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A dreampop lover’s dream come true, and the only ethereal group that can compete with the mighty La FLoa Maldita. Armed to the teeth with Harald Lowy, one of the most inventive minds in electronic music (and a super nice guy! My nickname for him is “Der PopMusickMeister”), and Stefanie and Antje, two female vocalists who are as stunningly talented as they are breathtakingly gorgeous. Also look for Harald’s interview for his Lowy/Javelin project, and the ingenious CD “Broken Surface”.

Chain D.L.K.: Tell us a little about the group and some of it’s highlights, forthe American fans out there who are either curious or are new to thegroup.
Chandeen: Harald and Oliver formed Chandeen in 1990, the two female singers Aline and Antje joined the band very soon. Together they wrote and recorded two demo tapes with beautifully nature inspired, but most electronically translated music. The first record deal was signed in 1993 at Hyperium-records. Meanwhile the first change in the band has happened, Catrin came for Aline, sung on two albums (“Shaded By the Leaves” and “Jutland”) together with Antje before the band split up in 1994 because of personal and musical indifferences. Catrin and Oliver build up another band project named “Edera”. Stephanie joined Chandeen in 1995 and in this formation they recorded an EP (light within time) and until today 3 CDs (The waking dream, Spacerider – love at first sight and bikes & pyramids) together. In 1998 they changed to another label named SPV, recorded the fourth album, and get the chance to film a video clip to the single-release Skywalking. It was broadcasted on the German music-television-stations Viva2 and MTV. After a national tour in 1999 the band took a big time out and presents now the new album “Bikes and Pyramids” on their own label “Kalinkaland Records”.

Chain D.L.K.: So where did the name Chandeen come from? Is it pronounced theEnglish way or the German way (like “Chondeen”)?
Chandeen: The name already existed as I joined the band. I was always told it would mean “source of life” in an Indian language…The pronouncement changes from time to time…for me it is always with a German “a” and an English “ee”.

Chain D.L.K.: Where did the title and interesting artwork for “Bikes andPyramids” come from? I especially noted the comic book character onthe front and was curious…
Chandeen: Harald invented the title. Bikes should symbolize the “lightness”, the pyramids stand for the “epic moments” in our music. I have no idea what the comic book character stands for… Michael is responsible for our entire graphic output (covers and photographic pictures) for years now.

Chain D.L.K.: ). I notice a high level of sensuality in the CD in the tempo, lyricsand whispered vocal style Was this the intended mood of the CD?
Chandeen: I’m not so sure if Chandeen has really an idea of the “end-mood” of the CDs in the beginning of the composing and writing. Most of the atmospheres of the music and voices develop while the recording and specially while the producing period. Some vocal lines was meant to be only the atmospheric backings, but their was so great, that we decided to take them as main vocal parts, so they changed the whole mood of a song…also the tempo or the music-stile can change up to something completely different until the song is released…

Chain D.L.K.: German has a reputation (though false) of being rough andunromantic, as “Pink” and “Heute Nacht” prove wrong. How do you feel about this perception?
Chandeen: It was the first time for Chandeen that we tried ourselves out, singing in German language. For me it was quiet difficult to express myself in my own language, I could always hide a little bit behind the English words, now everyone of my friends and family understands directly what I sing. But that is not awkward to me, just unusual.

Chain D.L.K.: Explain how you fit in between New Wave and Space Pop, as it was stated in your band bio.
Chandeen: It is quite difficult to give our music one absolute name in style or description; especially on this album there are so many different stiles of music, even different languages. But everybody tries to find a fitting description… sometimes it is “heavenly voices”, sometimes it is “space pop”… but in reality it is just Chandeen.

Chain D.L.K.: I notice a bit of Pink Floyd influence in your guitar playing. Would I be wrong in saying this?
Chandeen: No, absolutely not. Harald and Florian are big “Pink Floyd-Fans” and I think that is obvious to hear! I really love these long dreamy guitar solos like in days of mine…

Chain D.L.K.: Where do you think the disbanding rumors began a while back?
Chandeen: Since the original band-cast split up in 1994 some people may misunderstand the old information on our homepage…or maybe the long absence of Chandeen (from 1999 to 2002) made them worry about. No idea!

Chain D.L.K.: Is there a theme behind Bikes And Pyramids?
Chandeen: Not really, not at all. There are too many people working on this album, writing different intended lyrics and melodies, inspired by their own lives and dreams. Maybe there is some kind of theme or concept in the beginning of the composing process, but the artists fill it up with all the different influences. In the producing process Harald puts them all together, like a collage that in the end seems to fit like puzzle…

Chain D.L.K.: Do you find it difficult to balance the line between rising popstars after having been nominated for a Viva award, and remainingon the edge of intelligent pop?
Chandeen: We always tried to find our own way beside the pop business. Not many rising pop stars survive over long times. Harald and I made Chandeen continuing for over 10 years now and with our own label we get more independent as we ever were.

Chain D.L.K.: Any interesting German phrases or words of wisdom for us outthere.
Chandeen: Harald: Less is a possibility…

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[interviewed by Shaun Hamilton] [proofreading by Erica Breyer]


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