Chain D.L.K.: Are you pro revolution or evolution?
Syndikhat: I "am" only myself, with my very individual thoughts and reasons. I cannot, and I don’t want to, label myself.
Chain D.L.K.: What is the most intense emotion you’ve ever experienced? Which things in this world do you consider to be really extreme?
Syndikhat: Extreme emotions are long ago forgotten. Nowadays, every emotion is just like the other. Nothing intense, nothing that gives me thrills or kicks. Just plain, neutral emotions and impressions. There aren’t any extreme things in this world anymore, everything is just dull. But, a few years ago I fell deeply in love. That was intense and beautiful, but as all good things, it died. So, I’ve decided not to give birth to it again.
Chain D.L.K.: What is your interpretation of the following figure of speech: "a choice is a chance"?
Syndikhat: That whatever you decide to do, is a chance to get something done. I don’t know, really.
Chain D.L.K.: Do you support racial and sexual discrimination?
Syndikhat: No, no and no. The difference in human doesn’t come with your sex or your color, it comes with your mind. I support discrimination to those who doesn’t do anything to keep the ship floating…
Chain D.L.K.: Which do you associate loneliness with? What is isolation to you?
Syndikhat: Loneliness as a choice is good and necessary in some ways. But an involuntary loneliness is frightening. I myself really like to sit alone for days, working, thinking, just listening to music or take a walk in the forest. But sometimes you need friends, another pair of ears to talk to. Isolation is when you choose to be alone to get things done, either mentally or just plain work.
Chain D.L.K.: Do you believe in reincarnation of souls? Are there any people who fleshes you’d like to appear in?
Syndikhat: I don’t believe in reincarnation of souls, you are just a body, able to think. When it’s too old, it dies, and so do the mind it carries. BUT if I were able to sneak into someone body it should probably be like Mariah Carey’s. A wreckage with nice boobs, I would be touching myself all the time. Masturbate as a woman. I’d really like to feel how it is without a dick, and I know you would too, admit.
Chain D.L.K.: Which fear do you consider to be the most astonishing and powerful?
Syndikhat: The fear of pain. No one wants to be tortured. You can always use that fear for your own (evil) purposes. I respect pain more than death. Fear of the unknown is a strong fear too.
Chain D.L.K.: Well, now one more sort of associations test for you. Which flower, political leader, element, book, colour, malady, film, insect, political regime, event can you compare your music to?
Syndikhat: flower – None
political leader – Adolf Hitler (for the cleansing effect…)
element – Dark water (cold, deep and filled with monsters)
book – American Psycho (unstructured and horrifying)
colour – Black (as night)
malady – Plague (again, for the cleansing effect)
film – Faces of Death (reality lurks behind every corner)
insect – A swarm of locust
political regime – None
event – A thought of a convict on his way to the chair…
Chain D.L.K.: How can you describe a state of ‘nirvana"?
Syndikhat: A state of nirvana is like an orgasm, a moment when nothing but nirvana is existing. Short, long or everlasting, it doesn’t matter. Have you felt like walking on clouds whenever someone praises your music? That’s fucking nirvana. Or when you’re inside a beautiful woman, wild crazy sex. That’s fucking nirvana.
Chain D.L.K.: Do you believe in the reserve possibilities of a person? Probably you have already had a chance to discover them.
Syndikhat: I believe in hidden versions of a person. People who play good and handy, but deep down under are as bad as myself. I’ve already consumed my reserve possibilities, and I don’t seem to have anyone hidden anywhere.
Chain D.L.K.: What is the greatest evil on the earth?
Syndikhat: Greed and religion. Which of course is almost the same things. Bad music industry and MTV. The earth is filled with evil.
Chain D.L.K.: What does such a social institution as "family" mean to you?
Syndikhat: A family is a group of people you can always rely on, and ask for help in hardest times. My own family means much for me, they have always been there to support me, although no road is free from rocks…
Chain D.L.K.: Do you support anarchy? Is anarchy just a utopia?
Syndikhat: Anarchy is a stupid utopia, and will remain so until all people have been exterminated, and the animals once again rule on earth. Only then will anarchy work. Still I don’t support the so-called-democrazies all over the world. No system is a good system, but NO system at all is a bad system too. Strange…
Chain D.L.K.: Do you find committing suicide as a result of human weakness or just another way round – manifestation of utmost power?
Syndikhat: Suicide is a result of human weakness. Death is no escape from hard life, it’s the reward for making it all through. NO SHORTCUTS!
Chain D.L.K.: Your attitude towards European integration?
Syndikhat: I don’t really like the thought of Europe as one big nation, it couldn’t possibly work as good as the big one’s thinks. And, I think Sweden has a very good standard as it is now, and why changing something as good as this? Don’t care about rest of Europe. Let them all burn.
Chain D.L.K.: If it is not too private, would you describe your latest dream?
Syndikhat: My latest dream was one of those movie-hollywood-crap-dreams. My hometown (Skonninge) was haunted by violent fucking war. Everything burned down to ashes, my house, my stuff, my parents, my brother. Everything disappeared in a storm of red flames. And I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I don’t ever want to be a victim of war.
Chain D.L.K.: What is the most interesting album of 2001 you have heard so far?
Syndikhat: Hard to say, I don’t keep track of my albums anymore, I don’t know whether I’m buying a new or an old record. Sorry, I really can’t answer this one. BUT I know that one of the best albums 2000 was Raison d’Etre’s "The Empty Hollow Unfolds"… Grrrreat album, dark as night.
Chain D.L.K.: Feel free to ask me any question you like.
Syndikhat: Why do you make music? And do you want to be Mariah Carey for a day?
K: This is my shelter, my oasis in a desert of human alienation. Yeah she’s charming but I would rather prefer to be Janet Jackson, I think that one minute for me will be quite enough 🙂
Chain D.L.K.: Your postscript…
Syndikhat: I’m not known for my views and opinions, but I’ve tried to answer as good as possible. Thanks for the space, and keep your nose up. We are for real, the people are not.

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[interviewed by Gorgoroth]


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