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Greece is surely not the place where to look for neither quality Electro/Industrial music nor a strong dedicated scene, but the duo Iambia could prove their abilities well with their debut “Anasynthesis”. Released at the beginning of 2006 on the rising Swedish label Progress Productions this debut became one of the hottest and most surprising releases of the young year. The interest is immense, and the reactions are euphoric. So here is a short interview to introduce the band and their understanding for Electro/Industrial music

Chain D.L.K.: Please introduce to us the band and persons behind Iambia. When and why did you form the band?
Iambia: Iambia were formed back in 2000 by Dimitris (vocals and keyboards) and Elsa. In 2005 Elsa left the band for personal reasons and Louperkalleia joined for live keyboards. The band was created for personal enjoyment through music making and expression of emotions and feelings hidden inside of us.

Chain D.L.K.: Recently I read about a change in the band formation, from Elsa P. to Louperkalleia. What were the reasons for this?
Iambia: Elsa hasn’t had enough time to spent for the band and so she is going to concentrate her efforts in the other project we have, Audioplug.

Chain D.L.K.: Greece is maybe a country I would spend my vacation and not very known for new Electro/Industrial music. Please tell and describe us a bit about your area, the music scene around you and the acceptance of the press and listeners…
Iambia: Yes, indeed most of the European fans do not know anything of the Greek scene but there are a lot of people dealing with this kind of music. The most well known bands are Siva Six, High Level Static, Audioplug and there are some more to come as Pre-Emptive Strike 01. The scene is really big in the big cities Athens and Thessaloniki, there are some really good clubs. Playing that music and the acceptance of people is really encouraging.

Chain D.L.K.: You seem to be very active not only with IAMBIA, but you also have a side-project where you are active as producers. Please tell us about all of your activities…
Iambia: Actually, I am involved in two other projects, Audioplug and an Industrial-Metal band called Funeral Revolt. I have made the production for several bands such as Mors in Tabula, Nyne, Siva Six, Pre-Emptive Strike01 and 11 – 12 more bands of various musical styles. I am building, at the moment, a professional studio and hopefully it will be ready this spring. Music is my life, I work a lot every day and I try to keep my self informed for every innovation taking place in the music industry and technology.

Chain D.L.K.: Your band was ready to be released on the well known Swedish Energy label. What happened that made you never get released there?
Iambia: We had signed a contract with Energy Records but nothing really happened. This label is inactive since a lot of years. Although this seemed to be a problem it was the chance for us to meet an excellent guy, Mr. Torny Gottberg, who was the first person believing in us.

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Chain D.L.K.: Torny Gottberg of Project-X was to that time active with Energy Records, but what were the reasons for you to stand faithfully by him by signing with his own Progress Productions label? Is it anyhow difficult for you to deal with a label that is far away from your home country?
Iambia: As I told you Torny was very enthusiastic with Iambia’s music and showed it directly to us. When he started his own label I decided that it was about time to get a deal with him because he is an excellent professional guy and he has really good ideas about how to promote a band. Regarding the distance I don’t believe that this is a problem because we have a regular contact in daily basis. Besides we have met several times in person.

Chain D.L.K.: You could have already released a debut in 2002 on Capp Records. Is this CD still available? What happened with this Greek label?
Iambia: Yes, “Prometheus” was our first release. I think this CD is already sold out but you can find some copies via the internet. Maybe sometime we gonna re-release it with some bonus tracks. A few months ago I’ve met Stefan from Capp Records in his records store in Athens. I think that Capp is inactive at the moment and Stefan works mainly for his record store.

Chain D.L.K.: It seems that you also produce various videos. How important is the conceptual integration of audio with visual aspects for you? Which themes do you try to present through the videos?
Iambia: These videos were not something special but they seemed ok for some promotional matters. My goal is to work in that way and create some visual aspects in order to accompany the music of Iambia. But it is really hard and time consuming. Hopefully, I will find a person dealing with that stuff and help me express all the emotions of Iambia’s music in the screen.

Chain D.L.K.: Live performances also seem very important for you, and you could have already played with several big names like Covenant, Hocico or Aslan Faction. Any plans to leave your home area to do some gigs in Europe? What would a Iambia gig look alike?
Iambia: We have already played some shows in Sweden for the new release and we trying to book as many shows as we can in other countries. If someone is interested in Iambia we don’t have any problem playing anywhere. Iambia seem much more dynamic on stage and I think live shows is the best way to express your rawenergy.

Chain D.L.K.: Are there any immediate future plans for a next release? What are your expectations for the music and personally for the future?
Iambia: The next release will be a two new tracks contribution in the next “Born Evolve Progress” compilation this summer. This spring will be out some remixes I have done for Clan of Xymox “Weak in my Knees”, Siva Six “Nihil before me” and Optical Frequency “hey you”.

Chain D.L.K.: Any final words you would like to tell our readers?
Iambia: Thanks a lot for this interview and support the scene.

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Matt Ossen]


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