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Lately we notice the arrival of some very talented Electro/Industrial acts hailing from the new member countries of the EU. The Czech Republic duo DEPRESSIVE DISORDER, consisting of Patrik Lev and Radim Cáp could earn some well deserved attention with their debut “Ultima Ratio”, out on Monopolrecords ( Time to give them some support and introduction with this new interview….

Chain D.L.K.: This question is often used but we need at first to get an insight into your project. So please introduce to us the members behind DEPRESSIVE DISORDER and give us a short look into the founding of the band.
Depressive Disorder: Patrick: The DEPRESSIVE DISORDER project was founded by me, sometime in the year 2002. Radim joined me later, when I was preparing the first demo CD. He had more experience with making music (he played in a project called Trancendent and hosted with Access Virus on stage) and he did some mixing and arrangements before. That was the way the first two demos, “Near To Death” and “Another Step To Death” were created. Along with the release of these demos we started to play on stage. Radim became an equivalent partner at that time and on the CD “Ultima Ratio” we worked both together.

Chain D.L.K.: You hail from Brno, Czech Republic. Please introduce us to your town and its geographical areas and places to be. Any clubs or scene movements which are not to be missed?Depressive Disorder: Patrik: Brno is the second biggest town in CZ and is situated at the south-east area of the Republic. About the EBM scene in Brno, we cannot talk about any resident scene at all. There are parties with EBM elements, but just a few and with small attendance. Depeche Mode and the Techno scene is much more stronger here.

Chain D.L.K.: How did you come in contact with Michal of Monopolrecords to release your debut “Ultima Ratio”?
Depressive Disorder: Patrik: The CD “Ultima Ratio” was finished in August 2004 and we weren’t able to find somebody to release it for a long time. It is a quite big problem to get attention with this kind of music in CZ. We had some discussions abroad, but we didn’t get any concrete offer. These times Michal was starting his own label Monopolrecords and he had just released the new CD “Wastelands” of NO NAME DESIRE and the CD “Power” of MASTERMIND. He offered us to release “Ultima Ratio”, and he came with a concrete and advantageous offer for us. So, we agreed and Monopolrecords has released this album.

Chain D.L.K.: Could you please shortly describe the composition process of a typical DEPRESSIVE DISORDER track? What are the main influences when you are composing?
Depressive Disorder: Patrik: This is very hard to describe. Each song we make differs, so there is mainly no recipe or model. We just sit down to it and hopefully it goes well. If not, we’ll go to a pub to have some beer…. : )About the influences, there are so many different groups, but mainly we are influenced by the Electro scene of the 80’s and 90’s.

Chain D.L.K.: The technology has developed a lot in the meantime. Do you use today some modern possibilities like software and VST synths? Or do you prefer hardware synths?
Depressive Disorder: Patrik: We use both, but we prefer hardware.

Chain D.L.K.: How is your point of view about the slogan “copying kills music” and all the negative aspects of the technical evolution with iPods, P2P programs and the MP3 debate?
Depressive Disorder: Patrik: Very hard question. We wouldn’t assert that “copying kills music”. On the one hand, it is a good way to find out more about some groups. We know a lot of people who had downloaded some music and than ordered a CD on the basis of it. They wouldn’t get known without MP3 maybe…. But it is clear, that small companies such as Monopolrecords can lose business by this.

Chain D.L.K.: How is it about live performances for DEPRESSIVE DISORDER? Do you have some plans to do a tour, any dates which are already confirmed? Please explain us your show on stage.
Depressive Disorder: Patrik: EBM is a deeply underground music in CZ and it is very difficult with shows here. Mostly we perform in small clubs on multi-act concerts, where more groups like us are announced. Big live actions are costing big money and there is a need that a huge amount of people come to the show to pay all expenses. Unfortunately there are only a very few fans of EBM in CZ. We had an occasion to play on bigger actions in Brno, Prague and mainly in Slovakia, where we are performing quite often and we’re very glad about that. Our tour isn’t possible for now. The biggest live action which we are going to take this year is the Apocalyptic Vision festival. This festival will be at September 16th to 17th in Bratislava, Slovakia. We are going to perform there together with DISHARMONY, FLINT GLASS, BREATHE and many more. We would like to have some shows in other countries like Germany, Poland or Austria, because we are curious about the reactions to our show. But there are no offers for now….

Chain D.L.K.: You seem to be working already on a new CD which is announced to be out in early 2006. Tell us a bit about the release and the content.
Depressive Disorder: Patrik: Yes, we are working on a new CD called “In Depth”. It will probably contain seven new songs plus remixes from “Ultima Ratio”, made by DISHAMONY, SEVERE ILLUSION, etc. This album should be harder, more aggressive, we want to use guitars, work with vocals a lot and we are still going to be EBM!

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Chain D.L.K.: You both have side projects next to DEPRESSIVE DISORDER. Please introduce them here and their releases and give us a look into their future plans….
Depressive Disorder: Radim: Parallel with DEPRESSIVE DISORDER I am working on my MASTERMIND project. Monopolrecords released my CD “Power”, which is a combination of EBM and Future Pop. I’m preparing a new album right now, which is called “Ex” and it should be in a different style, more like experimental electronic.

Patrik: I have built with Martin Pavlik (BEAMSHIP project) and the photographer Tom Galle an audio-visual project called H.E.E.L. Our new CD “H.E.E.L. – Light In The Hell” is now out these days on Monopolrecords. H.E.E.L. is an Electro-Ambient project which is based on live performances combined with video projection, made by imposing photos by Tom Galle (who is also the creator of our “Ultima Ratio” cover, by the way).

Chain D.L.K.: Aside from DEPRESSIVE DISORDER, I think that your music is still not able to pay all of your bills. So how does a normal day go for you when you are not concentrating on music?
Depressive Disorder: Radim: I work at a customs house and besides making music, I like graphics, going to a pub for beer with Patrik and friends and sometimes we go to the mountains for some hiking. I love mountains!

Patrik: I work as a designer in a company connected with the petrochemical industry. Besides the music, I love to play hockey, I like traveling, beer and women! : )

Chain D.L.K.: Any final words and comments to our readers?
Depressive Disorder: We would like to thank Chain D.L.K. magazine, that we had the possibility to present our project and we also thank all readers and fans for their interest and support.

Thanks to all!!


Chain D.L.K.: Thank you guys. All the best and keep on with your great music.

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Benjamin Pike]


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