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Chain D.L.K.: Can you tell us a little about your new album, Coded Message:12?
[:SITD:]: Carsten: According to numerology, 12 stands for unity and perfection. The number twelve has had significant meaning in many cultures and systems of belief. The European Union decided to use twelve stars on their flag as a symbol for unity. The number twelve is symbolic of the creation of the universe. Twelve appears several times in the Bible, i.e., the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve Disciples of Christ, twelve stones, twelve princes, etc… In the old Babylon the number twelve stands for Nergal, the God of the underworld, war and death. This is the background to the new [:SITD:] album and, in the broadest, sense every song on Coded Message:12 is about that theme.

Chain D.L.K.: How has the response been so far?
[:SITD:]: Carsten: The feedback on “Coded Message: 12” has been exceeding all the expectations we had. This applies to the DJ’s and media’s resonances as well as our audience. It is a good feeling to see the press appreciating the CD and the DJs playing our songs in the clubs. We have reached the top of the alternative charts in so many countries and the limited edition of 3,000 copies was sold out three weeks after the street date. We had never expected such a success and we are very glad to have received so much positive feedback from all over the world

Chain D.L.K.: [:SITD:] has a unique sound & style, but some have said this new release incorporates less ideas than your previous release, “Stronghold.”
[:SITD:]: Carsten: While we respect the opinion, we must disagree. We guess that Coded Message: 12 is full of ideas and we are very proud of the result. This time we have tried to create an album which works in the clubs and also at home. The album sounds very compact and has a significant strength and intensity.

Chain D.L.K.: You are known for putting on a intense live show, can you describe what a typical [:SITD:] show is like?
[:SITD:]: Tom: We really love to play live! We have rearranged a lot of tracks for our shows, which seems to be an interesting aspect for the audience. It’s incomparable to stand on stage and look how the audience reacts to our music. This always gives us the creeps, no matter if we play a big festival or in a small club. We guess that energy and spirit is the most important thing on an electro concert. It’s a wonderful feeling to share your emotions with the crowd, to give something and get something back. We will play a lot of festival and club gigs in Germany and abroad this year. All confirmed dates can be found under www.sitd.de.

Chain D.L.K.: With so many bands coming out of the scene lately, do you feel there is still a way to sound individual?
[:SITD:]: Tom: A lot of bands in this genre are inspired by Techno and Trance artists. Some media celebrate their music as progressive. In fact it’s not progressive, it’s just a sound we have heard a thousand times in the Techno clubs in the 90’s! On the other side, Techno projects who make use of EBM-sounds are called pioneers in their scene. That’s all totally nonsense! We don’t have the intention to write the history of electronic music again, but we guess that [:SITD:] has built our own identity and over the years we have created our own style. We will follow our own way. There are many bands we like and respect. VNV Nation, Suicide Commando or Covenant for example.

Chain D.L.K.: Can you tell us a little about your songwriting process, for example: where you start and where your inspiration typically comes from?
[:SITD:]: Tom: Basically, I compose all of the music while Carsten writes the complete lyrics. But everybody has an influence on the work of the other band member. The inspiration comes directly from daily life. Just watch the news on televison or go through this violent world with open eyes. It is our intention to lay our fingers in the wounds of this sick-minded society. [:SITD:] is a kind of therapy for us. Writing songs and textures is a survival technique in a world which is full of agony.

Chain D.L.K.: Technology seems to be playing a more and more important role in our lives. What is your opinion of the computer age?

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[:SITD:]: Carsten: Most people derive advantages from the computer era. It’s fascinating to have the chance to communicate with the whole world via internet, but this technology also brings us lot of disadvantages. We should be careful in regard of the dependence on modern technologies. That’s the reverse of the medal.

Chain D.L.K.: Record labels are saying that the p2p phenomenon is killing music, do you feel the same way?
[:SITD:]: Carsten: Sorry, we regret that we have never heard from this p2p phenomenon.

Chain D.L.K.: What is your definition of art?
[:SITD:]: Carsten: Art is a language. People from all countries, cultures and religions are able to speak and understand that kind of language. That’s amazing!

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[interviewed by Mental Siege] [proofreading by Shaun Phelps]


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