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Chain D.L.K.: Hello Elyzium, thanks for accepting this interview, pleaseintroduce yourself, who is in this great band?
Elyzium: Cary Carrico – Vocals, Keys, Programming
McKay Garner -Drums, Keys, Programming, Production
Joshua Langfield – Guitars, Mohawk

Chain D.L.K.: Tell us about the story of this band how did it all started andwhat’s happening right now?
Elyzium: (Cary) Josh and I had written the original version of “ThinThread” and hired McKay to produce the song at McKay’s studio inLA. It was during the recording process that we all 3 realized wewere all really into pretty much the same sounds and styles ofmusic. We all dug into the song, did some rewrites, and came upwith the sound and song that ended up as the final “Thin Thread.”We all felt strongly about the blend we had created and wanted tocontinue pursuing the sound with more songs. That was the start ofElyzium!
(Josh) Right now we are building our draw for our San Diegoshows mostly with online promotion. I think I finally figured outthe best way to use MySpace to get people to our shows. It takes alot of work and long hours but it’s slowly taking shape. I hatebugging people at clubs with our fliers so I’ve been determined tomake this online promotion work for us. It just seems lessintrusive and more targeted when you can see right there on theirprofiles what kind of music they are into and where they arelocated. I search for fans of big name acts with similar styles toours in the San Diego area and I send them a friends request alongwith a personal message about how we found them which includes thelinks to download our songs and remixes and a digital flyer forour upcoming show(s). After we have built enough of a draw here,we plan to bring some of our San Diego fans up to LA in a bus forour first few gigs up there while we work on developing our LAdraw with the same online techniques. We are also working on newmaterial and new aspects to add to our live show which includesvideo for our back drop, maybe some lights, and we also plan to dosome experimenting with a new look for the band. There are somelocal artists that are interested in working with us on that.
(McKay) We’ve definitely been working on writing new material,discussing a video for “Unseen”, and have been refining our liveshow. We’ve tracked most of the instruments on a new song “IntoFrame” and are hoping to release it by the end of the year.

Chain D.L.K.: What are your projects for the next future, new albums, tours?
Elyzium: (Cary) Definitely a new full length album as soon as we have thematerial. We’ve also talked about a west coast tour. We may startwith a city at a time though by promoting online to people in onecity, using the same technique until we have a bunch of people forsome shows there and then move on to the next city until we’vecovered the west coast. We’ll be working on our San Diego and LAdraw for quite a while before we do that though. We’ve also beenworking on getting our songs and remixes licensed forfilm/tv/video games through a couple different avenues.

Chain D.L.K.: What is the source of inspiration when you write and how doesthe writing process happen? Do you write all together or it comesmostly from one of you? Are there any musicians or bands that wereinfluential in your music development?
Elyzium: (Josh) So far we’ve gone about our song writing a few differentways. With our first couple songs, Cary and I had our versions ofthe songs and then McKay worked on them and they ended up going innew and stronger directions. Other times, we’ve worked in thegarage, studio, or bedroom piecing songs together with jams thatwe’ve worked on either on our own or together as a band. McKay andCary start the process and I come in and mean it up a bit withsome guitar. The guitar writing usually starts with riffs thateither one of us has in our heads and we all end up morphing theminto what they become or sometimes it’s just some jams that I comeup with on the fly while jamming to the drums and synth tracksMcKay and Cary write. McKay always helps us hone in on ourindividual talents and really pushes us into higher levels ofcreativity. As far as where our inspiration comes from, it’sprobably a mix of all of our various individual tastes andinfluences coming together. Or it all may just be a fluke. Thereseems to be something special coming together from some sort ofcreative flow though for sure. My biggest musical influencesguitar wise are probably Toni Iommi and Tom Morello.
(McKay) For me, I think the sign of a great collaboration is whenyou’re in the room with other people that are all tapping into thesame energy and the guy next to you comes up with just the thingyou wish that YOU had thought of! Then that just keeps rotatingaround the room. If someone throws out an idea that strays fromthe common momentum, it gets nudged by one or two of the otherguys into the right direction and eventually everybody feels likeit’s really working. That happens a lot with us when we’rewriting. We do hit some spots where one or two are feelingsomething but one is not but we either wrangle it into the commonstream or we move on and let that germ incubate a little longer(or a LOT longer! LOL). We really feed off of each other’sexperiences when we write and end up with something we all feel isdoin’ the thing 🙂

Chain D.L.K.: What kind of instruments do you use analog/digital?
Elyzium: (Josh) I use Gibson Epiphone guitars, a Line 6 Digital Vetta 2Head which allows me to constantly create endless amounts of newtones and I pump them through a Genz Benz 2 12 g-Flex Cabinet.McKay helped me build a crazy crooked looking rig out of it usinglead pipes screwed into the head and Cabinet at various angles. Welike to look a little “wrong” on stage. I also use my DellInspiron Laptop and Ableton Live to record my guitar ideas as ascratch pad to bring to the rest of the band. I play around withthe Live instruments and plug ins like Absynth and I mess aroundwith Reason too but nothing that’s been used for the band yet butI have fun with them.
(McKay) Well, I have to say, there are a lot of ones and zerosflying around in the Elyzium camp! We all have laptops atrehearsals or writing sessions for song or sound ideas and we alluse Ableton Live in some capacity for writing or arranging. I usea combination of an Apple Macbook Pro and a Yamaha DTXtreme IIsdrumkit or drumkat plus various electronic triggers I make for ourlive shows. In the studio I use the usual tools, Pro Tools HD3,lots of mics and pre’s (there’s some analog!), outboardprocessors, and plenty of amps and instruments that probablyshould have bought a nice house instead! Ha ha! I really likeindependent software developers that make plug ins or standaloneMax/MSP based apps.

Chain D.L.K.: Where are you from and where do you live? Are you happy in theplace you are right now, or you wish you where somewhere else? isthere a “music scene” in your town?
Elyzium: (Josh) I’m from the Chicago area where I was into the IndustrialRock scene for about 7 or so years with my last band MaintenanceOf Order before I moved out here to San Diego with my now wife,Heather. We absolutely love our little beach community Ocean Beachor “OB” here in San Diego. There isn’t a big scene here for thatstyle of music but Elyzium’s style is a unique form of Electronicsounds and Rock that I think crosses a lot of Rock and Electronicgenres so I think we’ll find our place here eventually. Idefinitely don’t wish I was anywhere else right now. I want totravel all over the world to make sure there isn’t a better placethough. I miss my family and friends back in Chicago but we allare a bunch of nomads finding our favorite places to live.
(McKay) Cary and I are representin’ fo’ the southern states :-)I’m from North Carolina and Cary’s bringin’ on the Texans.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any other hobbies, interests, things you enjoydoing beyond music?

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Elyzium: (Josh) I’m a web designer and I like working on our band’s sitesand continuously making them better. I also love spending timewith my wife and our dogs at dog beach and dog park here in OB.Besides that, I’m highly addicted to online promotion for the bandand can’t seem to get enough of that.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you like eating? What are your favorite foods?
Elyzium: (Josh) Oh yeah, I love going out to eat. I think my favoriteplaces are a couple of the Mexican restaurants here in OB. Majorprops to Margarita’s and Bahia on Newport Ave. Newport rocks! Ilove getting the window seats with my wife and watching all theother interesting OBcians walking by.
(McKay) Daikokuya in LA rules! It’s in Little Tokyo (1st street,downtown LA). Best noodles ever!! Just ask the other guys LOL!Whenever they call me and say “Where are you, it’s noisy?!” “I’mall, uhhh, noodles.” They say, “I KNEW it!” Ha HAAA!

Chain D.L.K.: What about films? Any film expert among you? And TV? do youwatch TV? Do you listen to the radio?
Elyzium: (Josh) I mainly watch comedies. I love the cheesy humor style ofmovies like Scary movie, the Naked Gun and Hot Shots type ofmovies and of course the Chevy Chase classics like Caddy Shack andFletch. As far as TV, I’m kinda the same way. I’m really diggingthe King Of Queens and Scrubs shows lately with some South Parkand Simpsons mixed in there. I freaking love TV and Movies but Iusually just have them running as background noise while I do myonline promoting for the band. I usually listen to online radiowhen I listen to radio. I’m really diggin Radio Paradise andrecently I’ve been checking out Pandora and Slacker. When I’mdriving I usually listen to audio books on things like the Law ofAttraction and other related studies. I only read and listen tobooks that try to define life and how to live it the best waypossible and then I like to talk with other people about it ifthey are interested in the subjects.
(McKay) I watch 24, Big Love, dug the Sopranos, we all kinda wearout the movies I think! Pretty addicted to the silver screen. Veryinspiring for creative song ideas. They’d be even more inspiringif they’d put one of our tunes in E.T. 2 or something! LOL

Chain D.L.K.: What is the thing you like the most and the one you hate themost?
Elyzium: (Josh) I think the thing I like the most is laughing and beingaround other people when they laugh. I guess the thing I hate themost is doubt and regret, but the stuff in the middle is great. (-;
(McKay) Hmmm, I like good people who are friendly, work hard,respect other people, and appreciate the value of their family.I’m saddened by recycled hate; parents teaching their innocentkids to hate other people of different races or cultures justbecause they are. I hate not really knowing when to use asemicolon 😉

Chain D.L.K.: Ask yourself a question and answer it!
Elyzium: (McKay) What time is it? Time for some gelato!!!
(Josh) What are you going to do with your life? I’m gonna rock!

Chain D.L.K.: A message for our readers?
Elyzium: (McKay) Paper, not plastic. Then…..recycle ya’ll!
Josh- plastic holds dog poop better than paper. Someone go out anddesign a paper doggie bag that holds in the poop! (-;
(McKay) What’s a website?
Come say hi to us at www.myspace.com/elyzium. Our other site is www.elyziumband.com
(Josh) Don’t go to www.mulletsgalore.com !!!

Visit Elyzium on the web at:



[interviewed by Ant] [proofreading by Elyzium]


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