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If you don’t know Lol Tolhurst you must be too young or simply reading the wrong magazine! For about 20 years Laurence, Tolhurst was part of the creative process of one of the most successful bands of the last twentyfive years: The Cure. Being in the band since day one, Lol helped giving his personal touch to the first eight studio albums of the band. You can find the first traces of this new project called Levinhurst into songs composed twenty years ago. Songs like “Let’s Go To Bed” or “The Walk” saw Lol experimentig with electronic gears and with pop. Now we’ve got the opportunity to listen to how that could have sounded with the addition of modern influences of techno (light influences, I might say) and the vocals of Lol’s wife Cindy. “Perfect Life” is a really good first album and it’s a sign that Laurence’s creativity is still there and it’s throbbing. Check them out, they’re worth it!

Chain D.L.K.: Your music history starts a long time ago at the end of the ’70s with your long time friend Robert Smith. Has your perception of music changed over theyears and how?
Levinhurst: Only in the way music is more of an industry now than itever was. Music is still music to me thank goodness!

Chain D.L.K.: You played drums on the first four the Cure records then you switched to synthesizers. Can you explain why? Which instrument do you feel more confident with?
Levinhurst: I was interested in the electronic side so it seemednatural to me to play both. I feel comfortable with both!

Chain D.L.K.: Your first approach to electronic music has been with the single “Let’s go to bed” and then with the “The walk” EP. Is it safe to assume that those have been the early seeds to later turn into Levinhurst?
Levinhurst: Yes. It was very exciting for me to experiment with the electronic side of music and that really was where I started again with Levinhurst a different version of what might have been.

Chain D.L.K.: You were with the Cure until the production of “Disintegration”. What, in your opinion, have been the band’s highlights and what’s the most you got out of that experience?
Levinhurst: For me there were two versions of The Cure I liked. Theearly trio and the five piece that made “Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me”. One was very raw and intense and one more polished but they both had the same sense of purpose which is very important to me.

Chain D.L.K.: Can you talk about Presence?
Levinhurst: Presence was a little too much too soon I am much happier with Levinhurst. I dont discount Presence but this is much more me! I took some years of life to have a clearer vision.

Chain D.L.K.: What made you feel the urge to form Levinhurst with your wife Cindy?
Levinhurst: Well she is a great singer for one! We also have havea great deal of experience from the last ten years to draw from for our songs which evolved naturally, I feel. So she was the perfect choice for someone for me too work with.

LevinhurstChain D.L.K.: “Perfect Life” is a really good album, full of vintage sounds and a modern approach to electronic music. Can you tell us something about its production?
Levinhurst: I wanted to create something new but with some echos ofthe past…like me! I used as reference some bands I like in production like Can, Kraftwerk and newer stuff like Monolake.

Chain D.L.K.: I noticed that every track of your new CD is based on mid tempo rhythms and they have got, in some way, a trance influence. Did you want to keep a dreamy atmosphere without them being too dancey?
Levinhurst: I love dance music but I wanted to make something you can listen to as well as dance too.

Chain D.L.K.: Levinhurst is formed by you, your wife and Dayton Borders. I’m curious about your writing process, can you tell me something about that?
Levinhurst: We write together and apart, the lyrics are Cindy and myself and the music is all of us. I have the last word on what we use as I learned a long time ago that somebody has to do this or nothing ever gets finished in a band!

Chain D.L.K.: Are you preparing to tour? If so, how would you like the show to be? Would you like it to be something based on multimedia or would you rather prefer a rock approach?
Levinhurst: We are on tour in the USA now! It is more of a hybrid of rock and dance show. I would like to include more visual media in the next tour.

Chain D.L.K.: Talking again about “Perfect Life”‘s tracks, I really liked “Sorrow” and “Sad Man” and I think that the lyrics fit their musical atmosphere very well. Since your lyrics sound so personal, are there facts linked to them that you can share with us?
Levinhurst: I think that those who know my story will understand someof the themes, I prefer to paint a picture and let the listnerdecide!

Chain D.L.K.: I noticed that the lyrics have got a bitter taste, but they are never nihilistic. It’s like they reflect the feelings of a man that went through a lot of troubles and that has now finally reached calmness. Would you agree?
Levinhurst: I think you have understood very well the idea I wanted to create for “Perfect Life”. The title says it all that depending on which way you look at it life can be sad or wonderful. It is really the last ten years of my life and I have experienced a kind of redemption of sorts after many trials.

Chain D.L.K.: Can you tell us something about your future projects?
Levinhurst: More tours this year and a remix CD of “Perfect Life” with some surprises! Next year…the Green Album! !

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[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Marc Urselli]


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