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Chain D.L.K.: Please tell us how you got the idea to make the album”Music For Solve et Coagula”.
Ossaserpia: Firstly it was a collection of tracks I made atnighttime sitting in a small studio… I liked to make covers of oldbaroque lute composer´s but the tracks finally were too differentfrom the originals, sort of alchemy… The name was inspired by”Magick; In Theory And Practice” by Crowley.

Chain D.L.K.: I think the artwork for that album must be one of themost ambitious onesI have ever seen. Some might say it is too much. Speak to us aboutthe artwork and booklet.
Ossaserpia: Yes the artwork is unusual for musical format. I’m not adesigner and all ideas were developed my Martin (Mrskos) withpaintings by Madeleine. We had never corresponded with her and Ithink it was good idea to let one person feel individually, towatch from different angles.. Anyway I felt a bit nervous if theartwork would be too “gothic”. But in contrary it is too”classical” which is really great as it brings a touch of ancient art.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any musical education?
Ossaserpia: No and I´m thankful for it. Musical education in Russia isabsolutely ill and useless. It stopped at teaching music of timesof Tchaikovsky and Glinka and has nothing to do with music now… Ilike mathematics instead, it’s modern forever.

Chain D.L.K.: What are your main music inspirations?
Ossaserpia: They are different from year to year, I liked Depeche Mode inschool and was astonished by The Cure’s “Head On The Door”. Thenext revelation was Throbbing Gristle “TGCD1” and then Current 93 “Of Ruine Or Some Blazing Starre”.Presently it is classic industrialof 80s – Eric Random, Test Dept, Zoviet France and especiallyBourbonese Qualk, Legendary Pink Dots. But I don’t like to dividemusic in styles; there are great artists in each kind… It’sstupid to restrict yourself in a kind of a style like metal headsdo and then try to get out from your own restrictions trying toinvent something new.

Chain D.L.K.: Any other inspirations you like to mention?
Ossaserpia: Michel Houellebecq

Chain D.L.K.: How have the changes in the Russian government,political ideology and the current Russian economic situationinfluenced you?
Ossaserpia: I live in a strange area; this land is under Russian government60 years only. Alas old Koenigsberg is almost demolished by war andcommunists but anyway it’s great to live near the borders ofEurope. I really don’t like the post-communist government of Moscowwho do nothing for integration of this region into European Union.There’s too much propaganda about times of war and enemies fromPoland and Germany, etc. It’s really disgusting to spend funds onit when 50 percents of Russia live in poverty…

Chain D.L.K.: Do you like “Stalker” (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979)?
Ossaserpia: Rather “Solaris” if to speak about Tarkovsky.

Chain D.L.K.: For me your album breathes sci-fi and space. I alsofelt some of that feeling in the K.Meizter release prior to yours.Did you have thoughts about sci-fi when creating your opus?
Ossaserpia: I’m not too much into sci-fi. Maybe Lovecraft or Houellebecq”La possibilite d’une ile”.

Chain D.L.K.: What is your opinion on K.Meizter´s album “travelinglight”?
Ossaserpia: I very rarely listen to fresh releases, usually new albums ofartists I liked before, for example it was nice album from Current93 or new Nick Cave’s Grinderman release.

Chain D.L.K.: Another very good album release on Horus CyclicDaemonis Musterion with “The black lodge”. What do you think aboutMusterion?Outside of Horus CyclicDaemon (but in the scene) what do you like(music)?

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Ossaserpia: I’m not too much into dark ambient releases. Probably earlyreleases of Nocturnal Emissions or Maurizio Bianchi. Zoviet France

Chain D.L.K.: What is next for you? Any new releases planned?
Ossaserpia: There’s some new material but it let’s say more psychedelic…I’m not sure if Martin will like it…

Chain D.L.K.: If you got unlimited funds what would you do with yourmusic?
Ossaserpia: Nothing. It’s not pop/commercial music. It has nothing commonwith funds. A.

Chain D.L.K.: Talk to us about Martin Mrskos (the mind behind HorusCyclicDaemon). How did you get in touch, how is your contact todayand how did you get him to create such a deluxe booklet/release?
Ossaserpia: I met him around 10 years ago; he promoted a concert of OrdoEquitum Solis, a great Italian band. I was for the first time inCzech Republic and wanted to see a concert of them. So we met inTrebic, a small town near Brno and it was a great time. Since thatI have met Martin a couple of more times, I like his beautiful shopin Brno. But now as a Russian citizen I need visa to go to Czech soI haven’t meet Martin in around 5 years. We discussed everything bye -mail and all concerned artwork was his ideas…

Chain D.L.K.: Your Tracklist is weird. Talk to us about it please.
Ossaserpia: Everything is very simple; the material was recorded around 5years ago. So I used just file names of the tracks left in thecomputer.

Chain D.L.K.: Madeline von Foerster made art for you. How did thathappen?
Ossaserpia: It’s all the idea of Martin, I never met her.

Chain D.L.K.: Anything to add?
Ossaserpia: I really like the town I live in, old Koenigsberg… And thescene here…Romowe Rikoito, Kratong, etc…

[interviewed by Ivan Racheck] [proofreading by Edward Wilkinson]


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