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Chain D.L.K.: Would you tell us the who’s who of Janosch Moldau?
Janosch Moldau: Well, it´s simply me as a solo artist! There’s no real band behind me, but in the studio and on stage I get help from a couple of very good musicians.

Chain D.L.K.: Have you got any other musical background? Bands you have been in or anything else?
Janosch Moldau: Yes, a little. I started producing other artists at first. But soon I realised that recording my own songs gave me much more fulfilment. I’ve never been a conventional member of a band or anything like that. I´ve always been more involved in the different stages of the production process of a record. Nowadays I really believe more in the process of songwriting than in technology or the “wizardry” of a producer. For me,the song comes first and the rest will follow….

Chain D.L.K.: REEDEMER is your first album and you self-produced it. Can you tell us something about the different stages of its birth?
Janosch Moldau: It took me 18 months to record and finally finish the album. I started with a couple of songs and didn’t think about the idea of recording an entire fulllength album. Soon I realized that I was in the process of working out a so-called “concept album”, although I do not like such classifications. I thinkthe artist is always the “concept”, or let me say, the artist is one with his songs, which are directly linked to his life.

Chain D.L.K.: I think that for your music the lyrics are supremely important and I noticed that they are all kind of linked as they all talk about faith and maybe Christianity. Can you tell us about the feelings that are behind your lyrics?
Janosch Moldau: Gregorian chant and to gospel. I’m really a big fan of music containingrepeated elements to put the listener (and the performing artist ofcourse) into a state of trance. Listening to this kind of music, alsohelped me a lot to break through the conventional rules of songwriting.Thanks a lot for putting “maybe” in front of the word “Christianity” in yourquestion. This is the key: my lyrics are not only about Christianity–I onlytry to use all these words to draw my songs into a global idea of love. Thecareful listener will even discover some kind of love songs on Redeemer. Ialso think that in times of war between the big religions of this planet, itis a theme of importance. I do not really believe in the church, nor do Iattend church services anymore.But faith plays an important role in my life. Redeemer only says in a verysilent way that if you call yourself a believer, make sure that you stayfree 🙂 …that´s it.

Chain D.L.K.: What kind of feedback do you get, in response to your treatment of these themes?
Janosch Moldau: Well, the thing is, either the people love my songs or they condemn them.

Chain D.L.K.: Since the music business exists in a period of crisis, how do you see the situation since you produce your own stuff?
Janosch Moldau: I feel comfortable now. Many artists have their own record label. I started mylabel at the beginning of the year. In the near future, hopefully some otherartists will also appear on the label. There are always good and bad sides torunning your own label. Having your own record label as an artist also meansmore work in general.

Chain D.L.K.: The creative process you were talking about, which links personal life and song so deeply, at the end becomes a product that is available for purchase. How do you see this aspect of the artistic process of creating something so personal that at the end has to please people and then produce a commercial transaction? (This isn’t a provocation.)
Janosch Moldau: That topic doesn’t leave a bitter taste in my mouth…. I guess a lot of artists suffer from this aspect of the music industry, so why shouldn’t I? Having the music industry “machinery” in mind, it is always important for me to withdraw myself from this machinery and restrain my life in a positive way, especially during the periods of song writing. If I cannot come up with anything I really believe in, why should I go out and try to please other people? This would be the kind of practice the major labels are into. So first comes the “process of restraint” and then maybe the party.

Chain D.L.K.: Since the atmosphere you create is so intimate, can you tell us something more about your live concerts? Do they sound different from the album?
Janosch Moldau: Well we all try to have fun. My background vocalist always says, my songs aren’t as dark as many people say 🙂 so we drink a lot and then try to perform as best as we can.Yes, of course the songs sound a bit different on stage. I focus more on the guitars, while the electronics are almost the same as in the studio. I don´t really like the conventional sound of a rock band too much, which is why we keep a lot of the electronic backing tracks of the songs in their original form. But we often do play some completely different versions of the songs and we do have unique visual sets produced by Kaba for each song. I’ll do my best to announce further live dates of REDEEMER as soon as possible.

Chain D.L.K.: What kind of bands would you like to have on your personal label? Would you like to create a particular sound which distinguishes it from other ones?
Janosch Moldau: The philosophy of the label is simply to release music focused on the songs and the artists who create them. The songs should be integral to the artist´s life. It´s all about existentialism and maybe a bit of glam — it doesn´t matter how the music is realized: electronics, acoustics, trash…. It makes no difference as long as there is a message. The label won´t release “instrumental-laptop” and “no-face artists” and will be distinguished from other labels by its exploding emotions.

Chain D.L.K.: Are you writing new tracks? How do they sound?
Janosch Moldau: Yes I’m writing–I won´t promise anything, but it doesn´t sound too good yet.

Chain D.L.K.: Final thoughts?
Janosch Moldau: Thank you very much for your time, Maurizio.

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[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Benjamin Pike]


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