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Kevin J. Cazier is mostly known for his efforts under the project Little Sap Dungeon, but with PCP he leads the listener into his very own world of music, feelings, thoughts, ideas and how the things are going around him. The music he produces under PCP features a strong diversity taking influences out of all kinds electronic music and more has to offer. You don’t have to wonder to hear next to Dark Electro themes some Hip-Hip, Metal/Crossover, Ambient or some pure R’n’B inspired tunes, the boundaries seem to be vanished under PCP. So please read this new interview with the mastermind himself…

Chain D.L.K.: Kevin, with “Cross-Cutting in Cold Frames” you have released a new solo effort – but with the help you could gain on it, it can be hardly named “solo”. Please tell us a bit about the building process of “Cross-Cutting…”
Perception Cleanse Perception: Perception Cleanse Perception has always been more like a journal to me. All my thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc. are the main drive of this project. This project keeps me content and allows me to break the boundaries that aren’t always allowed by most listeners and critics in this genre of music. There are a lot of music snobs out there that require every song in the entire album to sound exactly the same. The construction of “Cross-Cutting in Cold Frames” was a plethora of ideas over the last 3 years. Some may say that the album follows no specific theme. They must not be looking very hard. The theme is just what PCP is to me… a journal of life through my eyes: politically, socially and emotionally. Look at it as a “V”… it starts out as the big picture that effects all of us and moves slowly inward. All the artists involved are amazing. Every song that each artist contributes to has special meaning to them… not only musically, but personally. It was very important to me to get additional input along with a personal point-of-view by other artists in order to make it hit in all the right places. All of them have a special unique trade to them that I can identify with. I felt it was important to unite and combine ideas in order for this album to come to life (more for me than anyone else).

Chain D.L.K.: The musically diversity is surely the outstanding point of your new release. How does it come? How do you separate tracks and styles for PCP and for LSD?
Perception Cleanse Perception: Alan was a big part of LSD. I sometimes feel that he didn’t get the recognition that he deserved. He was the warm blanket that surrounded the listeners while this monster circled them inside a cold dark room (metaphorically speaking). Little Sap Dungeon’s focus was primarily based on this giant black canvas filled with desolation, anger, fear, psychotic surrealism, dark dreamscapes… etc. PCP is more of the reality world, but can still find its way to dark aspects of music only when necessary. LSD is just one of those projects that would’ve sunk deeper and deeper into dark madness. It’s a black labyrinth inside of a twisted wonderland. PCP avoids those aspects. The cool thing is that I can do whatever the fuck I want. If I decide to slip into insanity and pick up where LSD left off… I’ll do it. I don’t see that happening any time soon though.

Chain D.L.K.: I can’t also remember to see and hear you arguing and fighting that tough against the system and the current politically situation under the Bush regime. Please give us an insight in you points of view. Is it not dangerous to compare the current government with the Nazi regime in Germany at WWII?
Perception Cleanse Perception: I try and stay away from political talk because I tend to rant, rave and debate. Let’s just say that I become more politically aware of this country the older I get. Since Bush has been in office… everything has kicked into high-gear. I look around and realize that this is not the same country it was 10 years ago. The world is always changing though… that’s nothing new. It’s up to us to decide if it’s for better or for worse. It’s up to us to decipher right from wrong… not to be told right from wrong. Anyone that’s studied their history can tell you that some of this shit our government has pulled can be easily compared to the Nazi tactics. They scare and manipulate the mass into giving up their freedoms. They lie to the mass and preoccupy them with stupid day to day bullshit so that they can do more illegal acts that go unnoticed. They stick their nose where it doesn’t belong and become world police. They spy on their own country. Last but not least, Bush’s elder family had ties with the Nazi party and helped fund them before WWII broke out and are also confirmed members of Skull & Bones 322 (Hitler was a member of a similar order). It was best said “Who will baby sit the babysitter?” ~ J. Biafra

Chain D.L.K.: “Another time… another place… I’ll see you there.” This printed words need an explanation…

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Perception Cleanse Perception: “Another time… Another place… I’ll see you there…” means just that. It’s more or less, just a sign-off.

Chain D.L.K.: A real Electro/Industrial piece can be heard with the track “Descent”, which you have produced together with Xon of Boundless. Can this track already be seen as a first sign of life for your new mutual project Stygian? Any news you can already give here regarding this coming collaboration?
Perception Cleanse Perception: The Stygian collaboration still has yet to evolve into a distinct sound. The material we’ve been coming up with is all so different. It’s mainly been consisting of us both experimenting with unfinished songs, loops, lyrics… etc. We’ve been doing a lot of sound file swapping so far. Adding onto material that we like and stripping down and reconstructing material that we don’t like. It’s turning out to be quite the experiment. “Descent” was already written and constructed before XoN made his amazing vocal appearance on the track. It just felt right to have him sing the chorus lines on that song. His vocals really hit hard and do the track justice.

Chain D.L.K.: Some more words to Xon, who runs also the Backscatter label. You both have always collaborated somehow under your both labels. Can this be called a strategic co-operation to join some more recognition? How is it with the financially situation when you both collaborate?
Perception Cleanse Perception: We both respect each other’s work. There’s always one of us there when the other needs a hand. The combining of the labels is to show that one couldn’t have done it without the other. It’s also good just to give out more exposure for our labels in case a listener is unfamiliar. Personally speaking, XoN has helped me out so much when it comes down to the finishing touches of the production. A simple “Thank you” on the album isn’t enough. I’d rather people know he was a big part of the making and hopefully get more recognition for his label. Finances for albums can lean either way. Usually if they’re my projects or my ideas, I do all the funding.

Chain D.L.K.: Why a cover of the Dead Kennedys track “Kinky Sex Makes The World Go ‘Round”? What’s that special behind this track for you personally?
Perception Cleanse Perception: The meaning of this track is rather symbolic. Even though political events are different today from what they were 20 years ago… the mentality of our leaders will always be the same. War is money. People’s lives are taken lightly. The song is a political satire but will always be relevant as long as governments continue to trade peoples lives for dollar signs.

Chain D.L.K.: Next plans for Dungeon-Recording, please. You have released Savant Garde, but what happened with In’vektiv?
Perception Cleanse Perception: In’vektiv has also ceased on writing new material and is looking like a dead project. Ian Cameron has found it hard to finish any material that was in the making and is finding it hard to find the time while supporting a family. We can always keep our fingers crossed that he will focus on music again and maybe return in the future. Ian and his family are very close to me and I wish them well, regardless.

Chain D.L.K.: With LSD you have done several shows mostly at you home area around Salt Lake City? Any planned activities with PCP as well?
Perception Cleanse Perception: Doing a live PCP show would make me a happy man. The problem is that I cannot do the shows on my own. Having special guests on my albums has put a bump in the road for live acts. Each special guest plays a certain role. Finding time for all of them to have practice is impossible at the moment (let alone… a show). Even if I were to perform songs that were mainly just me… I’d need at least 2 others. So… for right now… PCP live isn’t looking like a possibility.

Chain D.L.K.: Any final words to conclude this interview?
Perception Cleanse Perception: “Soundwave Assassins 3 – Exiled” is in its beginning stages and is scheduled for release sometime late fall or early winter 2006. This compilation will feature ALL EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL by Symbiont, Lexincrypt, Little Sap Dungeon, PCP, Boundless, 23 Extacy and Roses & Exile. As you know… 5 of the 7 projects listed are in hiatus. This compilation is a collector for the fans. It is uncertain at this time whether the SWA-3 comp will be a free giveaway or obtained by purchase through either Dungeon Recordings, Backscatter or DSBP. Distribution will be more definite by Oct. Please visit www.dungeon-recordings.com in the news section for updates. Thank you for the interview, Marc. All the best.

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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