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Control Theory picture Control Theory creates music from the heart. The sound is based in electronics, but also wields an aggressive rock edge. The three of them try to make music that will make you feel something, strike a chord inside, and also make you want to move. The music is well-crafted without being overly sterile or refined; it retains a definite raw energy. The lyrical themes include fear, confusion, self-doubt, but also defiance, self-discovery, and finding inner strength-our music explores both the positive and the negative, rather than dwelling on only one or the other.The band was formed in mid 2001. James (vocals, guitar, synth, programming) and Jason (guitar, synth, programming) had previously worked together as members of San Francisco Bay Area future-metal stalwarts Spitkiss, and the more gothic-leaning Dreams of the Fall. Corinne (bass, programming, graphic design) joined soon later, and the lineup was complete. Since their formation, they’ve been writing, rehearsing, and recording original material, refining their sound and direction. They aren’t trying to create music within a particular genre, but their sound includes elements of industrial, electro, metal, gothic, rock, and punk.Their plans for the immediate future include completing and releasing the first full-length CD and performing live around California. Later they hope to complete and release more recordings, including several compilation appearances, and bring the live show to other parts of the world. Chain D.L.K.: Can you talk about the beginnings of Control Theoryand how you guys met?
James:We all met through a band that Jason and I usedto be in called Spitkiss. I co-founded the band backin 1994, then joined again in 1998. Jason joined theband soon later. Before long we realized that themusic we were individually creating outside of theband was awfully similar! Corinne met us throughSpitkiss as well, she was a fan, and her boyfriendDaniel became the webmaster of Spitkiss’ website. Jason and I were also in a band together called Dreamsof the Fall. Soon after we decided to work togetheragain, Corinne expressed an interest in working withus.

Chain D.L.K.: Have you been in other bands or projects before?
James:I’ve been in many bands! My first band was apunk/metal band called Soul Conspiracy. Then I wasbriefly in a hard rock/blues band called Joe And ABunch Of Other Guys. Next I spent several years in aglam/punk band called Terror Toys, that was a lot offun. As I mentioned before, I was in Spitkiss twice, and Jason and I were both in Dreams of the Fall. I’vealso contributed to a lot of bands in situations whereI wasn’t truly a “member”, like Deathline Int’l, 13thSky, and Blind Before Dawn. I’ve also done songs on myown here and there. Except for a brief period in SoulConspiracy, this is the first time I’ve been afrontman in a band.

Chain D.L.K.: Talk about your sound, your music influences.
James:I’d say we’re just trying to make music we likemore than anything else. We’re not setting out to bethe perfect “industrial” band or anything else. I’dsay our sound has bits of punk, metal, goth, industrial, ebm, rock, elektro, and who knows whatelse.

Chain D.L.K.: What is your inspiration when you write music andlyrics, daily, personal events, politics. etc?
James:Sometimes I write music with a particular topicin mind. Other times I just think of something thatsounds good and work with it, and figure out whatsubject and emotions go with it as I go. As far as lyrics, I’m inspired by a lot of things. Some of our songs, like Reactor, are about unhealthyrelationships I’ve been in. A lot of the lyrics areinspired by society and politics, like Cold Vision andErase. Another interesting thing about Erase was thatit was partially inspired by a comment someone made tome…I was complaining about the general state ofthings, and this person told me I had no right tocomplain about “the system” since I’m so much a partof it…I have a job, I participate in capitalism, Idrive an automobile…and the lyrics are about thefact that whether I like it or not, “I’m a part ofthis machine”. I’ve had other lyrical ideas come fromconversations too.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any albums out, website?
James:Our main website is at We just completed a 6 song EP called Reactor which isavailable on the site. We’ve also appeared on severalcompilations.

Chain D.L.K.: Are you planning any tours?
James:Right now we’re performing around California. We plan to keep doing that and build our audience andget better as a band, and expand outward. I’ddefinitely like us to play outside of California nextyear, and maybe we’ll put a tour together next summer.

Chain D.L.K.: What is the best show that you guys played…anyparticular memories?
James:Our first show in San Diego at Club Xanth was alot of fun. It was our first time playing outside ofnorthern California where we’re from, and we weren’tsure how it would go or how an audience who mostlydidn’t know us would react. But by the third song ofour set, we had a huge crowd of people dancing infront of the stage! It was great!

Chain D.L.K.: What are other things you like doing when you arenot doing music?
James:I like to read, walk, travel, spend time withfriends, go to clubs, and so forth. I also spend fartoo much time in front of a computer.

Chain D.L.K.: Any message for our readers?
James:Support local and underground music!

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[interviewed by Ant]


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