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After releasing their first CD on the now defunct Dying Culture label, Belgian natives Diskonnekted return with a new EP and CD released by the countrymen of the Alfa Matrix labelgroup. Diskonnekted are taking their Electro/EBM style and adding a huge amount of danceable rhythms and diverse dance floor styles in an attempt to build something new. The impressive release, Neon Night, is out now; so we thought we’d present some interesting facts behind the band with this interview…

Chain D.L.K.: Jan, before Diskonnekted you were in another accomplished EBM band, Mildreda. Why did you leave this project behind?
Diskonnekted: Mildreda was my first project from the mid 90’s, in which I produced dark electro music much like yelworC and Suicide Commando. It sounded very dark and “klinikal,” in a typical Belgian way. My interest in continuing the project disappeared because my music taste changed as I grew older. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable while performing all that noise on stage. It was a nice way to start my music career, anyway.

Chain D.L.K.: Diskonnekted released its debut CD, Jesus Raves, on the defunct Dying Culture label. Were there ever any plans to work with Torben Schmidt again on his new label, Infacted?
Diskonnekted: We stayed in touch after the collapse of Dying Culture, and Infacted–which is doing pretty well these days–could have been an option for Diskonnekted, indeed. I was actually talking with three labels before I finally decided to join the Alfa Matrix-family.That first Dying Culture chapter was a sad beginning for me, really. Dying Culture changed about three times from motherlabel before the release of my debut. Of course, these change-overs resulted in several postponings. Sadly enough, there wasn’t a very happy ending for the story, as shortly after the long awaited release EFA went bankrupt. Dying Culture was put on non-active, so Jesus Raves never got the attention it actually deserved.

Chain D.L.K.: So how has it been working with the growing Alfa Matrix crew?
Diskonnekted: Séba came up with a clear and straightforward offer and I was seduced by his clarity. After having a blurry first chapter I really wanted things to be different when signing a new contract. Somehow Alfa Matrix convinced me they could offer what I was looking for. Having worked with Séba before, and Alfa Matrix being a Belgian label, there wasn’t much argument.Now I feel at home, indeed. Séba always tries to satisfy my crazy demands. I am grateful for that. Total artistic freedom is something that not every label offers, by the way!

Chain D.L.K.: From where, or what, do you get your inspiration to create such innovative EBM?
Diskonnekted: As I became a big lover of all kinds of modern dance I wanted to mix those new influences with my own electro-roots. With Diskonnekted I wanted to update the sound of EBM. I don’t think you should make the same song over and over again. That’s why I chose a new way of making EBM, waving the old days goodbye.

Chain D.L.K.: How will the limited edition of the Hangover CD come out? Are you deciding who will do remixes for your work, or is it based on label interests?
Diskonnekted: Alfa Matrix gave me total freedom to fill in both the EP and the limited 2cd. As the main theme of the album is wild nightlife in general, and all that comes with the rock & roll-lifestyle, I thought a hangover could be the perfect completion.The hangover became a real musical journey through different styles and moods that perfectly translated the idea. It feels like a bad trip, with echoes from the main album, the neon night. I did some mixes myself, the rest are done by remixers I chose.

Chain D.L.K.: Religion seems to have a wide influence on your music. What else inspires you lyrically? There doesn’t seem to be much of the Murder-Death-Disease content that is so popular in this kind of music…
Diskonnekted: I am not slightly interested in death or dark things. I embrace life, and it inspires me big time. For this album I was especially inspired by night-life actually. Neon Night reflects the up and down-sides of living the rock & roll illusion, as I call it. It’s about the urge of having a wild night, about drinking too many drinks and having fun; but also about waking up the day after. It’s about the hangover, feeling empty, and never wanting to have such a night again–but having another crazy night that evening, nonetheless. The track, “Neon Dream,” revolves heavily around this concept.

Chain D.L.K.: How did you come up with the track, “Playstation”? Is gaming an addiction for you?
Diskonnekted: Honestly, I don’t play video games. The track emerged as a tribute to Fluke. I am a big Fluke fan, actually. I incorporated the typical Fluke rhythms and catchy whispering vocals into the Diskonnekted sound for this one. The lyrics came along spontaneously, but are in a way nonsensical.

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Chain D.L.K.: Your old project, Mildreda, had a track named “Religion” on the Voltage II release. Is there any relation between that and the Diskonnekted track of the same name?
Diskonnekted: Actually, yes. I guess this must be the fifth–but final, and most definitive–version to date. The version on Voltage II already was a remix. The main musical theme, the string melody, has remained the same throughout the years. So did the bass line and the lyrics. Of course, the arrangement and production changed a lot. For me it’s a new song, inspired on an early composition from the first days. The same for “Broken,” actually; as this track is built on early Mildreda ideas, as well.

Chain D.L.K.: What is your approach to live performances? Do you have any plans for a tour?
Diskonnekted: Most songs are definitely made with the intention of playing them live. So when we’re on stage, we try to translate the songs into a catchy live-show. I hope to play in Germany soon, as I can’t wait to kick your asses! (Laughs)I think that we have to give the audience something that’s worth looking at, too. We won’t just stand there and sing a song; we try to arrange something for the eye as well. Some visuals, some stuff on stage, and two sexy motherfuckers that join me on stage. (Laughs)A tour would be great; all I need is a booker, actually.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any plans for another release?
Diskonnekted: I am working on something very special with Dirk Ivens right now. A Dive vs. Diskonnekted release to be released somewhere in 2006. Expect something fresh and original for this one!

Chain D.L.K.: Any final words you would like to add for our readers?
Diskonnekted: Thanx for sharing these words and time with Diskonnekted. Hope to see you soon on stage, somewhere, some when!

Chain D.L.K.: Thank you, Jan, and keep making great music!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Shaun Phelps]


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