST BE THERE, otherwise things will bebad.Conceptually, when I perform, I’m having an unsaidconversation with my audience, hopefully a fruitfulone.

Chain D.L.K.: What is the most important thing in your life and the least important? (Each of you answer separately!)
The Flight Orchestra: Most important– balance / caffeine. Least important– money / cynicism

Chain D.L.K.: Is there anything you would like to say that was not in a question above?
The Flight Orchestra: For more information on THE FLIGHT ORCHESTRA:
Stop by and say hello, i am very nice.

Chain D.L.K.: Suggestions or a message for our readers?
The Flight Orchestra: Support your underground music as it is the way ofthe future and it can change the way you enjoy yourart,even down to the mainstream. Mainstream infiltrationis not such a bad thing if it has artistic integrity!Look at all the art movements of past centuries–thesewere all popular art movements! The same can and willhappen with music! Soon! Support! Plus if our style isthe popular music, imagine the music it would spawn inspite of us! truly exciting. Don’t let cynicism cloudyour vision.

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