Chain D.L.K.: For the beginning we’ll talk about your musical project. How is it going on with creation of new music material?
Soulworm Editions: Well, there’s not much to talk about as all of my musical projects are still strongly unofficial, I work on them just for my own pleasure. Mantichora was the only one exposed to the daylight actually… I have started a few conceptual albums under this moniker, but due to the constant lack of time none of them is finished. Oh, there is some collaborative experiment w/ Prisoner of Flesh – entitled ‘Occham’s Razor’ – that will be released on DRSC, and a split 3"CDR w/ XV Parowek, not to mention various compilation appearances, but all the solo recordings still rest peacefully somewhere on my backup discs. I think the first of these materials – ‘Dead World Order: The Vanguard’ will be unveiled on Soulworm early next year. Oh, there was also a live action last year in Krakow, which was pretty nice as the audience enjoyed my performance (at least those who didn’t leave the room immediately, haha).
Chain D.L.K.: How does your creative process look like? Do tracks occur spontaneously or it is a result of long contemplation?
Soulworm Editions: It depends. Mantichora goes a few different ways simultaneously, I record pure harsh noise tracks, some electroacoustic stuff but the main interest I pay to the death-industrial / power electronics where I am able to reflect my beliefs and ideas… Performing harsh noise is far more spontaneous than industrial samplework although even noise needs some consideration and thought put into it. So many noisers lack it these days.
Chain D.L.K.: What pushed you to create your own recording label?
Soulworm Editions: It has emerged as an output of my eternal fascination on industrial / experimental music and related topic as visuals, urban exploration and so on. On day I started to publish fellow project’s recordings, just for our own purpose, but soon these records gained some wider audience…
Chain D.L.K.: Are you going to change the strategy of your label work, that is to pass to other forms of representation of music (vinyl, CD, etc.)?
Soulworm Editions: There’s no strategy behind the label at all, maybe except for that it was, is, and will ever be in favour of DIY way. I like the CDR format, it has a personal feel to it, especially if the release is assembled by someone’s own hands… Therefore it’s very unique. Although I don’t have the need for the ‘proper’ CD format releases, being so massive and ordinary. As regards vinyl – it’s my true fetish (in any way possible, haha), so you can expect such releases in the Soulworm camp in the future.
Chain D.L.K.: You are dealing with plenty of groups and projects. What do you think about this co-operation? Do you find mutual understanding and general points of contiguity with them?
Soulworm Editions: Of course. In other case I wouldn’t release their music. There are several conditions that must be accepted before I deal with this or that band but these are not barriers I guess.

Chain D.L.K.: Are you satisfied with the achievements you have reached until today on your label?
Soulworm Editions: The most significant achievement is that I am still not bored yet. Starting Soulworm, I had no special ambition to reach any ‘professional’ status, to make a living on it or else bullshit. So yes, I am fully satisfied, especially as I’ve met a bunch of great, creative and open-minded people. This is inspiring. Sometimes I feel Soulworm is recognised too much actually – especially when some massive trade orders come at the same moment, ha ha.
Chain D.L.K.: How do you treat music beyond the frameworks of industrial-culture?
Soulworm Editions: I try to keep my horizons as wide as possible, so I’ve never tried to limit myself on any level. The human life is so short… so don’t expect me to waste it because of being narrow-minded. The more I read, watch or listen to – the more my tastes evolve and improve, the more experienced I became – it’s already mine forever. So the music I listen to is not labelled into genres, the only division should be like bad vs. good. Music is music, art is art.
Chain D.L.K.: What do you think about development of industrial music in Poland and abroad?
Soulworm Editions: I don’t have a clue and I don’t care actually. It’s plain to see that much more people became interested in industrial music nowadays, but is it really what should be called development? Sure, certain trends come and go as talented artists come up with something really refreshing… But it doesn’t happen too often. In Poland there are many new bands, labels and distros popping up, which is very nice but as always, a bunch of boring ignorants join so called ‘scene’ too…
Chain D.L.K.: All our life consists of aspiration to make it comfortable, as it is possible. What is your point of view?
Soulworm Editions: It is just natural if one wants to live his/her life as comfortable as possible. There’s just misery and hopelessness around, we are forced to live the society life (and there’s no escape from it, no matter how misanthropic you actually are), so why not to seek some niche where we can feel comfortable, satisfied and fulfilled? "Life’s a bitch and then you die" – so let’s rape this bitch and exploit her, it’s our indispensable right. Forget about tomorrow, it won’t be any better, so take care about yourself and do what you want. And if only your activity doesn’t negatively affect others – it’s honest.
Chain D.L.K.: What do you dislike in modern life the most?
Soulworm Editions: The overwhelming ignorance and bigotry. This is the main problem of the human race. All other problems are spawning from it. I lack of real freedom too. The illusion of democracy can’t satisfy me, as even theoretical democracy itself is nothing satisfying… There’s no solution anyhow. The civilisation descends – let’s enjoy and celebrate this process, what else is left to us.
Chain D.L.K.: If you have an opportunity to born anew, what time and place would you choose? Why?
Soulworm Editions: It’s kind of abstract question really. I’ve never wondered about it as I wouldn’t be given such an opportunity. But it would be exciting to choose a place and time that let me take part in some exciting moment of history, as for example Spain, 1936.
Chain D.L.K.: What are your nearest plans for issuing of new releases?
Soulworm Editions: There are some interesting releases to be released soon, as Winquist Virtanen (will be available as you read this zine), In Meditarium, True Color of Blood, DL/EK collaboration,Yusuke Tabira, Endiche Vis.Sat and further: Filius Macrocosmi, Arcane Art, Leichenhalle, Survival Unit, Hermit, White Nerve Connexion, Hybris and more. So I am pretty busy guy actually.
Chain D.L.K.: And at last some words and wishes for the our readers.
Soulworm Editions: Thank you for this interview and thanks to the readers for their interest. Feel free to write:

Marcin Lojek
Mickiewicza 2/54
21-500 Biala Podlaska
Poland / Europa

ICQ: 112690522

[interviewed by Gorgoroth]


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