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Chain D.L.K.: It’s been awhile since we’ve talk. What Celeste Noir been up to thesedays?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: Not very much, we were very busy in our full-time-jobs,so we wrote a few new songs and recorded older songs forthe “Dark Dancer EP”. We did a few gigs, but this timeit is very difficult to do a concert for bands like us in ourcountry.Markus: Yes, the jobs

Chain D.L.K.: I’m a big fan of German bands, even though I live here in theU.S. Thereare new bands forming in Germany all of the time every year and themusicscene there receives greater more attention than the scene here inthe U.S.Can you explain why?
Céleste Noir: Leo: sorry, I have no idea. can say much about the music scene inthe U.S.Markus: I don´t know why!

Chain D.L.K.: What bands you guys have enjoyed listening to & sharing the samestage with when performing?
Céleste Noir: Leo: My favourite band to play with is Anonymous Dream. Hello Mar10,I Love Your Voice.Markus: Minerve, Kontrast and Revolution – greets from C.N.

Chain D.L.K.: Let’s talk about the new album “Dark Dancer”. Your music isalways very catchy, especially during couple of seconds in the intro of thesongs. How do you manage to grab a listener attention within of 10-20 secondsin the beginning of every song?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: It should be a kind of suspense in the song,the listener isasking himself what’s coming now.The first seconds are really important, most of the intros are extracts from the chorus melodies.Markus: it’s a part of our style…

Chain D.L.K.: I know you’re influence by Depeche Mode, but I did hear some New Order line work also on your cd. Is New Order your influence too?
Céleste Noir: Carsten / Markus: Yes, I love New Order.Leo: If it sounds like New Order, it is rather accidently. I was influenced by other bands from other genres.

Chain D.L.K.: Every cd release you put out is different from one another. Howdo you develope a strategy in making an album to sound different?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: There’s no strategy to make an album, every song is aresult of the moment. With every song we want to move a step forward.Leo: We want to show our wide range of music. thats what CélesteNoir is…Markus: Our Songs are a long time in a experimental stage. When we go torecord a new cd, we try to put them into a suitable context.Sometimes we have to rearange some songs for the record. We don´t want to copy us byourselfs.

Chain D.L.K.: How long did it take to record the “Dark Dancer” EP?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: The Dark Dancer EP was recorded from october to FebruarySomewhere between the time?Markus: Some Songs from this record were very older. For example:”The music of the heart”. It doesn´t fit to our records before.

Chain D.L.K.: I love all the lyrics that is written and sung. It even have adrama and a sense of humour combination feel. Is this the intention to bedifferent from other artists by doing something distinguish?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: The lyrics should have an own character, I always recognizethis combination when I read it.When I start to write I don’t think about the ending of thesong or any statements, Everyone should understand it for himself?.I think the combination is a mirror of my character and lifestyle.

Chain D.L.K.: Some of the tracks on the cd have a different mix message. Youhave the relationship topic, personal topic, and the everyday society topic.What’s the story behind the album?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: There’s no story behind the whole EP, “Still alive” and”Black dog” are a little bit darker than the other songs,While “Music of the heart” is a lovestory between a personand the lyrics, though it’s a very old song too, the new one “Dark dancer” aboutsomebody who is dying in music,it became the title track with this catchy melodie and thetragical lyrics.Maybe another part of the story behind, but two differenttracks and lyrics.”No place for you” tells a story about jealousy and “The one Ileft behind” and “I won’t cry” are two different stories about self-confidence.On Dark Dancer is no horror-song , maybe on the next release, Idon’t know.Markus: I think we will have some Horrorpop-Songs on our next release.

Chain D.L.K.: Is “Still alive” a personal song?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: Yes, I think. It is an older song, I wrote the lyrics a fewyears ago during a lonely hour without any reason. But when I thinkabout it, I can see a few situations in my life the lyrics could beabout.Last year I survived a car crash in winter and Black Dog which is written years beforebefore became more personal than it should be, a song about fearing death by a car crash, these two songsbecame timeless.

Chain D.L.K.: Your music ability is a progression of maturity ever since yourfirst release “Shadowland”. Not all bands don’t mature on their sounduntil their third or fourth release. Is it a gift that naturally you possess tosound professionally?
Céleste Noir: Leo: We’re continually working on our sound. It’s my job to createa better sound on every album.I have spend a lot of time in more knowledge and some money inbetter hardware to record our songs.Carsten: In Germany the sound has to be professional, so we workedon it. Germans like to criticize the productions.Markus: We try to work on.

Chain D.L.K.: What is your favorite Depeche Mode album?
Céleste Noir: Carsten / Markus: Violator.Leo: I listen to other kind of music.

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Chain D.L.K.: If you ever decided to cover a Depeche Mode song, what would it be?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: We covered for a live gig “Walking in my shoes”, but we haveto work on it, if we should play it again, it’s a very bombastic song with afeeling nobody would ever reach by an interpretation. I often thought about to do acover of “Ice machine”.But there are no cover plans at the moment.Markus: I think it is time to cover a New Order song

Chain D.L.K.: Are there any videos in the making? Everytime I listen to yourcds, I can picture alot of things going on in the video with visual andlightning effects. What do you guys visualize when listening to your songsafter you record for the albums and whichsong(s) you think will be appropriate to make a video for?
Céleste Noir: Leo: sometimes we have ideas for videos to our songs, but we don’thave the equipment and the money to make some.Personaly I prefer music videos as the band Tool makes.Markus:Difficult question. Our plans for videos to the songs “DarkDancer” and “Reanimation” doesn´t works. Maybe it is a question of money torealize our ideas. We must have an helicopter for our plans…

Chain D.L.K.: New full-length cd in the works and when can we expect it?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: We start to record new songs in October, I think it couldbe ready between January and march.Leo: At the moment we are recording new songs and if theres a couple ofsongs that fit togehter, we have a new album.Markus: We have the music for many, many songs… but we have no time torecord all these songs. I think we will be ready next year.

Chain D.L.K.: What does the band have planned throughout the whole year?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: New Songs, some gigs and promotion.Markus: Some gigs, I hope. Finishing our new album and get a recorddeal for the whole world.

Chain D.L.K.: If the band ever decided to quit making music, will you threecontinue on with the relationship you have by remaining friends?
Céleste Noir: Carsten: I think so.Leo: We were friends before starting Céleste Noir and this is not gonnachange.Markus: Music is the poison I´m infected with.

Chain D.L.K.: You guys are a phenomenal. I wish the band lots of encouraging,love, happiness, and success along throughout your personal lives and musiccareer.
Céleste Noir: Carsten: Thanx very much for your great support.Leo: Thank you for your praise and your interest in our band.Markus: Thank your for your support.

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[interviewed by Donovan Tate] [proofreading by Donovan Tate]


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