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Hailing from a small village in the north of France comes a new artist named OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF which plays EBM/Electro music in art and kind of the old school. You won’t find in the music of OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF any trendy hypes like over-polluted Trance elements or dying Future-Pop. It is harsh and danceable EBM with sometimes dark and hypnotizing undertones and this project is now signed to the rising US label BLC Productions. ”Son of Evil” is the title of the already second CD of OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF and was released through BLC in autumn 2004. Time to bring some light into the sick and criminal world of Remzi Kellici, mastermind behind OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF

Chain D.L.K.: Hi Remzi, please give us at first a short introduction on OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF. When, how and why did you build up O.G.?
Obszon Geschopf: I have created OG in 1996 when I was 16 years old. That’s happened by going regularly to Goth/Electro parties, I felt I had to put a lot into this scene by creating a musical project because I’ve listened a lot of bands like Leaether Strip, :Wumpscut:, etc…

Chain D.L.K.: OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF means obscene creature. Why have you chosen a German title for your band and what is the manifesto behind it?
Obszon Geschopf: I’ve chosen a German name because I like this language very much. At the beginning I wanted to sing in German but I don’t speak German at all. That ‘s why I thought that English would be good too.

Chain D.L.K.: You have already released two CD’s, ”Yell of Fright” and ”Son of Evil”. Let’s talk at first on your debut and please give us a short introduction to it. I have heard that you have released ”Yell of Fright” by your own and that you had a kind of distribution contract with Pandaimonium for Germany. How was this for you and how where globally the reactions on this CD?
Obszon Geschopf: A few months before I was signed by BLC Productions, I received help from an association of my city, which help young adults who have no work. So through them I have released my CD in 500 copies. Pandaimonium already distributed my first album so I have proposed to them to release the second.

Chain D.L.K.: After ”Yell of Fright” you were looking for a new label and you did finally sign with BLC Productions. How did get in contact with this label?
Obszon Geschopf: I saw a BLC advertisement in a magazine and when I saw their art and heard their products I thought this label would be perfect for me and I have never send any other demo to another label.

Chain D.L.K.: ”Son of Evil”, your second full length CD was intended to be released at the end of August 2004 but it was delayed due to some technical problems. Please give us an overlook about this and please describe this problems…
Obszon Geschopf: I think there were little problems with the movie samples. Some people of the intended pressing plant did not agree to press the album. Finally BLC has found another pressing plant which agreed.

Chain D.L.K.: I have noticed on ”Son of Evil” several German voice samples. What impresses you on this language and do have any other affections to Germany?
Obszon Geschopf: As I have already said I like the German language even if I don’t understand it. I find this language fits very much with Dark-Electro or EBM.

Chain D.L.K.: You are using some rough distorted vocals in your music and lyrically you are dealing mostly with the dark side of humanity. How important are for you vocals and lyrics? Could you try to explain globally your thoughts and feelings behind it?
Obszon Geschopf: I have just to watch TV to see that we are living in a fucking world of shit. Moreover, I hate my land France. There is nothing. We are not allowed to be Goth. We have often injuries caused through young French Muslims. It is just because that in France the Muslim religion rules. We can be hit or killed because we are a dressed in black.

Chain D.L.K.: Musically speaking I think you are pretty much a prisoner of classic EBM influences with a strong affection to the first works of SUICIDE COMMANDO. Is this a comparison you can live with? How would you try to explain your style of music?
Obszon Geschopf: That ‘s right, at the beginning I was very much influenced by SUICIDE COMMANDO, HOCICO etc… But I think I’ve found my own style. Compared to HOCICO or SUICIDE COMMANDO I think that their whole albums are on the same line, but at OBSZÖN GESCHÖPF the tracks are all different. “Face of Swine” is very different to “Entrails of Hell”.

Chain D.L.K.: Please tell us bit about your scene situation in France. It is just that we have now a lot of new, hungry and very promising acts hailing from your country (E.S.R., SKOYZ, H.I.V.+, NEON CAGE EXPERIMENT… to name only a few…). Electro/Industrial seems to have a kind of rebirth in your country. How is it there and how would you review the situation about clubs and concerts?
Obszon Geschopf: As I’ve already said, in France there is no club, no concert, France will never be a land of pro-Electro-Goth or Industrial. Yes of course, there are some good bands but you can just name ten French bands playing Electro-Dark-EBM and in Germany or the USA you are not able to name all of them because there are so many.

Chain D.L.K.: Did you ever play live? If yes, with whom and how was it? How does a typically O.G. gig look alike?
Obszon Geschopf: I have never performed. But from time to time I seriously think about it. I didn’t want to do it because I’m very shy. If I make a live gig it will be devastating because the fact that I’m shy can drive me totally crazy.

Chain D.L.K.: You are working already on some new stuff I think, and I have heard also about a remix work for your new label comrades ALIEN PRODUKT from Argentina. Any news about planned releases you can give us here?
Obszon Geschopf: After releasing “Son of Evil” I’ve done some remix works for H.I.V.+, SYNAPTIC DEFECT, GRENDEL, etc…I’m going to make a remix for ALIEN PRODUKT, the new member of BLC Productions and I work on my new album. It will be more violent and dancefloor oriented. It will be ready in a few months.

Chain D.L.K.: Finally anything you would like to add and tell us here?
Obszon Geschopf: Long life to Chain D.L.K.

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Benjamin Pike]


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