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Hailing out of Slovakia, the duo of KIFOTH has recently signed a contract with theDenver-based label group Electro Aggression Records/Vendetta-Music and could release anew full-length album entitled “Acerbity Torrent”. The term KIFOTH is an abbreviation forKneel In Front Of The Hangman, the first chosen band name, which later got changed to thecurrent valid band name Kneel In Front Of The Executioner. They had their heydays around1999 to 2002 thanks to a deal with the German Out Of Line label and the release of twoalbums and some promising European tours, but afterwards there has been an unexpectedphase in hiatus. This interview explains the details, offers insight and introduces thisElectro/Industrial duo to our readers…

Chain D.L.K.: Since you guys are relatively unknown to most of our American readers, canyou give us a brief introduction on you and your music project KIFOTH…
Kifoth: (mir Colon): I am mir Colon and together with K-head, we are KIFOTH, founded in1993. So far we have released 6 albums: “First Time Public”, “Civillizative Collapse”,”Ebola”, “Spectaclebreakers”, “Fundamentum Divisionis” and “Acerbity Torrent”. Some ofyou might be aware that we have established some side projects or/and anotherart-operations as well.

Chain D.L.K.: Your last release is dated back to the year 2002 and was released via theGerman Out Of Line label. What has happened afterwards, I heard of an awful car crash?
Kifoth: (mir Colon): It is true what you heard. As I remember well, it happened a weekafter the Wave/Gotik Treffen live performance of KIFOTH. I got an aqua-planing whiledriving very fast my car. My body got thrown out of the car and I had a difficultfracture of my right leg. You have to know, there it has taken a long period to learn towalk again. But this wasn’t the only general item that changed my life completely. Imaybe say my whole life has turned to a different point of understanding through thedeeds around me. So it was hard for me to continue with the concept that KIFOTH has beenstarted. The explanation of why such long time in silence could be related to this. Buttoday I would say, good that all of this happened. You can get your own experience bylistening the “Acerbity Torrent” album. Perhaps you can see and feel what’s the point ofview is described in it.

Chain D.L.K.: What were for you the plausible reasons to sign with E.A.R./Vendetta-Musicand how did you get in contact with Dave and Nader?
Kifoth: (mir Colon): The reason might be expressed easily as the possibility to put theconcept of “Acerbity Torrent” to the pressing as soon as possible. But actually the albumrelease has been promised many times. And for us it is too squeezing to walk back to thesame point so many times. There is no room to be focused to the new themeundisturbable. The concept of “Acerbity Torrent” represents circumlocution of my verypersonal view and experience of the period before and suddenly after the change I pointedat your previous question. And how we get in contact with Dave and Nader? Well, ourthanks go out to Nader. He is the one who made the people thinking about to release theKIFOTH album in America.

Chain D.L.K.: Let’s talk on some content of your new CD “Acerbity Torrent”. Why did youdecide to open your archives and to re-record a very old track like “Jezis Kristus”,originally available on your demo tape “Civillizative Collapse”?
Kifoth: (mir Colon): We brought out the CD to point out that KIFOTH is back. Therefore wehave ready produced the live-playlist compound from the songs of all our albums. The CDis divided in two parts. The album itself and the bonus section. There is a fragment ofthe very beginning of KIFOTH as well as the mutation of the album before the “AcerbityTorrent” era. Also a sample of what has been made between the times of “FundamentumDivisionis” up to the “Acerbity Torrent” times is available.

Chain D.L.K.: “Tyranny” features an obvious use of Techno-related sounds and aD’n’B-related drum programming and can be therefore called as being one of the mostconspicuous tracks on your new album. Is this already a hint on a coming change of styleor rather a demonstration that you’re able to deal with different kinds?
Kifoth: (K-head): If you want to release a CD, you have ready produced 3 – 4 times moretracks than finally an album can hold. This track was done in the beginning stage underinfluences of non-EBM groups and I didn’t plan to make it public, but the rhythmprogramming of the drums are very complicated and there was one special thing which stillbrought me back to this track. Finally, I gave it to mir Colon and when I heard his voicein it, I changed my mind and decided to put it on “A.T.” immediately. “Tyranny” isdifferent, but still full of aggression in the right tempo. It is like a Punk song whichdoesn’t respect a standard music composition. A Punk song with Techno sounds maybe. Ilike it so much and that was one of the pulses to continue under this influence in theother tracks. Next track under this influence of “Tyranny” on the CD is “Obsequious”.Both don’t represent the future sound of KIFOTH, but it shows old-school structures undera different angle, this makes “A.T.” more assorted.

Chain D.L.K.: Maybe I’m totally on the wrong trip here, but your inlay of your CD referson the track “Clandestine Reminiscences” as being a hidden track on your past album”Fundamentum Divisionis”. This track seems to be intended to be re-released here on”Acerbity Torrent”, but I can’t find it here. What’s happened?
Kifoth: (mir Colon): The track is there – after a long silence during the track “Candle”.I have mentioned before we made many “2007 versions” of the good old songs. And of course”Clandestine And Formidable” is one of them. Hope we’ll be able to produce a live CD ofsome concerts during this year. We’d like to give the new mixes to you to enjoy.

Chain D.L.K.: Tell us a bit more about the background of the track “The Art Of Faith”,which seems to be a theme for a game. What kind of game is it and how did you get askedto provide a track for this project?

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Kifoth: (K-head): Yes, the melodies in this track are themes from the “Darkseed” game. The”Darkseed” game shows to us examples taken out of the real life. It shows two differentworlds in one soul. Not only certainly life, but also dark sides of us. In the gameyou’ve to pass through a mirror to the dark world, even the same you can do if you cometo the dark side inside of you. The game had a very good atmosphere and you can getstrange feelings when you are playing. Especially graphics are excellent, which are doneby the famous H. R. Giger. Even if it is an older game, I still remember the atmospherewhen I played it for first time, the themes in “The Art Of Faith” remember me on thatatmosphere. I like to share this feeling with people who listen to KIFOTH.

Chain D.L.K.: How is it with live gigs? Any touring plans you can already confirm?
Kifoth: (mir Colon): We’re organizing concerts just around middle Europe by our ownmanagement. We hope that Hardbeat Propaganda can offer us some opportunities to make somegigs in Germany. KIFOTH has reached many fans during the tour with HOCICO and would liketo present our new material!

Chain D.L.K.: Your daily life besides being a musician. Please fill in details, relationships, hobbies, and further things of interest?
Kifoth: (mir Colon): To be honest, I can’t talk too much about my privacy. KIFOTH is theimportant side of my life. It gives me all the strength which I consume for the ?civil?life as well. So please accept, that I’ll be very short. we’re both 30 years old, I’m asingle and K-head is married already since 3 years. We are both contracted as managers inthe field of electrical engineering. In case of interests, hobbies? KIFOTH and allprojects and art-operations related with it. (K-head): We aren’t professional musicians. Our daily life is so similar like theordinary days of others. This gives us the opportunity to express our point of view fromthe side of ordinary people. We like to show the people, that whatever happens in thislife and due to be stereotyped, they’re overlooking the reality where they live in. Ofcourse there are different influences on us. For example I like very much sci-fi movies,that’s why I’m responsible to prepare all our video-projections and clips. Some of themyou can watch at YouTube and soon more will be added.I also like reading about sci-fi, P. K. Dick is phenomenal, but also Douglas Addams forthe fun and Terry Prathcet even for fantasy. As I mentioned, H.R. Giger is the realartist who can show us the really dark sides and scary dreams, I like him and I had alsoone exhibition where my reproductions of the Giger’s paintings could be seen. In theglance I like all kinds of art and I try to do something with each. Painting, writing,producing movies and music of course …

Chain D.L.K.: Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like toconfirm here?
Kifoth: (mir Colon): The exclusive song “10 Fingers” is ready done to be on Nader’supcoming CD compilation. We’re compiling material for the live CD including songs out ofthe whole KIFOTH existence. And finally I would say that three songs designed for theforthcoming album are in the process of recording and mixing. So I’d like to have thenext album out in 2008. Never again such a long pause as the last time.

Chain D.L.K.: Some final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
Kifoth: (mir Colon): Thanks to all who are trusting that KIFOTH lives and to all whosupport KIFOTH. KIFOTH owes you a lot! We’d make the best to come to you, to give youmore out of the time of silence, especially the new stuff which coquettes with themessuch as how to live and related things…You made KIFOTH coming back!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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