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Chain D.L.K.: Hi, James, since you already have other musical projects, can you explainwhat made you feel the urge to start The Bomb Of Enduring Freedom”adventure”?
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: I decided that it was time to start a project which could deal with themodern world and society in general — something with more of a punk-rockattitude than my previous projects. I didn’t want to be limited by beingassociated with any style in particular (although the music is, in general,metal/industrial).

Chain D.L.K.: Reading the press sheet, I understand that you are self-producing thisalbum because since, it is a strong accusation toward U.S.A. worlddomination, you have been dumped by all the labels you were in contactwith…. Can you tell us what happened?
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: I decided from the beginning that I didn’t want to involve this new projectwith any record labels. The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom has never had anythingto do with any record labels at all. I ended a previous project (Ewigkeit)by burning all of my record contracts I had signed and by reclaming myentire back-catalogue, and that’s how ‘Death To Music Productions’ started.Death To Music is an “anti-record label” and most of our releases are freedownloads (including my reclaimed back-catalogue), with the occasionallimited edition release. This helps the output concentrate more oncreativity than the other bullshit that comes with the music industry.

Chain D.L.K.: Even if the album is a total accusation about current horrors and to themedia’s denial of these horrors, you didn’t forget to write great songswhich could also be big hits (reference “G.B.I. — Suspect PackageHoliday”). Do you think you’ll be able to get the right exposure?
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: We don’t expect any exposure from this release at all. People seem to reallylike it, and that’s great, but don’t expect to see “The Bombs” on MTV oranything. I think the very content of the music almost guarantees that evenif some journalists for large publications liked the music, you’d never seeanything printed, because the mainstream media is completely controlled bythe very global forces we attack.

Chain D.L.K.: Listening to the album I heard many musical influences such as KillingJoke, Ministry, etc. but there are also EBM and industrial elements. Let’stalk about how you created the sound and its arrangements….
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: I don’t personally listen to much music. I’ve never really been a big fan ofMinistry or Killing Joke, but I’ve always thought they’ve sounded cool and Ilike their messages too. Basically, anything and everything gets consideredfor The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom, as long as it catches the ear, is honestand sounds cool. At the moment, influences range from Drum’n’Bass through toBlack Metal. The music will always be sampled-based and sequenced.

Chain D.L.K.: Music for sure isn’t the only thing to talk about with The Bombs OfEnduring Freedom. Let’s start with the name, which comes from a Bushspeech….

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The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: After the attacks on New York, the USA launched Operation Enduring Freedom.That is where our name comes from. How global freedom can come from globaloppression is the question we ask with the name. How many people are theygoing to kill to save them ?

Chain D.L.K.: What are the things that disgust you most, talking about the argumentsdealt with in your album?
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: The most important issues that the album deals with are the “war on terror”,United States-sponsored terrorism, the control of the media and the death ofliberty. We are all in a really precarious situation now — Pax Americana isthe direction [we’re headed], and will be even more so in the next 20 years.Increasingly, the only way artists are able to confront this and debate it,is through releasing underground records and art.

Chain D.L.K.: What in your opinion is the best way to awaken people’s disgust aboutthis mass control?
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: I think the best way for people to realise the control of the media is toswitch on their televisions. There is a political agenda behind everythingyou see, read and hear. Once you start to notice it, is like opening youreyes for the first time — and you can never close them again.

Chain D.L.K.: It’s a pity that your album print run will be only 665 copies. Do you seeany chance of getting some license deals?
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: There is virtually no chance of any licensing deals. There are only 665copies of the album, and when they are sold out, that is it — you won’t beable to buy it anymore on CD. At Death To Music, we leave the reissues andthe eternal search for $$ to the bastards working in the music industry.We concentrate on creating interesting music.

Chain D.L.K.: The track “G.I. Jesus” made me laugh when I saw that drawing of Jesusdressed with a U.S. flag, carrying two machine guns, but it also made merealize that it fits so well nowadays with American contradictions madeabout [things like] TV preachers and naivete. What was your original idea?
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: George Bush has said that he heard the voice of God tell him to invadeAfghanistan and Iraq. He is quite obviously mentally ill. The USA belivethat God is on their side, but more people are starting to realise that “TheGreat Satan” is a good way of describing the USA. Its only a matter of timeuntil they fake the second coming (just like the moon landing)….

Chain D.L.K.: Is this project dedicated uniquely to these themes or are you preparingsomething new?
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: We are currently in the process of writing an EP about the occupation ofIraq. The EP will be free for download from After that,work will start on writing the second album, and maybe another EP. Anythingthat happens on the global stage between now and then is likely to befeatured on future material.

Chain D.L.K.: Last words?
The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom: Check out the MySpace page ( andif you like the music, then hurry and buy a copy of the album before they are all sold out.

Visit The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom on the web at:

[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Benjamin Pike]


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