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Chain D.L.K.: You started Puissance back in 1993. After 14 years can you summarize yourcareer thus far?
Puissance: 14 years, when you hear the sound of it, it sounds like a long time. Am Ireally that old? Maybe I should be more mature? Why am I wasting my time onmusic and telling people what I feel and think? It´s really just a big wasteof time after all. After 14 years I believe it has been a fountain ofcreative joy and an outlet for distress over different topics, andeventually it may become a source of great depression. So far I believe wehave accomplished nothing, and I see the future, however short it may be, asprobably going the same direction.

Chain D.L.K.: Musically the project changed slightly from the initial martialsemi-industrial marches, with some folk/medieval insertions to theorchestral apocalyptic suites that you started to record since the “Motherof Disease” days. What brought you to this kind of sound?
Puissance: I believe it was time and evolution that led us here. The elements ofmarching boots and soaring trumpets still persist but possibly with a moresubtle approach. To be honest I never think when I write — not when I writelyrics and not when I write music. I think the most honest things are saidwithout thinking. It’s in the heat of passion or rage that we are brutallyhonest, not only to our surroundings but also to ourselves. Sure, I maybelieve in hope, truth and love, but when I see the world come together asone just to hate a small insignificant country because they do not want toplay the big bankers’ game, of course I just want the whole world toexplode. When I see the filthy media monsters trumpet their propaganda toturn the peoples minds into darkness over the petty rebellion of wantingindependence or freedom from the oligarchs of free market, of course I prayfor an asteroid storm to hit the world and wipe out every living thing. Whenwe see genocides because a country chooses to control their own resources oreven because they want to print their own money, I feel that I don’t want totake part in civilization anymore. I don’t think the freedom that we want tosell the world is really very free. Our free countries have almost nofreedoms left, we want to ban free speech, we want to record everything thatour citizens do, what we eat, how fast we drive, what we watch on TV andwhat we think. This free world that we want to market to the few remainingoutsiders is the dreamland of Orwell in the hands of clandestine Ceausescuseverywhere. Small mind-control dictators elected not by the people but bytheir sponsors that control the elections. We are living in the world ofdemons; we can either accept it or try to change it. But almost no one evencares to try anymore, and most people don’t even want to hear the truth. Tochange the perception of the world simply hurts too much.

Chain D.L.K.: On the promo copy of “Let Us Lead” is written that one of you wasdeclared clinically insane. Well, by visiting your website nowadays, I readabout your thoughts about the American role in today’s world and about 9/11and to me you seem nothing but insane, so… what is the real story?
Puissance: I’m not sure I understand this question correctly. We seem insane? Yes,maybe we are. I often ask myself if it’s my mind or the world that istwisted. Usually I end up thinking it’s the world since there is so muchthat points in that direction. The real story behind those things is ratherpersonal and I believe it’s so long ago that we’d all rather just forgetabout it.

Chain D.L.K.: The first album was titled “Let Us Lead” and your second was “Back InControl”. They seems to be connected and they seem to talk about yourpreferred theme: suckers’ political domination. Am I right? What you woulddo if they would “let you lead”?
Puissance: Well, those titles don’t really refer to us but rather to the ones really incontrol. The people who are really in control, if they would let me lead Iwould probably end up doing exactly the same things that they do, because Ifirmly believe that power corrupts. Regardless of how good your intentionsare, having too much power will induce hybrids and then you are basicallylost in the whirlpool of evil.

Chain D.L.K.: The new album “Grace of God” comes three years after the previous one,”State Collapse,” and it has been released by Equilibrium Music. Can youtell us something more about its title and the new label switch?
Puissance: The title relates to the track with the same name. The lyrics of it can beinterpreted in several ways — it could be evil praying to itself perhaps,or maybe just the desolate prayer of someone who has lost all hope. It’s avery open song but it still has some foundation, I think.We switched labels — well, that’s just something we do now and then. Ithappens.

Chain D.L.K.: Since the opening track “Grace of God” the listener realizes thatPuissance has again changed their sound by introducing more melody andvocals but without losing the power of the orchestral, musical part. Whatmade you decide on this solution?
Puissance: That’s an easy question to answer, we sound better like this.

Chain D.L.K.: I own your first four albums and listening to “Grace of God” has been apleasant surprise. Are you expecting to receive feedback about the new soundin particular?

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Puissance: So far it has only been positive, I would be surprised if someone feelsotherwise. Not only because it would be irrational, but mostly because itwould be wrong. Many people think that opinions can’t be wrong, but this isa clear case proving the contrary.

Chain D.L.K.: The album focuses on social and political themes and I see it as a sortof accusation toward the world’s rulers as well as a sort of call forawakening toward your listeners — but, this is my idea. What was yours?
Puissance: That’s a great idea and it’s correct. We are trying to wake people up, wemay not have big hopes or great success in doing so, but maybe one or twopeople can be set free and that would be a great success.

Chain D.L.K.: As far as I can see from your website you are taking position officiallywith Puissance by subscribing to “Artists Against The New World Order”. Canyou talk about what that is about?
Puissance: We are only signed up on that list because it makes sense. For us the NewWorld Order represents the hidden world government which is working its wayout and becoming more and more visible these days. To make a long storyshort it’s the owners of a super-state consisting of Europe, North Americaand Russia, politically united under WTO and militarily under NATO.Currently they are mostly involved in fighting privatized wars and enforcingtheir monopolies not only with regards to basic natural resources but alsothe money monopoly which is fairly locked down. After all, Paul Wolfowitz isthe head of the World Bank now. That should send chills down most people’sspines but nowadays no one seems to care. That is mainly due to the mediamonopoly held by the same group of bankers and war criminals. To give yousomething to search for online I suggest for instance “Phoenix Program” and”Operation Gladio.” These are two of the most noteworthy programs they havebeen running. Most lately they blew up the World Trade Center and so on. Ithink you get the picture. Some people say this is crazy, let them think so.I guess they won’t even change their minds when it becomes mandatory to beentered into DNA databases and having a small ID chip implanted under yourskin. Call me paranoid, but if it starts to happen, please worry.

Chain D.L.K.: I think that what we are dealing with is that most people feel powerlessabout the social political situation as corruption, personal interests and,worst of all, world domination take control. At the same time people arestruggling with the difficulties of finding a job, etc. As you can see, itseems that the [general outcome] is that teenagers feel aimless andgenerally without a future. This because they are the rebellious part ofsociety and governments don’t want to live through a new ’68. What do youthink about my point of view?
Puissance: Yes, I definitely think you have a point. There is a mind control programgoing on and it seems very effective. But I think also it has been tooeffective and people are starting to sense there is too much wrong. Theydon’t like being zombies and they want to wake up. Take a thing likeelections. Everyone has noticed that all western elections are frighteninglyclose these days. A few election cycles ago there were always a few percentmargins between winners and losers, but nowadays people don’t care unlessthere is instant excitement. So the people who rig our elections had tochange the formula a bit. Now they always have 50.1% on one side and 49.9%on the other. There may be minor variations, but basically the two blocs arealways very, very close.Now let’s have a look at bloc politics. All our so called democracies arebased on the lie of left and right paradigm. If you only have two sides tochose from then what is the point of a parliament? If it’s supposed to beblack and white we might as well elect a dictator and let him just run thewhole thing, wouldn’t that be more effective? Actually it wouldn’t, you see,here’s a surprise… no one ever votes for what they want, they vote for theopposite of what they don’t want. There is a rather big difference there. Wecan’t vote for what we want since the whole system is based on the two-partysystems masquerading as multiple parties. It’s just theater to make us thinkour elections matter. In reality the same sponsors push both blocs and thesmall variations are just political harmonics that make no differencewhatsoever in policy. It may simply affect the name of them. Looking atEurope today I think it’s quite clear that the parties that sold out theirvoters and workers most are the social democracts and red parties, notbecause they are more evil than their right wing counterparts, but simplybecause they spent more time in power. They are nothing more than actorsplaying the game of deception. In a real democracy we wouldn’t have blocpolitics; the whole notion of blocs in order to dominate the parliament iscompletely stupid. If the parties were individual they would excercise amuch greater power in parliament since their votes would always be up forgrabs by the best suggestion and not like now: for sale, nearly everyelection cycle.

Chain D.L.K.: Since the Arditi project sees Henry collaborating with Marten Björkman,can you tell us if do you feel a sort of link between the two projects asidefrom Henry’s participation?
Puissance: The only link is that one participant is the same in both projects, and nowand then we may donate some sounds to each other. Apart from that they arequite separate with rather diverse points of view.

Chain D.L.K.: Equilibrium Music is reissuing your first albums. Have you remasteredthem or is it a simple reprint with the addition of bonus tracks?
Puissance: There has been some tweaking of the sound, yes, and there are bonus tracks.

Chain D.L.K.: What’s next for Puissance?
Puissance: Getting some sleep and rest; right now I am very, very tired. The band willstart working on a new album soon, but not too soon.

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[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Benjamin Pike]


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