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For a long time we hadn’t the chance to listen to an Electro/Industrial act hailing out of Brazil after the demise of Morgue (Mechanism) and Aghast View providing an official release. Now Dead Jump has made their return after a time-out and could gain some attention with their new release “Immortal”. This item is well placed and available at the most known mail order resources world-wide. So we liketo give you some background info on this up and coming Brazilian one man act…

Chain D.L.K.: Hi Alex, would you like to introduce us at first your music project Dead Jump? You are already active musically since more than 10 years and your first steps you’ve made with your project Brutal Divergenz. So please include your biography to inform our readers…
Dead Jump: Well, I’m Alexandre Ramos, I’m 30 years old and I started to produce electronic music in 1994 with my first project called Brutal Divergenz. BD was a project more dark and simple constructed than Dead Jump, because in that time I had just a JV 80 synthesizer and a sequencer of Alesis. In the beginning of the Dead Jump era at 1996, I had the same synth and the first demo tape “Holy Mind”, was composed. It was to take off rock milk, hejejeje. In the same year I bought a sampler Akai S2000, and until today I own it in my studio, so I could search for new samples and the experience was very interesting. The first album “Virtual Masturbation of a Bastard Leader” was released by 4D Recordsand the reception around the world was amazing!!! In 1999 I could release “Causa Mortis, The Remix Album” and so I had more time to produce a new album and I believe this album I got my maturity. Today, when I listen to “Post Mortem”, I really think: “not so bad!!! Jejejejeje”. This album included remixes from Plastic Noise Experience, Sleepwalk, Project-X and Triple Point and I regret that I haven’t released this album officially. In 2000 I finished my education at college and I needed to stabilize in my professional job, so I decided to stop with Dead Jump and to begin to practice law. In 2006 I returned and all went quickly, because my mind was full of ideas and the tracks “Immortal” and “Resist” were composed. So…I sent theses tracks to Gonçalo Vinha, Giba Reys and Rogê Drummel, Resistance Beat Music owner’s and these fucking guys said: “Hey, we want to release the new Dead Jump album, man!!!!!” This time was very important to get musical maturity and I think today my music pass feelings, so the good repercussion of the album was a consequence.

Chain D.L.K.: I always like to ask Brazilian bands about this – Please keep us updated of what’s currently happened in your local scene. After the hiatus of Aghast View/Biopsy and the demise of Morgue I think the things are sleeping a bit. Is it me or was there much more activity of bands, DJ’s, labels and clubs 10 years ago?
Dead Jump: The scene here never stopped, but the things went into different ways. In that time the scene was more stronger than today and there existed more bands. It’s so hard to explain why the Brazilian scene hasn’t notoriety equal in the past. I believe that at the same time the communication became more easy, producing music too…so, I think this contribute to “no obligation”. 10 years ago it was so hard to buy equipment and to spend a lot of money and the guys made music and wereinterested in promoting this music. I’ve sent letters, demo tapes and today I just see people joking to make music. To record a mp3 file and put it into “soulseek” or “myspace” is not enough to get out aprofessional work. You need a website, new information about the band and of course good music. These bands didn’t make a CD or a promo copy to be send out to labels…so it’s impossible to receive a treatment like a professional project. I believe in digital music, too, and this kind evolution is growing everyday, but to make music without compromises and thinking all will happen fine is a mistake.

Chain D.L.K.: But lately I could see some powerful live photos of some recently done concerts in your area. Please tell us a bit about your stage action. Any new and coming events you can confirm here?
Dead Jump: Yeah, this year I made about 8 shows and I think I could reach more fans here in Brazil, because there are a lot of people just listening Dark Electro music for about 5 years and they’ve neverlistened to old Dead Jump works. I played in some very good places like Santa Maria and Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul. The guys from this State are amazing and I feel they liked Dead Jump… the man behind this tour was Wande Clayt and I think he got satisfied with repercussion. I’m selling two kinds of performance: the first is a traditional between the electronic bands, with electronic basses and voices. The second consists of acoustic drums, bass, synths and voices. The guys on stage (Jamiland Ayka), are from a new Brazilian metal band “Chipset Zero”. Now, in January I’m going to Argentina to make a concert.

Chain D.L.K.: There’s a huge difference between very poor and rich people in Brazil and I think especially at the Sao Paulo area. Tell us a bit about your life, your area and the problems social and economical around you.
Dead Jump: Well, unfortunately theses differences between the people are existing here. Very poor and very rich and I think it’s a social problem. But I see a lot of very poor people with more spiritualmaturity than the very rich people and I think the real wealth is beyond the money and good position into society. I believe these people will receive their “reward” for support this suffering with resignation.Today, I just need health to live.

Chain D.L.K.: Back to some music related things. You are currently signed to Resistance Beat Music, which seems to be a new label hailing from your country. Please give us some details of the structure and the upcoming plans of it. How much are involved in this label?
Dead Jump: Resistance Beat Music is a new Brazilian label and it’s divided in two electronic sub-labels. The first one is dedicated to EBM/Dark Electro and Industrial and the second to commercial Electro and House. GonçaloVinha, Giba Reys and Rogê Drummel, the owners of RBM, haveworked hard to expose more and more. My connection is just like a professional artist. I just have signed to release “Immortal”.

Chain D.L.K.: Your new official CD “Immortal” is out now and it can be purchased by several mail order services world-wide. Also several positive reviews can be read in all relevant resources. I think you’ve spent a lot to make sure to get heard globally. How does it going, do you have hope for some good sales?
Dead Jump: Yeah, the distribution is satisfactory and keeps on growing. Argentina, México, Italy, United States, Canada. Repub. Theca, Germany and England are countries where the album can be found. I also sent out some CD’s to the label Advoxya and they will sell the Dead Jump albumin Hungary and Russia. Of course we have small distribution and sales, but as being the first release from RBM I think it goes quite good. About sales, although there are illegal digital music resources, thesales are very well and we have just a few copies into the stock.

Chain D.L.K.: I’ve chosen a comparison of your music to some classic Leaether Strip recordings. What else drives you musically and thematically?

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Dead Jump: Today I can say that my musical influences are the same than ten years ago. I put into my CD player bands like Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Klinik, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Haujobb and others, but I have also listened to other kinds of music from Gothic and Dark Wave to Metal-Core and my mind and ears are more experimented. My lyrics are about the feelings, good or bad, and while the most bands send messages about war, destruction of humanity and other subjects, I prefer to invite the people to analyze themselves. Tracks like “Immortal” and “The Life Begins When We Die” reflecting this side. Of course, it is more dark, but with conscience and worry about the people understand the real message and they think about it…

Chain D.L.K.: Through the years you have created remix works for better known bands, like Project-X for example. On your new CD you could also include remix works by some good names like Alien Produkt, Polygon or Disharmony. How do you get in contact with these acts, you seem to havebuilt friendships in the whole world? Can you already confirm some new remix works for a possible future release?
Dead Jump: Yes, in ten years I can consider one project with good friendship and contacts and I think I constructed real friends, well… at least by my side..jejejejeje!!!!!!!!!!! I remixed Alien Produkt’s”City of Fakes” and it will appear in their next album. The track “Generator” from Deus Ex Machina I’ve worked on, too, and it will be released in their next album as well. I also remixed the track “Macumbaria” of Pecadores from Brazil and it will be included on the first full-length album that will be released in March 2007. My track “Resist” got remixed by Mesmer’s Eyes and will be appearing on the next Interbreeding IX Compilation from BLC Music. I received an invitation to appear on the next Advoxya label compilation called “Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome 2” and for me it will be a pleasure. I have remixes in stock from Deus Ex Machina, Preemptive Strike 01, Drained Scorn and I wait fornew remixes from Asseptic Room, Hatech, Suicide Solution and Xentrifuge.

Chain D.L.K.: How is it with the technical side of your music? In times of a growing evolution of computer-based software-synths, which kind do you prefer, the hard- or the software-based solution?
Dead Jump: Well, when I began with electronic music the unique way was hardware. Today we have a million of soft-synths and it’s more easy to produce music than ten years ago. I think we can use both because I don’t see the Plug-Ins like a problem, but the people just must to learn how use theses excellent software and I think the most part of bands don’t know how to use them right So it ends almost in music using the same sample and I believe “preset samples”. I think it’s a shame…morecreative ideas and efforts are necessary.

Chain D.L.K.: What else do you expect from the future, musically and for your private life? Any new releases in the works which you can already confirm here?
Dead Jump: As for my personal life, this year I got married and in the next year I want to be father and I hope “God will bless me”. Regarding music, I plan to release the next album and the title will be ”Animus Necandi”. I want to reach more exposure in Europe, where the people don’t know my music very much, produce remixes, get my music remixed by some good bands, receive invitations to compilations and maybe playing live in your country.

Chain D.L.K.: Your final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
Dead Jump: Well, I would like to thank you for this opportunity and I hope the EBM/Industrial lovers will listen to Dead Jump. A big huge for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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