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Covenant picture Chain D.L.K.: The masses basically see you as one of the main forerunners in this new electro-scene…How do you feel about that? Is it a compliment to you?
Covenant: Yes it is!

Chain D.L.K.: When you write do you write in 1st person, third person or both?
Covenant: Both of course! Yes, I mean sometimes when you have something personal to say, it’s actually better to do it from the point of view of somebody else. So I guess whatever it takes!

Chain D.L.K.: How do you get your ideas for your lyircs? Does it come from personal experiences or dreams?
Covenant: It’s a little bit of everything. Actually, I mean, dreaming is a very good way to get ideas…to me at least. I always have this dictaphone thing by my bed so I don’t lose stuff.

Chain D.L.K.: With the new album, “Northern Lights” as Aurora Boralis, I get the feeling of space imagery like “Flock of Seagulls” or something like that. Do you like that kind of thing?
Covenant: The title is a paraphrase of the Northern Lights aurora boralis. so the lights is acutally the kind of vision we had of the album when we made it, cause it was recorded in Stockholm in the winter and it’s really, really dark and there are hard times in Sweden and we just felt the album felt like our little light we had in this darkness. I mean, it’s also a kind of description of the sound and we found out after a while that this album that we were making had a very kind of northern feel to it.

Chain D.L.K.: It’s kind of cold and nordic, right?
Covenant: Nordic, yes, it’s cold and dark and at the same time there is this circumstance of hope and passion in it, which I think is also very typical Nordic quality, kind of melancholy feeling with a sense of hope in it.

Chain D.L.K.: Any videos coming out?
Covenant: We made a very expensive video for “The Bullets”, you can see it on the website and it’s stupidly expensive.

Covenant pictureChain D.L.K.: With the music coming out in the electro-scene these days, what are some of your most current influences?
Covenant: We are all kind of music junkies basically. We listen to music 24 hours a day basically. “Kraftwerk” is one very dominant band we like, not really musically but as an ideal and the way they make electronic music feel. They make electronic for the sake of electronics and that is kind of an ideal to us too.

Chain D.L.K.: Did you get a chance to see “Kraftwerk” in Paris and Stockholm?
Covenant: We saw them in Sweden actually in 1991 of 92, I think for their mix gig. The first time I heard of “Kraftwerk” I was only seven years old, in 1976. They are getting older, but they are bicycle fanatics, so they are pretty fit. I’m thinking very wierd people, but that is of course a very enduring influence.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you feel you are portraying a message to the masses?
Covenant: Actually, I don’t really want to tell people how to feel and to think. What we do is we’re trying to create the soundtrack to our lives basically. That is the essence of “Covenant”: to musically describe how we feel. It is like a way to help us out, basically. Every person, every human being has a set of problems or whatever, things, feelings of stuff that is hard to handle. ‘Cause you know you have to think about it, you have to work it out to put words and sounds to this abstract thing, so that is the point and I hope that people understand what we do and what we are saying.

Chain D.L.K.: How did you come up with the name “Covenant? ”
Covenant: It’s from the bible actually, the story of the ark and the Covenant and we were looking for a name that would be a reminder of what the kind of blood brotherhood would be like. Something very serious, like a pact and so “Covenant” of course means something very strongly binding, like a vow or something, so that’s what we wanted.

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[interviewed by Michelle Russo & Shaun Hamilton] [proofreading by Marc Urselli – Text and transcription by Chris S.]


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