Sealed in Silence

Sealed in Silence

Sealed in SilenceMay 10th, 2003 at the Brauer house in Hillside, Il.

Chain D.L.K.: How did you come up with the name “Sealed in Silence”?
Sealed in Silence: Basically, I was studying different texts like Latin…Kind of a derivitive of that. I was looking for a name that fit my persona. I’ve always been kind of quiet and the music fits my persona. It’s always been the expression for me. A lot of people, friends and family, said “It’s a good name for you! ” I can be quiet here but on stage I can really tear shit up!

Chain D.L.K.: How do you feel the music is going? Progression? Direction?
Sealed in Silence: The first album, “Das Schlachten der Unschuld”, was getting victims’ voices to be heard! I was born in Germany. I’m very analytical. I’ve studied politics. I’m very much an internationalist. I am half German, half American. There’s the black and white thing. There’s a lot of duality going on! Wars were going on and my mother died of cancer. I dedicated a song to her from that CD, one particular track. You can decide on your own, but I’ll always have my own viewpoints on things. The new CD “Stille ist Selbmord” is more dark ambient and more electro. It was a joke making the songs electro-sounding but these songs are people’s favourites. (laughter) The next thing I’m doing is taking my old stuff and I’m trying to get back to my dark roots, really oppressive stuff with more straightforward driving beats. I don’t know if that is going to happen but we’ll see. That’s what I’m looking at now!

Chain D.L.K.: What are your artistic influences?
Sealed in Silence: I don’t want to throw any names out there, of course, but Nietsche is interesting. There are a lot of philosophers out there. I wrote poetry and stories back then, when I was younger. I was always creative.

Chain D.L.K.: Are you portraying a message to the masses?
Sealed in Silence: Yeah. I don’t like people who are preachy, but when the war was going on in Iraq, it was like a video game. You didn’t see anything. We had video stock (of the war) and people left our show because they couldn’t handle it! My point is that you should watch it. It’s been shielded from you! At least have an opinion (about that)!

Chain D.L.K.: You have a very unique sound, very metallic but artistic as well. Do you strive for this?
Sealed in Silence: There’s a friend of mine in a band called Things Outside the Skin. He’s very linear and I’m not, and it’s like the way I look at it, it’s almost like a painting, where if he was assembling a painting, he would go like, “This goes here, this goes here, and I would put something here. A little bit here, and kind of smear it here and rub it there”. It’s kind of like painting a canvas and adding layers.

Chain D.L.K.: Any survival tips for bands out there who are starting out?
Sealed in Silence: Make sure you do it for the right reason! There’s going to be a lot of banging your head against the wall, a lot of trying to break through people’s minds. No matter how low you’re feeling, you’ve just got to keep soldiering on!

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[interviewed by Michelle Russo and Shaun Hamiltonproofreading by Audra Brick] [proofreading by Audra Brick]


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