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Scott Binder contacted me about a month ago submitting to my attention CyberSutra and their debut mp3 single “Lick it” released for DJ Dan’s InStereo Recordings. That track caught immediately my attention because it recalled me a hit of some years ago: Benny Benassi’s “Satisfaction”. “Lick it” has a similar female vocal approach with a pumping techno rhythm/sound which is able to convince you in no time. I’m a little skeptical about mp3 only releases but let’s discover something more about CyberSutra…

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Chain D.L.K.: What have been your musical experiences before working in the CyberSutra project?
CyberSutra: Nathan: I am a classically trained pianist and spent five years playing keyboards in a rock band before CyberSutra.

Scott: I traveled around the States performing in an African drum group with two Grammy award winning percussionists while playing drums for a number of alternative rock bands and going to school for sound arts and production.

Chain D.L.K.: What have been the steps for turning a guy called Scott into a DJ?
CyberSutra: I have always been a big fan of the electronic world. In 2000 I was at a rave party and realized that I wanted to both produce and become a DJ who traveled around the world.

Chain D.L.K.: Since you don’t just spin records, what is your concept of being a DJ?
CyberSutra: We love DJing and since we both come from a backround of live performance we felt it was important to infuse the human element of live performance in all of our shows. For us it’s not just about playing records, it’s about mixing all of these elements together into something that becomes more than just the track that’s playing.

Chain D.L.K.: “Lick It” mixes elements of house music as well as techno deep bass lines and it has been released as an mp3 single by InStereo. Are you working on an album? How does it sound?
CyberSutra: Right now we are focusing on pumping out some powerful dance floor singles, but we do have plans for a full length album and have started the process.

Chain D.L.K.: One of your characteristics is to have different great female vocalists collaborating with you. Can you talk about this decision?
CyberSutra: One of our intentions when we started CyberSutra was to work with some of our favorite vocalists around the world. It’s been a pretty solid goal of ours to work with these great singers whom we have listened to and enjoyed. But it’s important for us to work with a really diverse group of people; it helps keep things interesting.

Chain D.L.K.: I read that your live act is also based on improvisation and you also have a live percussionist with you. How do you structure your live act and what in your opinion are the key elements to leaving a good impression on the audience?
CyberSutra: The foundation of the act is always the music and keeping the dance floor moving, but we have a really cool opportunity to play [around] with the typical formula since there are two of us. We are a DJ duo, so [while] one of us is DJing the other is playing either keyboards or live percussion. We feel the key element of a good show, and what makes the show a success, is our interaction with the crowd. People need to be having a great time.

Chain D.L.K.: Too many times dance music is produced as a “chew and spit” thing. As far as I could hear from your tracks that isn’t your vision and there’s something more than making people shake their asses. Am I right?
CyberSutra: Yes, we agree, there are a lot of artists out there who seem to be producing music without giving each song the time and attention it needs. You can just tell when a song has that spirit in it. Our vision has been to create music that stems from inspiration and innovation. For us, it’s never been a matter of simply remaking the music that inspires us, it’s about taking the elements that inspire us and putting them together in different ways to create something new.

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Chain D.L.K.: Dance music is always evolving, what is the next big thing in your opinion?
CyberSutra: It’s getting to that point where it’s not always enough to be able to create a powerful digital sound. More and more, we’re seeing the trends shift toward the human touch, something that sounds less artificial and more authentic.

Chain D.L.K.: What have been the most thrilling experiences so far?
CyberSutra: Playing LoveFest, the largest electronic music festival in the United States, was one of the most mind blowing experiences. Having House legend DJ Dan handpick our track “Lick It” and sign it to his label InStereoRecordings was a huge thrill as well. And headlining at one of the premier clubs in the United States, 1015 Folsom [in San Francisco] which will be on July 12… that’s going to be up there in the top three as well.

Chain D.L.K.: Since “Lick It” has been released as a one-track mp3 single, don’t you think that this approach is killing album sales and the concept of making an album? People will buy only some tracks from it….
CyberSutra: Yes, we completely agree, the record companies have brought this on themselves because they started to focus on having just one hit per album, which killed the need to develop artists with full length albums. How many times have you heard a great single and picked up the album only to find that the rest of it is junk? It’s a singles market, and digital music sales are only enforcing that. Giving the fans the power to only purchase the songs that they want has sparked a revolutionary change that we’re only beginning to see the effects of.

Chain D.L.K.: Don’t you think there’s the risk of turning back to the early ’60s when the album was only a collection of singles?
CyberSutra: Without a doubt, and it’s already happening with album sales. The difference between the 60s is now that we have iTunes and other digital music retailers, and the collection of singles that we’re offered is determined by us, not the label.

Chain D.L.K.: Final words?
CyberSutra: Lick it!

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[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Benjamin Pike]


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