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Chain D.L.K.: What was your favorite childhood memory?
Nouvelle Culture: RW : My favorite childhoold memory is whenever I was going to the movies on saturday evening with my parents.

Chain D.L.K.: What turned you on to music and doing music as a career?
Nouvelle Culture: J : Music is a real passion for me . I never thought that I could do a music career .

RW : I have been addicted to the music since my teenage wildlife long time ago …..but I have been introduced by Jacky into the music area he hasn’t stopped pushing me to go forward since a couple of years …until we made fading pictures in fact we met because I was found of shadows the main song of the band I was dj at time and I suppose Jacky appreciated my mixes but also my state of mind wich is very close to his own way to feel music … imagination and fantasy are our links.

Chain D.L.K.: How did you discover electronic music?
Nouvelle Culture: J : When I bought the first records of Kraftwerk . But really when I listened to “Tubeway army” … It was the “big bang” for me !

RW : I’m gonna repeat myself ……anyway I think I have been involved in this way of life since I was a kid ……my first journey in north England, Leeds, Newcastle revealed me at time the fact I couldn’t escape to the new wave groove and beat…….music clothes concert everything was made to entertain the teen dandy I was…….so I have decided to move London very quickly I couldn’t afford to miss all these new events created by this new musical movement.

Chain D.L.K.: Tell us the history of Nouvelle Culture and where does the band’s name come from and what does it mean?
Nouvelle Culture: J : Nouvelle Culture is the name of my first band in Berlin (Germany). After some years, I came back to France and played with a band called “Fusion Fatale” during 3 years , then I decided to form another band with a fan , we decided to use the name “Nouvelle Culture” because it sounded good to our ears . Our line-uo for the giggs was formed with other musiccians of “Fusion fatale” … We met Catherine during a show and Eric and I decided to add a female singer … after some giggs she became “Ladybionic” . During 2004 Ruthwen joins the band to work with me on some lyrics .The name “Nouvelle Culture” means “new synthetic culture” … music made with machines … without guitars and drums … only machines ! Like during the 80’s , a new start .

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have a day job?
Nouvelle Culture: J : Lady is manager in a big women’s clothes company and I’m a home designer .

RW : Yes I’m working for the council I’m involved in social for helpless and poor people.

Chain D.L.K.: As listening to your debut double cd “Fading Pictures” carefully, your songs depicts glamour, glitter, fashion, music, love and sex. Is this how you want the listeners to visualize and capture the songs in its context?
Nouvelle Culture: J : Exactly! As in the real life! Passion, love, sex… pain!

RW : You have described exactly the things we wanted to express in the songs i just could add something which is very important for the band vision of love deals for us with the woman associated to passion and desire especially the strange effect created by of the women s pictures of the past …. mysterious actresses of their own lives

Chain D.L.K.: Why you decided to contain the second disc as only remixes?
Nouvelle Culture: J : I would like to listen our songs reworked by different bands to see how our songs could live in different art of work and music styles .

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Chain D.L.K.: The album will be great for a fashion show soundtrack. Have/has anyone from thefashion industry ask you can they use your music for the show?
Nouvelle Culture: J : Of course ! When I was younger (lol) I was a mode designer and I used cabaret voltaire and visage tracks for my shows … then I decided to use my own music , It was a great experience … and It will be a real pleasure to do some tracks for fashion’s shows ! I could do it …if someone asked me for …(

RW : Well it could be… indeed but we haven’t been asked yet… of course it would be a very good experience to work with designers… fashion shows are so exiting.

Chain D.L.K.: Can you tell us what your musical influences have been? What kinds of music do you listen to now? Are there any particular bands that you like and that you feel perhaps more people should listen to?
Nouvelle Culture: J : Cabaret Voltaire is the band I’ll always Love, then Visage, Daf, Dead or Alive, Boytronic, Alphaville, Scritti Politti and Rational Youth too!

Rw : Well for myself… I would say Cabaret Voltaire even if there is not a direct effect into the music the way we’re working is almost similar I mean whenever we start writting a song… it starts in fact with a new idea and it doesn’t stop growing until our satisfaction…..and I also have in my mind all the dandys from time to time Scott Walker, Sinatra, Bowie, Byan Ferry, Steve Strange, John Foxx…..and many others who have lead music to another way

Chain D.L.K.: Is the electronic scene in France is very well received? Are there any other electronic bands you prefer to play with at clubs or festivals?
Nouvelle Culture: J : It’s really hard for synthpop’s bands to play in france . Yes, to play with bands like Boytronic , Alphaville, Client, Ladytron will be great for us!

Chain D.L.K.: Will the band tour to promote the album?
Nouvelle Culture: J : We can do some shows … if people ask us for but we have to find the perfect line-up to do it!

RW : We will… but actually we re thinking how to be efficient and make the show the more attractive we can.

Chain D.L.K.: What’s your opinion on the current state of the “scene” in general?
Nouvelle Culture: RW : Times are changing… after the techno years the stage seems divided into parts from a side there is an huge getting back to the roots and the other side there are expections for clubbing grooves mixed up with indus electro feelings ……anyway let’s dance.

Chain D.L.K.: What is the future for NOUVELLE CULTURE?
Nouvelle Culture: J : To do all the things possible to promote “Fading pictures” and to work on new songs for the next album ;

RW : Music always music… we’ll try very soon to promote other artists in our label Le Cabaret Electronique we hope for a lot side projects concerts… and at least a brand new album.

Chain D.L.K.: Any last words?
Nouvelle Culture: J : Bonne année ! I wish you all the best for the new year ! … and Hello Friends ! we love you !

RW: Special words for our special friends.

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[interviewed by Donovan Tate] [proofreading by Donovan Tate]


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