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We haven’t discovered so far too many acts of the Electro/Industrial genre hailing from Arizona, but lately also there the avalanche starts to roll. Sang.Rael is the strange name of a solo project leaded by Nikolas Phrasavath. This act could receive some well reactions thanks to two compilation appearances, both placed on the Alfa Matrix quadruple series “Endzeit Bunkertracks” 1 and 2. The reaction and interest of some labels unfortunately still remain near zero, so that Nick decided to storm the scene with a self-released debut album called “Seasons Change And Illusions Fade”. Please check out this interview with one of the up and coming US artists for some more info…

Chain D.L.K.: Hi Nick, to start this interview I would like to ask for a biographical review and an introduction of your project Sang.Rael. The meaning behind this band name could be interesting, too…
Sang.rael: I started this electronic project in 1998. The name comes from my interest in the “royal blood” and “lineage of Christ” mythos.

Chain D.L.K.: You are hailing out of the US state Arizona, surely not the place which offered too much bands of that music style before. How is it there, any new bands besides you, clubs and places not to be missed?
Sang.rael: Arizona has a lot of talent here! Some of the notable bands are: The Strand, Hardwire, N17, Noise Process.

Chain D.L.K.: You could now release your first CD “Seasons Change And Illusions Fade” which is completely produced on your own. After your both appearances on “Endzeit Bunkertracks” I was expecting you to get signed somewhere on a label. Was there no really interest from some labels or haven’t you seriously searched for any possibilities?
Sang.rael: A little bit of both. I cannot say that I haven’t tried, but I haven’t found any interested labels. I hope that will change within the next year. And on the other-hand, I’ve done a lot on my own without label-support.

Chain D.L.K.: The art of “Seasons…” got executed by Michael Renfield of Noise Process. How did you get in contact with him?
Sang.rael: I’ve known Michael for a number of years. I used to play live drums for one of his older projects. Michael has also performed with Sang.Rael live. I’ve always admired his artwork and I asked him to contribute to my debut release.

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Chain D.L.K.: One of the main tracks on “Seasons…” is surely the slower piece “This Moment”. It sounds to me a bit like an autobiographical effort to describe your current status, or am I wrong? Please explain us the meaning of this piece…
Sang.rael: You are correct – kinda. The song “This Moment” tells a story of a soul looking back on his life and recognizing his achievements. The lyrics are printed on the inside cover of the “Seasons …” digi-pack.

Chain D.L.K.: I’ve noticed that your lyrics mostly try to avoid scene-typically behavior like the use of “war-death-muscle-vampire-politics” related themes, they more deal like in “The Blue” and “Inside Of You” with relations. What drives you while composing lyrically and musically?
Sang.rael: Personal experiences are the main source of my lyric writing. That style of writing is what I prefer and am better at. As far as the music goes, it is one of my goals to bring some different elements to Industrial music.

Chain D.L.K.: “Seasons…” and therefor all related efforts musically and graphically are self-funded, so which efforts are in the pipeline to bring Sang.Rael better out? Any plans or new deals you can confirm here?
Sang.rael: Of course looking for a label for better representation would be top priority. There is only so much I can do on my own. I would also like to being Sang.Rael to Europe within the next two years with a new album. Sang.Rael is now available on iTunes and that’s a big step for me.

Chain D.L.K.: I heard lately that you’re doing live performances, which seems to be quite interesting while being a one-man act. Any plans for you to do some more live gigs in the future? How does a gig of you look alike, for all those who aren’t able to watch your stage actions?
Sang.rael: Our stage act consists of an electronic percussionist, a synth player, and myself on vocals. We don’t have any show booked for the future as of yet. It probably won’t be until the beginning of next year until we start doing more gigs. I would like to do a west coast tour followed by east coast next year along with festivals.

Chain D.L.K.: Any plans for a new release to confirm here? What do you expect for the future of your project?
Sang.rael: I’m working on the release right now. There are already three new songs performed live

Chain D.L.K.: Any final words you would like to fill in here?
Sang.rael: Thanks for this, please visit my home page

Visit Sang.rael on the web at:

[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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