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Hailing from the Eastern European country Slovakia, the duo ofDisharmony could already gain some attention with their first releaseslike “Moonflower” and “Zoomer”, both released in collaboration betweentheir home label Aliens Production and the German Broken Seal (Object,Terminal State, Blink Twice). Their latest studio work “Collapse”,released on the Czech Republic label Monopolrecords could once moreestablish them in the world-wide Electro/Industrial scene of being oneof the best and most talented acts providing a kind of creepy and coldDark Electro music in vein of the old Klinik or Mortal Constraint. Theynow have released with “XFrames” a kind of collection album which offersunreleased stuff out of their “Moonflower” era and some remix works. Soit’s about time to introduce them here with an interview…

Chain D.L.K.: Hi guys, would you like to introduce us at first you andyour music project Disharmony? Please include your bio to give somebackground info to our readers…
Disharmony: Disharmony is our music project that we started in the year2001. We two are long-time friends, that have met after some longer timeand after some smaller experiments and searching of ourselves hasgathered material, that has been released under the title “Moonflower”.Since then our common visions are concentrated in intervals and at ourspare time, we’re trying to bring and contribute with our releases intothe world of the electronic underground. We have done now severalreleases and co-operations. We have started our project by a chance andfor us personally it’s a certain period in our life, that we havefulfilled and with the pass of time it made our friendship and commonmusical feeling even stronger. I think that our website can bringeveryone closer to our vision and when people hear and see our releases,they’ll can make their own judgement about what Disharmony is.

Chain D.L.K.: Please give us some insight of all of your activitiesunder Aliens Production. I guess it is more than a label, also awebzine, a mail order service. So what is it all about?
Disharmony: Aliens Production has started at the beginning of the 90’sas a printed fanzine called “Alien” and has transformed through theyears into what we have today. We always wanted to release stuff and tosupport other artists in our kind of music, that we at first like and wewere bored with the constant wait, when and who will maybe release andsupport our music. So after numerous co-operations we have started withour own label and have created our own world and our own base ofartists, from which we think it is interesting enough to catch someattention. The printed fanzine “Alien” has become a web version and withthis we’re putting informations – similar like your great web-portal, onthe internet. We also have a smaller CD mail order and from time to timewe organize some concerts, I would like to mention the last “ApocalypticFest”, on which numerous interesting artists have performed. All ouractivities you’ll find on our website:

Chain D.L.K.: People often ask themselves, why there are so manyDark-Electro/Ambient acts especially coming out of your both countries,Slovakia and the Czech Republic. As far that you’re involved in AliensProduction, one of the leading labels of the Eastern European scene, youmay have a logical explanation for this?
Disharmony: A fact that they are all coming from Slovakia and CzechRepublic is maybe a reason that we were before a one state. I think thescene here is a strong impression. Here I can call this kind of musicunderground, in opposite to other countries. This genre here in Slovakiais only at the margin. In Czech Republic they have support at least onradio stations and regular concerts. Here in Slovakia the people areinterested only in what they can buy in the shopping malls and what theycan download on the web. That we have started to unite this bands,belongs on our interest to show the world that even in this part of theworld and under this hard conditions, we’re able to produce greatthings. I hope that our idea will go on and that you can with every newyear listen more and more interesting products from our block.

Chain D.L.K.: Your latest output “XFrames” you did completely releaseunder Aliens Production, the predecessor “Collapse” got licensed to theCzech Monopolrecords. Why did your co-operation to Monopolrecords endafter only one album? What happened with your earlier label, Broken Seal?
Disharmony: Regarding Disharmony, we always wanted to release our stuffsomewhere different. For us it looks a bit unorthodox when someone whocreates music, releases his own music. But after numerous negativeexperiences and the situation we have, we’re glad that now we’re doingeverything on our own and that we aren’t tied to someone else – besidesmedia and distributors of course. Sometimes we were very pissed (sorryfor that expression), that a thing that we do, someone will releaseafter two or three years that we have finished it. I know that sometimesyou can’t make things faster, but for us personally that things haven’tgot that value anymore. When we have released our first album, wealready had finished our second. Maybe only we see it that way, but youcan’t make it right to some people toward us. Regarding Monopolrecords,it’s a great thing that they had released our CD, but Michal has a lotof stuff on his head so he can’t make everything perfect that he has setto do. At first he promised us some things differently how at least hehas done. But despite of that we’re grateful for what he has done for usand we’re not sorry that this CD has been released on his label. I wouldestimate his work from 5 points, on 2/5. His approach toward us was thatimpulse for us not to make any other co-operations and has set us on ourown feet. Regarding Broken seal, Frank has given us everything, that astarting band can have. He has released our first two CD’s. He has madea great propagation, too. So automatically the next release has at firstgone directly to his hands, but after the period of the “Zoomer”release, when we had already released “Collapse” and a few promisinge-mails, I haven’t heard from him for a few years. I’m sure that he’s okand doing fine, but since his website is dead, we don’t have heard anynews from him. But we’re very proud and thankfully of his work.

Chain D.L.K.: Some words on “XFrames”. You described this release asbeing a kind of collection of unreleased stuff out of your “Moonflower”era as this can be seen with different versions of the tracks “Brain”and “Yourself”, while you’ve been working hard to get ready with a newrelease out in 2007. Please try to explain us the meaning behind this.Do we have to expect a new style and course? Will Disharmony now producedanceable Futurepop music?
Disharmony: “XFrames” was at first intended to be released as a doubleCD edition of “Collapse”. As we have mentioned in your last question,sometimes things can change and sometimes they can turn into unknowndirections. What has been released on “XFrames”, has to be seen as thesecond bonus CD for the “Collapse” release, but after some uncertaindiscussions with some unnamed people, we have released it under our ownlabel. It contents of older material for which we haven’t had any spaceon releases “Moonflower” and “Zoomer”. We also have put on this releasesome great remix works from our good friends and colleagues, that wesalute on this occasion. And how is it gonna look like a face ofDisharmony in the year 2007. Up to today, while we’re responding on thisquestions, I can say that we have to 90 percents finished our newmaterial. I think that we have moved ourselves again to somewhere else.Even though anyone who follows our steps will notice certain changes andof course will see what DISHARMONY always had, but we think that for uspersonally this new CD will sound differently. It will be a little moremodern and I hope, that when this interview will be out, our CD will beout soon, too. And regarding Futurepop? We don’t like that word, so itwould be in vain to comment. For us Futurepop is like a bad virus. Ihope that with our releases we’ll eliminate it just a little, but… ahundred people – a hundred different tastes…

Chain D.L.K.: You gave the track “Sacred Truth” into the hands of somecolleagues to provide some remixes on this track. Why especially this piece?
Disharmony: I don’t know. But I guess because we are a bit confusing andwe have got left samples only for this track, heee.. This song seemed tobe more appropriate for a remix. So we have choose this song and wehaven’t try to ask ourselves why. It paid off and the remixes sound great.

Chain D.L.K.: You’re also both active under the moniker Oxyd. Pleasefill in some background info on this project…
Disharmony: This is again a project of us two. But it differs a bit fromDisharmony. It’s an Dark Ambient project, that searches even moredeeper. To this date we have released two CD’s so far, one for theGerman label Polymorph Records and the second in Italy atArsenevolamater. Also we have contributed to some compilations and Maurohas plans to release our live CD, so I think, that this project is stillalive. After finishing the new Disharmony album we’ll for sure work on anew release that will be musically again somewhere else.

Chain D.L.K.: Speaking on the technical side of your music. In times ofa growing evolution of computer-based software-synths, which kind do youprefer, the hard- or the software-based solution?

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Disharmony: At the beginning that was for sure the hardware. We haveworked only with it. Of course you couldn’t escape from software eventhan so we had to do our final works with it. Sauron had in hisexperimental times obtained a Roland 505 box and on this instrument wehad made the most of our stuff. In between this machine has broken andfor a year it has been on a repair. So we have tried to create our ideaswith a very well-known software Reason. It’s a combination of Reason andMC 505, so this is our way to success, he-he-he. Of course we can’tescape to home studios software as: Cool Edit and Cubase SX but all ofthat you can’t make without great Plug-Ins. We made all at home and wehave our own studio, so it’s sufficient for fulfilling our ideas. Buttoday with all this technological possibilities it’s the same. The mainidea is that a composer can’t be deaf. If you aren’t deaf, everythingwill go on it’s own. In earlier times you haven’t had anything of thistechnology and you still could make more quality things then today.Because of that we appreciate it more the now. Today everyone owns athome a computer and anyone can release a CD. So afterwards on musicscene it looks as it looks, but at least you have a big option tochoose, am I right?! At least for now, he….

Chain D.L.K.: Please give a look to your live activities on stage. I’veseen some photos on which you wear some fantasy masks. How does aDisharmony gig look alike, for all those who couldn’t see you acting onstage before?How much of your music is really played “live”?
Disharmony: We were always based on that idea, that it isn’t importantto see, but to hear us. Today it’s totally different. The biggercraziness you offer, the more the band is successful. Our music is basedon exactly what you said. It’s a fantasy combined with a bit of fear.We’re good looking guys, so because of the lots horny female fans we usemasks, so that they can’t recognize us after the concert, heee… Butseriously, we like that idea with the masks so we use it on every liveperformance. Sometimes it’s interesting to see people and theirreactions. Mostly at the beginning, when a lot of people don’t have aclue what’s going on. The best will be if you’ll ask them directly.We’re on the other side, so I will leave evaluation for the others. Forthose, who didn’t see our performance, it can be interesting that weplay different versions of the songs than the CD versions. At least thatwas the case. We were younger and we had lots of time for recording.Setting up a live performance was for us like making of a new CD. Forthe moment we’re not performing. We don’t receive concrete offers andhere in Slovakia and Czech Republic everyone knows us. Also we havefinished a new album and we haven’t got time to change the whole liveprogram. We’ll see how things will develop later. So our liveperformances we did so far are related to the past now. For sure we’llat least make something new on the musical side. But we don’t quiteunderstand your other question. We play live as much as we can. Screamsinto the microphone are live, guitarist plays live and sequences andsounds are dead/live. But it would be hard for a Electro band to playall textures live. It’s a lot of work with it, to think it out. Thatwould have been possible for someone from the other planet, right?

Chain D.L.K.: What else do you expect from the future, musically and foryour private life? Any new releases in the works which you can alreadyconfirm here?
Disharmony: For the moment all our future efforts go into this newrelease. That will be completely new material, so we’re looking forwardto it. Again will be released under the shield of Aliens production.Also we have been working together wit Vojta from Anhedonia on a mutualproject and something we have planned also with Ingo from Polygon.Regarding the label, I can confirm that the year 2007 will be filledwith new great releases from: Terminal State, Anhedonia and for suresomething else will turn up, that will terrorize your subconscious.We’ll try with our label – not only with Disharmony – to bring manyquality, electronic transfusions.

Chain D.L.K.: Your final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
Disharmony: For sure it won’t be any wisdom, but we would like to thankmainly you, that you make a great promotion for us and that you supportour interests. Also we would like to thank everyone who has visited thisweb-site and has read something about our world. We would be happy tohave any kind of support and interest. Our music isn’t about to earnmoney, but about spreading messages, that there are different strokes inthe world and that the Electro underground is alive also in Slovakia!!!

Visit Disharmony on the web at:

[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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