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Chain D.L.K.: On your press sheet it’s written that your first releases were more ambient, while REVULSIVE is more industrial, harsh EBM oriented. What brought you to this change?
:Bahntier//: These types of sounds were already a consistent part of my first disc but there they were presented in a different form, while in this second release everything has become more extreme and compressed resulting in a more solid and violent entity.

Chain D.L.K.: Is this change something that involves only the music or is it also because the themes of the lyrics are more extreme than before?
:Bahntier//: My desire was to develop all those elements that in my first disc I had not been able to really accomplish, a mental work that ended being a lot heavier this time, and moreover to create for this disc a univocal and straight atmosphere. I spent several moments in which I tried analysing my inner rage in order to catalyse it through a feeling of mental uneasiness while at the same time moving every single component on different perspectives even if the aim was to maintain the exact same leitmotiv.

Chain D.L.K.: About Bahntier, what is referred to and why is it written with a : before and a / after?
:Bahntier//: The band ‘s name was found by pure chance after a trip to take part in the Doomsday Festival (Skinny Puppy concert in Dresden) and our intention was to make use of a univocal name that did not exist. The fact of having characterised it with this type of punctuation is a direct consequence of the research for a univocal and original logo that could perfectly suit our times (see for example the growing role played by internet).

Chain D.L.K.: REVULSIVE has been inspired by mental diseases and madness. Why such a theme and in which way did you decide to deal with it? You know, this is kind of a cliche in the industrial scene….
:Bahntier//: The theme of mental diseases originated from the fact that nowadays we are not capable anymore of thinking with our minds but instead all our thoughts are already turned in one fixed mental conditioning. If mental diseases are analysed, it is possible to discover that this conditioning has completely different characteristics while in this situation our minds tend to be more free and instinctual and therefore less entrapped.

Chain D.L.K.: On the promo video that announces the release of the album we see someone bandaging his hands like he’s about to have a fight (like a boxer). Is this because playing your music is like entering a fight? In this case, who is your opponent?
:Bahntier//: The opponent of this fight is our mind and our actual state of living…. Rage can be a great catalyst for art and in this age it is right and fully justified to feel angry.

Chain D.L.K.: The sound of the album is really saturated and it’s difficult to understand the lyrics. Is this because the whole effect is more important than a single element of your music?
:Bahntier//: It’s the concept behind the disc that makes everything look so extremely saturated. The resulting violent atmosphere increases the will of analysing every single element within.

Chain D.L.K.: From your videos and your CD I can tell that the visual part is as important as your music. Can you tell us more about this aspect: how you choose the things to use, how you combine them, etc?

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:Bahntier//: I start from an idea that hits me and that fully combines with what I musically do. It can look a bit strange but sometimes it’s like a chain reaction and that means that after having released and freed the initial ideas all the following ones tend to immediately concretise. To me this visual relationship permits me to ‘concretise’ the sound & the images, resulting in tracks that carry their own, almost physical identity.

Chain D.L.K.: About the videos, again: I’ve noticed that all of them have been directed by Tina Cassati. Can you tell us something more about her and about your way of working with her?
:Bahntier//: I met her during one of our concerts in Berlin…she’s a girl that is full of ideas and is able to immediately make them concrete ( I like her photographic use of images, that for me is something really fundamental…. Our relationship is one that has already lasted for more than three years; Tina is part of our family and through her help Berlin is now offering us more and more opportunities and proposals for collaboration.

Chain D.L.K.: Are you writing new stuff? How does it sound?
:Bahntier//: I am currently busy with the promotion dates for the disc and in June the band is going to play in London at the Slimelight plus more dates that are scheduled in Berlin and around Germany… In any case we have a lot of material to present during our live performance and surely we are going to use it also for the soon to come release of a new CD and also a DVD.

Chain D.L.K.: What are your future plans?
:Bahntier//: We are running through the last stages of production of our amoeba research magazine – – that in this upcoming issue will present a lot of welcomed guests that are also going to be involved in the enclosed electronic compilation. We are also starting the work on some nice collaborations with Black Sun Production to realise some tributes to Pasolini and Derek Jarman, that have always been my main artistic points of reference. Keep being “synchronised” with our web page for the next updates. (thanks to melektro – for translating my answers)

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[interviewed by Maurizio Pustianaz] [proofreading by Benjamin Pike]


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