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(transcribed by Brette Young)

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Chain D.L.K.: Symbolism of band’s name?
Cinema Strange: Not too deep. The idea was to do more silent movie soundtrack, then it turned into a post punk project.

Chain D.L.K.: Does it have anything in common with Emily Strange?
Cinema Strange: Never heard that one.

Chain D.L.K.: Being in the art genre, how do you feel about critics pigeon holing you?
Cinema Strange: The press tends to put us in the death rock category, especially in the last few years since it has become a bigger trend, but we fit more generally into an art-rock category, at least from our perspective. But the critics can say whatever they like, obviously. Bless them.

Chain D.L.K.: The press said that you are the essence of death rock.
Cinema Strange: Deathrock started in the 1980’s, that’s where they got the classification with all the music coming out in California. We started in the mid-nineties and we were not a revival of it but we built onto it, trying to evolve and create something new.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you feel that you are portraying a message to the mass?
Cinema Strange: We are trying to, we are presenting something with a bit of a dramatic curve. For example, it is fine to have some violence in a song whether it be vocal or musical, just not the whole thing. We like to capture some ups and downs, make it dynamic.

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Chain D.L.K.: This circuit seems influenced, was there something when you were little that struck you or anything?
Cinema Strange: I picked up a guitar when I was little and then I just kept with it.

Chain D.L.K.: Have you ever had vocal training before?
Cinema Strange: My grandfather taught me when I was young, he taught me you should always be the loudest in church and embarrass the grandkids.

Chain D.L.K.: What’s your longest show, seems like you guys can perform for a while.
Cinema Strange: I think the longest was 2 and a half hours, do not think that we have gone past 3 hours. It would be easy for us to play a long show but hard on the audience. Normally, people like to hear the hits, but we like to experiment a lot on stage with new stuff. So that is why the audience may have a hard time with a long show.

Chain D.L.K.: If you had to pick who’s your favorite band, poet, and your hero?
Cinema Strange: The poetry, I do not have one. The band for us is unanimous. The hero would be my grandfather.

Chain D.L.K.: Have you ever worked for a drama group, a costume shop, or worked with crafts?
Cinema Strange: We’ve done a little with crafts. And our drama was normal grade school drama.

Chain D.L.K.: There’s a misconception in Chicago that if you and Tragic Black were to do a show together, there would just be fighting because of all the similarities between you two, such as your manner of style and dress.
Cinema Strange: I do not see any connection between us two, musically or otherwise. I do not see any conflict with us. We certainly didn’t dress alike at the show. They seem to be really nice guys.

Chain D.L.K.: What are some tips to bands just starting out in the scene musically?
Cinema Strange: Just make sure that you are doing what you are passionate with.

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[interviewed by Michelle Russo]


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