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Chain D.L.K.: So, who is Rotersand? Hahahaha, just joking, I know it’s fucking boring to always be asked the same questions…. But apart from joking–I know you’re busy with touring now–your impressions/feelings from playing live (what is a Rotersand show like, people’s response, etc.)…? Go!
Rotersand: We love playing live. I know, everyone is saying that… but we mean it. For me it ‘ s completely another thing to spin as a DJ, what I did for 10 years, than to present our own music… and with Rasc doing his dynamic show in front of Gun and me its easy to feel good on stage and to put energy in the place. It’s very simple, we think that playing live is the best way to understand our music and get in touch with it. Trivial, eh?

Chain D.L.K.: We’ve a lot of expectations from Welcome To Goodbye. The title is also very curious, can you tell us something about it?
Rotersand: Welcome to Goodbye will be released June 27th on Dependent Records. The title is related to a story Rasc read last year. The story is about a woman. Her daughter is missing after a plane crash… no one survived. The mother can’t accept that her daughter has died and is waiting ten years for her to come home. After ten years she sees a photograph of a girl who died in a ferry-accident and thinks that this girl looks like her daughter. She gets in contact with the mother of the girl who died in this ferry and visits her in Sweden where this 2nd mother is living only in memories and photoarchives. The 1st mother recognizes herself in this 2nd mother and together they start to work to accept that their daughters died and start to get back to life… the article closes with ” Welcome to a world that knows goodbye ” …. It’s simply about the fact that every end has the possibility to start something new… a circle of come and go. Musically it will be more open-minded than Truth is Fanatic. there are some harsher tracks on it, some more trancy-synthpopish, more songish material and ballads…. For us it is a development in all disciplines connected to making music. Hopefully you and the listeners will share our opinion.

Chain D.L.K.: Since Merging Oceans, the sound has become more heavier, I think. How did that come about?
Rotersand: Merging Oceans was never meant to be the essence of the ” Rotersand ” sound. I guess we didn`t know how it has to be when we released Merging Oceans…. It’s changing and evolving from track to track… so we can’t judge, if our sound has become heavier, maybe it has become more consequent.

Chain D.L.K.: And what about the remix album, don’t you think it’s becoming more and more trendy to make a remix album?
Rotersand: Maybe there are some bands doing remix albums and in most cases I’m not very impressed by the finished product. It seems that it is something about namedropping and to show who you can convince to remix your stuff or just about moneymaking (I think that remixing has not such a tradition as in the club scenes). We did it an other way, we chose only a few (three) remixers: :SITD:–they live only 300meters from my studio; Psyche–working 15 minutes away by car; and “A man beyond C”– whom I knew as a competent producer and musician from some of my techno/house productions…. We knew that each of them was the right choice to catch and stress a certain point or different feeling in the tracks they’ve remixed that we haven’t pushed to the front on Truth is Fanatic. The rest of the reworks on tracks we felt that could have alternative interpretation or had potential in a certain way, we did by ourselves. I guess we will do it again for Welcome to Goodbye.

Chain D.L.K.: How do you see the whole EBM scene right now? Don’t you think bands are more or less playing all the same? Anyway, which are the ones you prefer?
Rotersand: Everyone is asking that question at the moment. So there should be a problem…. For sure there are some hypes and trends I can’t follow, maybe I’m too old. This Techno/Noise-stuff for example: there are a lot of bands doing really good noise stuff like Mono-no-aware, config.sys, some of the Converter stuff… and what do I hear in the clubs? Old tracks made by Sonar (for sure supreme tracks) or cheaply produced quick and dirty 4-to-the-4 tracks (with spooky quotes from horror-movies) without any form of groove, funk or anything like this. Similarly, I think about a lot of the stuff sometimes called ” power EBM ” , most of the tracks sound like a copy or placebo of Suicide Commando or Hocico and distorting your voice won’t make it better, harsher or anything. Most times it sounds ridiculous… and the worst thing is everything related to the ” 2.Weltkrieg ” –puh, thats terrible. But apart from that there are a lot of albums and tracks coming out (e.g. not only EBM-stuff) which would be worth playing: Deviant UK, Spetsnaz, David Caretta’s ” Kill Your Radio ” , Joey Beltram ” The Rising Sun ” , Claro Intellecto ” Nuerofibro ” , Deep Dish and, although not for the dancefloor, the latest Snoop Dogg CD (amazing, ironic, advanced and freaked out, these Neptunes guys are unbelieveable).

Chain D.L.K.: Let’s imagine that you have to choose some people to make an all-star EBM superband…. Who would you put in it? (Apart from Rotersand of course….)
Rotersand: If it would be a choice made today, maybe tomorrow it would be a different constellation–it would be about five people. Voices: Ronan (VNV), Eskil (Covenant) or Dero (Oomph); someone out of the industrial-fraction, maybe Leif from Mono-no-aware and Norm (I saw Norm playing a live show a month ago and it was really impressive) or This Morn Omina; someone coming straight out of the techno-scene with a DJ background, Dave Clark, Kevin Saunderson (Inner City/E-dancer), R. Flügel/B. Wuttke (Alter Ego, Sonsorama, Acid Jesus) or Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) would be my favourites for production work; and someone who could add music to it, maybe the guys doing the arrangements and programming for DJ Tiesto or Chicane… for sure because of their different personalities and musical backgrounds this won’t work…. More realistic maybe would be something like Ronan or Eskil with a shouter like Spetsnaz produced by David Caretta/DJ Hell. But Gun has to write the lyrics….

Chain D.L.K.: Ok, stop talking about music for now, let’s come to your personality: try to describe your typical day…. Do you have a job, which one, your hobbies, how much time do you spend together playing & having fun, etc.?

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Rotersand: Only in a few words:
Rasc is actually spending his holiday in a sporthotel, but is usually doing a management job in the entertainment industry. Gun is working as a freelance musician, songwriter and consultant. And I’m working on an academic upgrade and do remix-, production- and mastering work for some other bands like :SITD: and do some musical work for commercials.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you think file-sharing and all the P2P stuff is damaging music (or generally, art)? What’s your opinion about the web, do you see it as a positive thing, or what?
Rotersand: Surely we see it as positive. Surely in the form of an interview we’re not able to discuss all the pro and contra aspects of the web. We think that, first of all, everyone who likes Rotersand music is good for us and maybe if he downloaded it he will visit a concert or buy merchandise. If people listen to a lot of music, maybe there is a chance that they will learn to select good from bad or listen to bands, projects or artists they would never have listened to when they have to buy it. So we don’t want to support downloading of our music without giving us as artists a share or license but we know that this is part of the music business today and we have to deal with it. We also think like most of the people buying CDs that CD prices of 14,99EUR (regular) up to 18,99EUR (limited editions, special packaging) are too expensive and because of that we decided together with Dependent to release it for 11,99EUR, so take care not to pay a lot more than this (for sure imported cds will be a little more expensive maybe but should be significantly lower in price than a ” normal ” import); if not be so kind to report it to us via our website ( us as a band loving to play live shows it is more important to see a lot of people when we play.

Chain D.L.K.: Time to end, thanx for the time guys, something to add? Hope to see you in action here in Italy… 🙂
Rotersand: It’s up to you guys to find a location where we can play, would be an honour for us.

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[interviewed by Mental Siege] [proofreading by Benjamin Pike]


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