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Hailing out of the city-jungle of Sao Paulo, we like to introduce the Brazilian newcomer act Homicide Division. Musically dedicated very near to a retro-EBM-sound of the early 90ies, both musicians can look back on some earlier projects, with which they’d started their careers. Besides the always active act Dead Jump, here comes one of the hottest additions out of the Brazilian scene…

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Chain D.L.K.: Hi Alexandre and Paulo, could you please fill in all relevant information out of your bio about you and the finding of HD?
Homicide Division: (Paulo): Homicide Division was originated from a project idealized in 2004 by Alexandre Lira (Reality) and Paulo Lanfranchi (Security Device), and that was materialized as a band, whose proposal is to use only digital platforms, from the musical conception to the final stages of mixing and mastering. Homicide Division is a name that presents a double meaning, and can be considered as the division responsible for solving homicide cases, and also as a group specializing in the execution or performance of homicides. The subjects considered are the many aspects of the war, violence, chemical threats, drugs and daily, always with a critical approach, showing the truth behind the facts.
Homicide Division are:
Paulo Lanfranchi: Timbral research, effects and vocals.
Alexandre Lira: Non-linear structures, drums and samples.

Chain D.L.K.: As you’ve mentioned before, you both have been active with Electro/EBM in the past with some earlier projects. I know about Security Device and still hold a few tracks available on some compilation tapes here, but I’ve never heard of Reality. Please fill in details of both…
Homicide Division: (Paulo): Well, let’s start with Security Device as that is the oldest one. Security Device was based on an Amiga computer that worked with an 8-bit platform. At that time there was no Hard Disk, and all songs had to be saved on a 3 ½ floppy disk. I had only 4 tracks to put together all drums, synths, basses, samples, etc. That was a hard time… At that time I had the opportunity to participate on some compilation tapes and also released a fully independent tape album with 9 tracks, which had a shy distribution in Brazil, and some countries around the world. I also had the pleasure of playing together with Vomito Negro when they first performed in Brazil. After some years of battle without any prominent success, I have decided to give up in 1995.

(Alexandre): Reality is a most recent project that started in 1998. With a strong influence from Suicide Commando, tried to create my music as if I was watching a terror movie, with a dull atmosphere and a little of noise too. I made remixes for Dioxide, Noise Process, Tactical Sekt, released a track on the compilation American Industrial Revolution and also released 3 independent CD’s. I stopped working in this project in 2003.

Chain D.L.K.: How did it come that you could sign with BLC, would you like to tell us the background behind this?
Homicide Division: (Paulo): I was talking to a friend from Sweden (Fredrik from Severe Illusion) and he told me about the compilation Interbreeding IX. We then submitted a track (“No Tears To War – Terror Mix”) that was approved and was released at IB IX. At that time we already had all 14 tracks ready to be released, and we started talking to Brandon (BLC Records) about releasing our debut CD… and here we are.

Chain D.L.K.: As usual for most of the BLC-recording acts, your art has been created by Wilhelm “Dead Dreamer” Steiner and offers a militaristic look with planes, gas masks and/or guns. Please explain us your intentions and message behind it. Why do you share a generally dedication to militaristic themes, be it presented in the art and your lyrics?
Homicide Division: (Paulo): Yes, Wilhelm has made an awesome art work for HD. This militaristic scenario is more related to a visual identity to match with our music style than to war itself. Our music has a lot of energy within, and we needed some way to express it in a more tangible way. It’s true that we talk about war at our lyrics, but our intention is that people think about the meaning of war and its consequences.

Chain D.L.K.: It seems that you like to keep yourself a bit in secrecy. Please explain us why do you wear at all of your gigs or on photos gas masks, goggles and tarnishing dresses?

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Homicide Division: (Paulo): Hahaha, that’s not true… let’s say that we are discrete…(laughs). In fact we are secretive, but I think this kind of mystery about ourselves creates part of the atmosphere needed for the band style.

Chain D.L.K.: You guys are hailing out of Sao Paulo, which is known to be one of the biggest cities worldwide. But it is also known to have massive problems with pollution of the air and both rivers. Also high criminal rates and the difference between rich and poor seem to be the biggest problems. Any ideas how to solve any of those problems of your home town? Can you report about some bad happenings on you personally?
Homicide Division: (Paulo): First: It doesn’t matter what you do, do your best every day. Second: Vote right, choose the politicians that are really engaged in solving problems. Third: Invest in your own education and professional qualification, so you can earn money by your own in a decent job. I am a very lucky guy, I was never kidnapped or robbed, but the only thing that happened to me was that my car was stolen. I parked the car and went shopping, and when I came back it was not there. It was not a big problem because I had an insurance policy and the company has reimbursed me the money back…

Chain D.L.K.: Regarding some live performances, it seems that you at times enter some stages in your home area. How does a HD gig look? How is it about the plans to storm over Germany at WGT 2K8?
Homicide Division: (Paulo): Yes, we are doing many shows this year in São Paulo and some region around. For live performance we use combat equipment such as gas masks, goggles and camouflage. We like to interact with the public because they are also part of the show and make the stage even more exciting. Well, we are very anxious about WGT 2008, because this is an awesome opportunity to perform in a huge festival and to promote our work in Europe.

Chain D.L.K.: Lets talk on the technical side of producing music generally. Which kind of synthesizers do you prefer, hard- or software-based? Where do you see the pro’s and con’s on both kinds?
Homicide Division: (Paulo): Homicide Division is 100% software based. I personally love the technology and read a lot about the news on this segment. The main advantage of using software-based synthesizers is the flexibility and the variety of products available nowadays. The disadvantage that I see is that many people tend be too much rational and may lose the musical side that is based on emotions, feelings and imperfections.

Chain D.L.K.: Your daily life besides being a musician. Please fill in details, relations, hobbies, and further interests…
Homicide Division: (Alexandre): We both are married and have children. I have a son and Paulo has a daughter. I work as a Commercial Representative and Paulo works in Financial area. I practice weight lifting (I have got some medals!!!) and I love dogs.

(Paulo): I play guitar, like diving (there are a lot of beautiful places to dive in Brazil) and I used to shoot (9mm rules! Maybe this explains a little about the militaristic side of HD) (laughs).

Chain D.L.K.: Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like to confirm here?
Homicide Division: (Paulo): This has being a great year for HD since we released our first CD, so we still have a lot of promotion to make with these songs. Maybe making a European tour… that would be great!

Chain D.L.K.: Some final words to our readers to conclude this interview…?
Homicide Division: (Paulo): I would like to thank all the people who have supported us till now, that have made possible our dream to come true, and specially to our fans that can make that our dreams keep existing. Marc, thank you a lot for this interview, and hope to see you soon!
Best Regards from Paulo and Alexandre – Homicide Division.

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Brandon L. Clark]


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