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Comparable to many Electro/Industrial-projects starting a career, the Swedish Electro/Industrial- act T.W.Z. had to work hard in the first years since 2003 to gain ground and recognition. After several own produced releases, the things turned out to be more comfortable with the signing to the Hungary-based label Advoxya Records during 2008. “Evolution” is the title of the latest T.W.Z.-album and the result of this agreement with Advoxya. We invited band-leader Richard K. Szabo to play an answer-/question-game with us and to offer some facts of this mysterious music-project.

Chain D.L.K.: Hey Richard, before I start with a same-but-stupid-question, I try at first to squeeze some personal info out of you. How could an original Hungarian citizen like you try to find a new home in Sweden? Even more cruel, who has allowed you to build an Electro/Industrial band, since you’re the finding member of TWZ?
T.W.Z.: Hello Marc, it began in 2003 when a friend of mine was making electronic music and we began playing together. We decided that we should do something serious out of the two of us, resulting in the first T.W.Z. album. At that time I was only doing the vocals and mixing, and not until the third album did I write all the music myself. I was actually born in Sweden but am a full-blooded Hungarian (my entire family is Hungarian) and for the larger parts of my childhood we were frequently travelling between Sweden and Hungary. Some ten years ago I stopped visiting Hungary, but took up my travels not long ago, with a mind set to go back at least once per year.

Chain D.L.K.: T.W.Z. stands for Timewave Zero, but this has surely a special meaning. Tell us a bit about the T.W.Z.-manifesto. What do you like to point out with it?
T.W.Z.: T.W.Z. has become to mean a lot to me. First of all, T.W.Z. is an abbreviation of Timewave Zero, a theory by Terence McKenna, which describes the process of novelty; a method to understand the increasing novelty and creativity until it reaches its peak. Secondly, I later learned, that Terence worked with the Chinese I-Ching, which has an end-date just as they Mayan and Olmec calendar had, dec. 2012, or if you like. This completely amazed me and I was hooked, I began reading more and more about the Mayans and naturally it all became a big part of me and my music. The only manifesto I can come to think of is to enlighten the listener or reader of various topics that interest me, be it mythological, political or otherwise just very hypnotic music.

Chain D.L.K.: Through the first years of existence, TWZ has for the most part released all previous releases on its own, maybe with that one exception available on that small Swedish Deathpropaganda label. For your last album “Evolution” you’ve changed this course with the signing to the – how funny – Hungarian-based label Advoxya Records. Why this?
T.W.Z.: Yeah indeed, what are the odds? I noticed that some of the bands I am in contact with were signed to Advoxya Records and figured, I’d give it a shot too and it turned out satisfactory.

Chain D.L.K.: “The Time In This Corridor Is Not As It Should Be”. Well, really? How – to your understanding – has the time to be? Please explain the meaning behind this dark introduction track to “Evolution”.

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T.W.Z.: It was from a dream many years ago, the same dream that led me to write “The Fates”. In this dream time was fast, slow and non-existing; three silhouettes appeared moving and talking but incomprehensible to me. I found myself in a lucid state but also dreaming, very eerie. The dream continued a bit longer but had nothing more to show, though two tracks were born from this nightly session.

Chain D.L.K.: “Evolution” surprises also with the compilation of several older tunes of T.W.Z., tracks like “Clairvoyance”, “We Don’t Walk The Same Path” or “My Friend Disorder” have been published on earlier and self-released items. So why couldn’t you decide to compose for “Evolution” only new and unreleased tracks?
T.W.Z.: I was against it at first, but “Evolution” was T.W.Z.’s first album on Advoxya Records and they wanted more tracks, specifically older tracks, so we came to this agreement and I had no problem with compromising.

Chain D.L.K.: While we’re still rambling on the things happened about “Evolution”, you’ve recently recorded a complete new studio album. In your news announcement you’ve called it as being the darkest T.W.Z.-album ever. So how do we have to prepare ourselves to get suited from it?
T.W.Z.: Ah yes, 10 completely new tracks and a re-vamped version of a preview-track that appeared on “It Hurts When I Breathe”. “Serpent Column Portal” contains not only some faster and more danceable music, but also powerful orchestral pieces, more Psy-/Goa-Trance influences and less distorted vocals. The vocals are harsh, comprehensible and angry while the drums are loud, pounding and violent. For this album I worked with other excellent musicians, for instance Death in Berlin (Germany) and Solskugga (Sweden). This album also introduces the new T.W.Z. logotype made by the Russian artist Julia Musta Auringon, a logotype that truly captures the dark and haunting essence of T.W.Z.

Chain D.L.K.: How is it with live gigs? Any chances to see you storming the stages? Any additional live musicians and touring plans you can already confirm?
T.W.Z.: For years I have declined invitations to events for various reasons though lately I’ve felt an urge to play live, something I will give serious thought to when these various reasons have been taken care of. My guess is that if I perform live, Sweden and Hungary would be among the first places. I have some session members in mind, but I’d rather not disclose anything on them for the time being. The discussion of playing live is an on-and-off topic with the current label I’m on.

Chain D.L.K.: Your daily life besides being a musician. Please fill in details, relations, hobbies, and further interests…
T.W.Z.: I’d have to say that I’m a multi-talented person; not only do I write music, but I’m a software developer, graphical designer and photographer and I’m fascinated by astronomy, science, religion and obviously, the past Mayan civilization. I like to read whenever I get the chance too, science magazines and books with genres such as politics, thrillers, horror or drama. One of my oldest creations is a highly interactive forum which can be visited at https://omc.oblivioncreations.se, it’s for anyone interested in religion, politics, arts or the like.

Chain D.L.K.: Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like to confirm here?
T.W.Z.: I have been discussing a remix EP with Advoxya Records but that isn’t final, we’re currently working on the contract for “Serpent Column Portal”.

Chain D.L.K.: Some final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
T.W.Z.: Thanks for reading!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Jean Mason]


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