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Chain D.L.K.: What conditions are most conducive to working on your music?
Meg Lee Chin: I like working in London during the winter when it’s grey anddepressing. I was working in LA where it was warm and sunny everyday. I didn’t get as much done!

Chain D.L.K.: Where do you find inspiration? And do you write/ record musicbecause you’re pissed off, excited, or something like that?
Meg Lee Chin: I get a lot of inspiration from world events. I’m an info junkie. That’swhy I prefer living outside the US. The news in the United States is toocensored. Whenever I’m there I rely on the internet. I get really firedup by things. It helps to be pissed off. Lucky for me, that’s a normalstate of being.

Chain D.L.K.: What’s new in Meg Lee Chin world? And what are your plans, short-and long-term, for music and for everything else? When are youtouring again, and where?
Meg Lee Chin: My new album is 3 mixes away from being finished. It’s almost done! It’s been a long, long road getting to this point – even harder than”Piece and Love”. I was having nightmares with the label and tryingagainst all odds to somehow produce an album. It felt pretty stifling -like trying to run with no legs! Now I am off the label and will bereleasing it mostly through my own site: http://megleechin. comEverything feels right, now.

Chain D.L.K.: In all your collaborations, what would you say you’ve learned fromworking with other artists, if anything?
Meg Lee Chin: I find that the style of each musician’s playing is a bit like a signature. No two people play the same. Though there are people that are goodforgers, there is nothing like the original. I love working with peoplefrom all different backgrounds. They broaden the palette.

Chain D.L.K.: Suppose there was a “heaven”, and you went there– what musicwould be playing there? What would be playing in Hell?
Meg Lee Chin: I once had a dream of goldfish swimming on their sides at the surfaceof a flowing river. The were singing an unearthly song which wasbeautiful – I could never reproduce something like that – though I havetried. It was untouchable and elusive. This is the song I will expect inHeaven. In Hell I would expect a bunch of forgers pretending to beNirvana.

Chain D.L.K.: What would you like to be asked, and what would be your answers?
Meg Lee Chin: What do you think about the origin of man?

I reckon the Gods in mythology and the Old Testament are spacemen. There’s a a passage in the book of Ezekiel in the Bible which seemsto describe a spacecraft. When the bible talks about the sons of Godsknowing the daughters of men, they weren’t kidding! The Garden ofEden was probably a metaphor for this. Adam and Eve were probablyjust a couple of ignorant but blissful monkeys till Eve got off with alusty spacegod.

Chain D.L.K.: What musicians or artists (in any media), contemporary or not, doyou think are underrated or underappreciated?
Meg Lee Chin: I think Kate Bush is a genius. Macho types are put off by her femininity. Once you get to know her music, you realize how mindblowing she is. “The Dreaming” is an incredible album.

Chain D.L.K.: You said in an interview with Ear Pollution in 2000 that you had anidea to bring a video camera with you on tour to document the peopleyou saw– what has come of this idea? Or what has this idea evolvedinto?
Meg Lee Chin: I’m still too poor to afford a video camera. Remember, I was signed toInvisible!

Chain D.L.K.: You’ve said in a number of interviews that you think of yourself asan observer of people, rather than belonging to any group. How wouldyou feel about being called a voyeur? How well does this describeyou? Give us some insight into The Mind of Meg.
Meg Lee Chin: Alien would be a better description. The Bible talks about Jesus’scrown of thorns actually being a crown of jewels. I guess what itmeans, is that your hardships are sometimes gifts. I was a bit ofmisfit, but it gave me objectivity and the ability to see things fromoutside. So what at first seems a handicap, is actually a blessing.

Chain D.L.K.: What do you think would surprise people about you if they knew?
Meg Lee Chin: I’m a real girly-whirly. Yes, it’s true. I’m a frothy, bubbleheaded gigglerand a squealer. People sometimes have a hard time reconciling thiswith the other things I do. Girlies ain’t supposed to like technology (orget into fistfights)!

Chain D.L.K.: What have you been listening to lately, both older and newer stuff?
Meg Lee Chin: Sugababes – Angels With Dirty Faces.

Chain D.L.K.: What do you see as trends for the future (or maybe alreadyhappening), for music or otherwise?
Meg Lee Chin: No more record labels! Ha ha ha!

Chain D.L.K.: What do you think of file-sharing?
Meg Lee Chin: It’s the future. I love mp3s.

Chain D.L.K.: If you didn’t do music, writing, or any other art, what would you do?
Meg Lee Chin: I’d be an Egytptologist.

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[interviewed by Maren & Ant] [proofreading by Maren]


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