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Chain D.L.K.: You started your activity with the Nightbreed label then you decided to start the Cryonica experience. What happened and what convinced you that it was the right move to do?Inertia: Reza: Well, we actually started out on a German label called Celtic Circle Productions / Khazad Dum. Our first three releases came out on this label, then we moved to Nightbreed for a short while. We decided to start our own label in 2001 as we wanted more control over our music. It was initially just started for Inertia, but then we started to hear bands which wanted to give a chance, so we started signing a few bands.

Chain D.L.K.: What have been the main achievements during these fourteen years of activity, seen from the band’s side?
Inertia: Reza: We have all definitely grown as musicians. I have definitely become a better musician, composer and producer. You learn from past mistakes or achievements I think. And as a band we have toured extensively, played some great gigs and seen some great parts of the world. We have done 8 USA tours, which for me, are always exciting as the landscapes keep on changing wherever you go and meeting different people in different states is great too. I love touring in Italy too, we have played some great shows there.

Chain D.L.K.: With Alexys joining the line-up I noticed a less aggressive sound with the addition of seductive atmospheres. What changed with her on-board and what was your way of composing, then?
Inertia: Reza: Well after the first few records, I started to move away from the aggressive side of things, as I wanted to try new aspects to our music. Alexys’ sound is more seductive, so with that came more seductive and moving music and personally with my vocals, I evolved into a different vocals style to which I began with, which is great, as I am always learning new ways to manipulate the voice.Alexys: The only thing musically that has changed since I’ve joined are the styles of songs that I sing on. The rest is all exactly as Reza wants it to be. You really can’t expect a woman to sing like Reza especially since I’ve spent the last 10 years touring as a professional singer in various shows and projects.

Chain D.L.K.: In fourteen years you changed many line-up and evolved your style. During this period a lot of labels/band stopped their activity. What make you feel it worth nowadays and do you still feel the same spark which forced you to form Inertia?
Inertia: Reza: I simply enjoy making music. Inertia is my mine project, but I also write and compose for other projects away from the Industrial scene. I also enjoy producing other bands. For us, this is now a lifestyle, as we make a living from music, so it’s natural for me to wake up and start writing songs. It’s a fun job, plus I never write music for anyone other than myself. I hardly listen to much of the current industrial music scene, as it doesn’t really interest me.. I still listen to the bigger and older bands, because I still find a lot of their music interesting, like Portion Control, Young Gods and Depeche Mode.Our line up has changed, although Alexys has now been with the band for 11 years!

Chain D.L.K.: Reza, some years ago you joined Killing Joke. Does this experience changed of your way of playing with Inertia and what is your feeling about taking part to such a music legend?
Inertia: Reza: Yes definitely. It changed my perspective on music writing. Especially working with Jaz Coleman made me think about my music in ways outside of the industrial and electro scenes. Being in Killing Joke has definitely widened my perspective on music.

Chain D.L.K.: The new self titled album sounds varied and seductive. There is a less “in your face” attitude and less distortion. What brought you to this solution?
Inertia: Reza: Again, it is just a natural evolvement of our sound. It’s the way I am writing at the moment. I love the sound of this album and it is definitely our biggest achievement to date, we are very proud of this record.

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Chain D.L.K.: Comparing your latest self titled album to the old ones it’s evident your new musical approach/style. “The preacher”, for example, reminds a little Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus”, because of the rhythm. What inspired you for these new songs and how reacted your audience to them at your gigs?
Inertia: Alexys: That’s called four bar blues… it’s a sound and style that’s been around for almost 100 years. I can only assume that Dave Gahan, like us, loves rock and roll and old rhythm and blues.Reza: Exactly… it was my attempt at writing a blues song, as I have always wanted to so. I am very influenced by old Blues music. The Preacher is written on a blues scale, “Personal Jesus” was also written on a blues scale, which is why they could sound similar. The audience at our gigs have welcomed our moving forward. I have only heard positive comments on our current live show and album, which is great.

Chain D.L.K.: Lyrics often talk about sinners, people that are about to give up and so on. What are the aspects of life which inspire you most?
Inertia: Alexys: Isn’t that what being dark and wavy is all about?Reza: I write about whatever is on my mind at the time. It could be anything people, the world, governments, relationships… anything.

Chain D.L.K.: Each member of the actual Inertia line-up has his own musical project. How do you succeeded into working together finding a common agreement?
Inertia: Reza: That’s the great thing about this band. We all have different influences and it creates a great melting pot of ideas. It works well for us.Alexys: That’s what music is all about, unity amongst people.

Chain D.L.K.: What are the next plans for Inertia and what about Cryonica?
Inertia: Reza: With Inertia, we are touring quite a lot this year and have already started writing new material for the next album. But this year is mainly focused on promoting the current album..With Cryonica, we are getting ready to release our popular dancefloor compilation, Cryonica Tanz v.5. It’s going to be a great compilation, we have some amazing submissions for this volume.

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[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Reza]


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