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Prick pic Chain D.L.K.: How did you all meet?
Prick: The last lineup…I got together after I recorded the record itself, Garrett the drummer lives in Chicago so we didn’t see each other much so we had to find a new drummer. Andy Comuchhefty, who orginally was on the first record, came back to town after playing with “Stabbing Westward” for a while. I found out he was coming back to town so I got in contact with him and asked him what he wanted to do it, so he said sure. The bass player used to play in a band called “The Head Lucky Pierre” and so he’s always been supportive of doing whatever kind of music is out there. The guitar player and I met at a recording studio in town, so it was that kind of thing.

Chain D.L.K.: Would you consider some of your music a little crazy?
Prick: I sure as hell don’t think it makes any sense!

Chain D.L.K.: How did you score the soundtrack for the movie “Showgirls? ”
Prick: They just came and they wanted to have it in the film somewhere and they asked me if they could have it and I said I needed to see where they wanted to put it cause I didn’t want it in certain scenes, so, basically they didn’t have anywhere to put it so I said well just put it on the black screen at the end. So, I mean, I pretty much asked for that end spot so it would have it’s own connotations and so there was no image to bleed into it.

Chain D.L.K.: The song “Animal” is a very powerful song…how did you come up with the imagery? something in your head?
Prick: Well hopefully it’s all those things. I mean, hopefully it’s going to repeat listenings. You can look at it in different ways.

Prick pic Chain D.L.K.: How do you believe your sound has changed through the years?
Prick: I pretty much do what I feel like doing at the time. I’m not really paying too much attention to what is going on and I figure if I’ll try to make it something that you want to listen to more than 10 times and develop some kind of relationship or have it do something that lasts in the listeners ear. As far as like style goes, I’m not really too concerned with the genre or direction really.

Chain D.L.K.: What label are you on?
Prick: I am the label. I’m doing a compilation of “Lucky Pierre” music that I recorded, singles. I’m going to do singles and demos that have been done for that band and live stuff that’s been done for different radio shows with that band and current music that I’ve been writing that doesn’t fit in, really into this live Prick kind of vein. I’ll probably start re-releasing different things that I did in San Fransicso, like soundtrack stuff and I wrote for probably 6 different bands. The main singer song, songwriter/lyricist and then the other people who wrote the bed of music…we just kind of sing and make melodies and then chop it up.

Chain D.L.K.: Any videos coming out? Any MTV videos?
Prick: Well the video thing…I want to encourage listeners to do videos to songs. Rather than get into the whole big budget thing. MTV videos, shit like that, I don’t have any interest in that.

Chain D.L.K.: Why was the publicity for this show so weak? What happened?
Prick: That’s part of the problem of doing your own label and not having a lot of money and not having any money to spend on publicity. If somebody finds out, great!

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[interviewed by michelle russo] [proofreading by Marc Urselli – Text and transcription by Chirs S.]


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