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BMD was first intended to be an experimental side-project of the French Electro/Industrial musician Vince Puyol aka E.S.R. ( Ultimately, the project grew to be a real alternative in the scene once Vince added Tommy T (Diverje), label chief of DSBP ( to this project. BMD became a real collaboration project, musically inspired mainly by sci-fi and related themes. With the release of their debut “Exoskeleton” these talents could earn some nice reactions from the interested audience. And so this short interview points out some of the background information behind this new and fine DSBP act…

Chain D.L.K.: Vince, BMD was at first intended to be a side-project for you. What was your first idea, and what plans did you first have by creating it? How did you come up with the idea of teaming up with Tommy for your debut “Exoskeleton”?
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: (Vince) I started thinking about a side project a long time ago, even before the debut album of ESR. I have been collaborating with friends on music for a while and I’ve always liked the idea of having several projects especially when your main project is a solo project. I decided to start working on BMD in 2002, from the beginning I wanted to work on a more experimental and sci-fi oriented project so I had a clear concept with this project. At the beginning, BMD was supposed to be an instrumental project. That’s a way for me to experiment new ways of working and to have a different approach with the compositions.I think I came up with the first demo album end of 2002 and started to see if there was any opportunity to release it. I knew from the beginning that it will be very hard to release such a confidential project that was a “virtual movie soundtrack” rather than a standard “Electro” CD.Tommy got a copy and we started discussing about it, in the meantime we started to collaborate on Diverje tracks for the DCD “Amphibian”. That was a good experience and we learnt more about each other.After this we’ve been talking seriously about BMD and tried to analyze the basic demo to see how to turn it into a release knowing the original concept was quiet far from the dancefloor standards. As Tommy was really involved in the discussion and his input was valuable for the project, I asked him if he wanted to collaborate as a member. This is how we started working together, he sent me sequences and sounds and then worked on some lyrics and vocals. Tracks such as “Dead inside”, “Escape To Reality” and “Hybridization” are good representatives of our collaborative work on “Exoskeleton”.

Chain D.L.K.: People surely recognize behind the music of BMD that it is a project mainly influenced by E.S.R., and a few tracks would surely fit well on a new E.S.R. release. Where do you see the difference between both main and side project?
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: (Vince) I knew someone will ask me that question and I’m not going to deny that. As a composer, I think that I have my personal touch and feeling about music and even if I’m working on another project, I cannot radically change my way of composing because it’s something intuitive and it’s really hard to control that. Also, trying to remove all the elements that could have been in the vein of ESR would have killed my creativity.Here again, the collaboration with Tommy helped me not to make another ESR album under a different name.Excepted one or two exceptions on this album, I can make the difference between ESR and BMD. BMD is 100% sci-fi oriented and much more experimental with lots of FX sounds (thanks to Anthony Dupre for providing a huge library of sounds). I think ESR is closer from the dark Electro standards than BMD.

Chain D.L.K.: Tommy, what made you decide to work with Vince on music? And how big is your influence on “Exoskeleton”?
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: (Tommy T) I really admire and love to work with Vince’s music, and when he sent me the BMD stuff I thought it was excellent and we actually used a few songs for Diverje back in 2003. Then he worked on new stuff and we thought it would be cool to do a full CD of the work and release it on DSBP. Vince asked me to join up on a  few songs if I wanted to, and  once I started I really got into it, and me and Vince both like the way the  flow is going now, and I hope to contribute more on the next release for  sure. On this album I did lyrics/vocals on “Dead Inside”, “Hybridization” and “Slow Decay”…and then I did the keyboards/melody lines on “Escape To Reality”, “Invasion”, and “Impulse”.

Chain D.L.K.: What are the differences for you both between working on a Diverje track in comparison to a BMD track?
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: (Vince) Well, it took time before I was able to clearly switch from a project to another without asking myself about that. Our first collaborations on Diverje “Amphibian” and BMD “Exoskeleton” are not so far. On Diverje’s latest album “The Distortion Chamber”, there was a clear difference in my mind while composing. My input on Diverje’s tracks is usually more Electro/EBM/Aggro-like on “Enough to destroy” or “The distortion Chamber”. I also think the vocal FXs and lyrics are also very different cause the target is not the same.

Chain D.L.K.: (Tommy T) The bands are similar in some ways but different too. BMD is more for the trippy, sci-fi and dark EBM sounds…and DIVERJE is a bit more harder edged usually and a mix of EBM/Industrial with screaming/shouting vocals as well… We wanted to do all the vocals on BMD with vocoder/robot effects to stick with a style here… I think all 3 projects differ from each other enough for sure.
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: Talking about the technical side of your mutual project, how did you compose, and add sounds, sequences, samples, etc? Did you guys meet in person?

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Chain D.L.K.: (Vince) We never met together until now and I regret that. I hope we’ll have the opportunity in the future. Some tracks are based on my compositions or on Tommy’s compositions, it depends. When we agreed on collaborating on this project, most of the tracks were almost finished. Tommy started to compose tracks and sequences that match the state of in mind of the album according to the first demos. He sent me a CD with all the work he made and I started to build up new tracks. In the meantime he wrote lyrics and he recorded vocals.Working on a common project when you’re living thousand miles away from each other is a good exercise, it only works if both are on the same wavelength. It works very well with Tommy.
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: (Tommy T) No, we haven’t met yet, unfortunately…although that would be ideal!!! We send music back and forth through files online and CD-R’s in mail…it seems to work really well, and we are gonna keep it going!

Chain D.L.K.: Could you explain your dedication to the featured and rich presented sci-fi theme in your sounds and effects?
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: (Vince) As I said, BMD was originally some kind of “virtual sci-fi movie soundtrack”, that was the main concept behind the project. I’ve always been a fan of science-fiction movies and I’ve got a bunch of films here so this project is a kind of personal tribute to science-fiction. (Tommy T) We want to escape to reality!!! Sci-fi themes are fun and we can do lots of creative sounds with them, and voices as well… I really enjoy that kind of entertainment, and always love to hear electronic music in sci-fi movies, and we need more of that going in this world.

Chain D.L.K.: What does the future hold for BMD, and what are your personal expectations of it? Could there be a change musically in the direction to make the difference clearer to E.S.R.?
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: (Vince) To be honest I have no idea what the future of BMD will be made of…It has been a lot of work to put this project off the ground and we’ve had no time to think about that until the CD is out. I think we first want to get feedback and see how it “works” but we’d both like to collaborate on another album. We’ll see, no hurry and no strategy at the moment, hehe. And yes, there could be a change in the music, nothing radical but I think we both like to experiment new things so that’s the perfect project to do that. But we’ll keep it Electro anyhow!

Chain D.L.K.: Please give us an overview on all the things you are working on currently. A new E.S.R. release is already in the pipeline? How is it with Diverje or In-Fused?
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: (Vince) Last week, I recorded the final mix of two new Diverje tracks, so you can expect new collaborations between us on the forthcoming Diverje album but I’ll let Tommy talk about it. I’m currently working hard on the forthcoming ESR album. All the tracks and vocals are now recorded so I’m now entering the final mixing phase. No schedule at the moment but I think the new album will be out within 6 months, maybe before, we’ll see. And I’m also working on other projects with friends but it’s too early to tell you more, we need to work first! Hehe. (Tommy T) Thanks for asking! Diverje is already working on vol.2 of “The Distortion Chamber” which will have 8 remixes and 8 new tracks as well. This will be more EBM oriented all the way, and not as much range and diversity as vol.1….I like diversity personally, and don’t like being one way, but the demand is for EBM club music. Since I like that style and haven’t done enough of it in Diverje we will try some more.. Diverje will always keep it interesting and you never know what will be next. As far as In-Fused goes, I am working on new stuff here and there and will release something solid on CD next year…not sure exactly what direction this project will go…maybe all instrumental and weird and dancey and noisy and jazzy though…

Chain D.L.K.: Anything else you guys would like to tell us here?
Bio-Mechanical Degeneration: (Vince) I’d like to thank you for your support and interest in the project, and also all those who get in touch with us through “Myspace”. To all of you : Your feedback is MUCH appreciated. (Tommy T) Thanks for support and checking out the sounds of BMD!! I loved your review too! Check out the website and join our friends list too on Myspace…

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Matt Ossen]


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