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A new Harsh Electro/industrial signing out of Portugal for the German label Scanner,member of the Dark Dimension label group ( is nearly a sensation.But quality music has found a home in almost every place and corner of this world, sotime to discover something new out of this most western European country. Front manGlamour Diesel has found some free time to introduce us the members of the Eden SyntheticCorps and he has answered on some questions…

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Chain D.L.K.: It’s rather seldom to discover an act out of the Harsh EBM/Hellektro campwith four band members. Would you like to tell us a bit about how, when and why you’vebuilt up ESC? Why this special band name, Eden Synthetic Corps?
Eden Synthetic Corps: We were born out of a Death Metal band we had for many years. We basically got a bittired of playing the same style over and over. We still listen to Metal these days butmost of us started listening more and more to (harsh) electronic music so we decided totake a step in a different direction, using the same line-up, although in differentpositions. We do reckon most bands in the Harsh EBM/Hellektro camp mostly have 1, 2 or 3band members maximum. We wanted to include two vocalists from the very beginning to addan extra something to our music, so I guess 4 guys ain’t too much. The name of the bandwas initially only meant to be “ESC” as in “escape”. I thought of the meaning as a mixbetween something holy (Eden), something futuristic (Synthetic) and something related toevil (war related – Corps). I guess you may look at us as a four-men cyber holy army,hehehe.

Chain D.L.K.: Four members in one act, that also means mostly four different tastes ofmusic. How do you manage to get all different preferences on one compromise? And why didyou guys decide to hide your names under some pseudonyms?
Eden Synthetic Corps: We all listen to different music and our tastes are quite different but we managedto fuse our influences into something we all like, and I think that is very positive. Forinstance, you will find many Metal Influences in our music if you listen carefully.Regarding the pseudonyms we decided those would fit our image a lot better than our realnames. Plus, we are trendy guys. *grin*

Chain D.L.K.: So, you guys represent the “ministry of scars”? I would agree on this withyour band photos which can be found in your inlay of your debut CD “Matte”. You don’tlook too good, but have you ever thought to accuse your plastic surgeon? 🙂
Eden Synthetic Corps: Well, bearing in mind that I am the plastic surgeon myself, I’d tell them to keeptheir sewn-up mouths shut otherwise they’ll find themselves even worse on the next album.I’m already thinking of some neat genital implants on their faces. I’ll leave my faceclean for sure though. *grin*

Chain D.L.K.: You got picked up by the German label Scanner, member of the Dark Dimensionlabel group. Why the decision to go under the wings of Frank D’Angelo’s label? Do youknow him from his membership with [:SITD:], or is your Myspace account to blame that yougot in contact?
Eden Synthetic Corps: Myspace is to blame mainly. Love it or hate it, Myspace is the best music showcasethese days. You’ll find basically every kind of music and band in there. From classicalmusic to people farting.:-)

Chain D.L.K.: Please keep us a bit informed of what current happens musically in yourlocal scene. I guess you’ve got a lot of talented acts like Nuclear Dawn or(In)Perfection besides you, but regarding the lack of a professional label based inPortugal several promising acts and tunes will remain unpublished. The things aresleeping a bit, or how do you see this?
Eden Synthetic Corps: Well, actually things are not as sleepy as they were some time ago but I don’t see alabel (who’d be able to compare with most foreign ones) being created in the next fewyears (I might be wrong though). Besides those bands you mentioned, there are some newbands coming up like Control Alt Deus (which we remixed recently) with great potential.People are starting to move. I do reckon it might look strange to some that we wereoffered a contract only some months after we started composing under the name ESC but ifthere is a reason for everything, and this time the reason was nothing but our music.

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Chain D.L.K.: Like your rude looking band photos, so are some of your lyrics. You don’tseem to know any mercy with your victims if I make some conclusions on your track“Magenta”. Why that aggressive and violent?
Eden Synthetic Corps: “Magenta” is based on school massacres and such. I wanted to recreate two people(leader and follower). Think of it as a movie scene, the guy who’s speaking is thedirector/narrator and the killer is merely an actor getting the job done. Our look,attitude and lyrics may look/sound aggressive, but weare not like that. We just let this aggression flow into music so we don’t smash eachother’s faces during rehearsals. And we also drink a lot of chocolate milk. 🙂

Chain D.L.K.: What else gives you inspiration and can be called the driving force for newtracks and compositions?
Eden Synthetic Corps: Chocolate milk. And maybe life itself. 🙂

Chain D.L.K.: Having four band members in your band, I’m quite sure that you’re doingsome live performances. Please tell us a bit about your stage action. Any new and comingevents you can confirm here?
Eden Synthetic Corps: We have two concerts scheduled for Portugal. You’ll have to agree that a stage looksmore “complete” with 4 guys than with less members like in regular electronic bands. Webasically dress and make up to look as if we got hit by a truck on a nuclear test siteand scream our lungs out on stage. 🙂

Chain D.L.K.: How is it with the technical side of your music? In times of a growingevolution of computer-based software-synths, which kind do you prefer, the hard- or thesoftware-based solution?
Eden Synthetic Corps: We mainly use software but we try to play as much as possible live. We often composeusing hardware but everything is put down into musical form using a computer. I’m surelynot one of those guys who defend everything has to be done with hardware. This iselectronic music for Christ’s sake…

Chain D.L.K.: What else do you expect from the future, musically and for your privatelife? Any new releases in the works which you can already confirm here?
Eden Synthetic Corps: Regarding the band, we are always in the process of writing new songs (no such thingas “creative blocks” until now) and we’d love to release something this year, but nothingis confirmed yet. Our album got out in December and the reactions we are getting areexcellent. As for our privatelives, we all just want to be rich like the people at the Chain D.L.K. …;-)

Chain D.L.K.: Your final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
Eden Synthetic Corps: We’d like to thank you for this interview and thank everyone who’s bought our albumalready. To those who didn’t, take a sneak peek at our Myspace profile and have a listen.We hope you like it. 🙂

[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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