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Tony Young, though a new name for many, has spent years behind the scenes working with various influential labels and artists. Young now brings the culmination of his experiences to the table with his second release this year, the Indelible EP, shortly following his impressive debut, the No Protocol EP. I recently had the opportunity to drill Tony for information about his past experiences, his current work, and his future plans…

Chain D.L.K.: You’ve been involved in the music business for a while, can you tell a little bit about your history prior to Autoclav1.1?
Autoclav1.1: Yeah, I used to do A&R at Peaceville Records. You know, the metal label. I also helped out with Wax Trax II and I have been doing promos on my own now, under the Sentry banner, for quite a long time. I have managed bands and still do. I basically just pushed the music that I love–and some I didn’t, naturally. Laughs.

Chain D.L.K.: How did you come up with the name Autoclav1.1?
Autoclav1.1: It would be a lie if I said I had a decent answer to this one. I really did try to come up with something original and failed. Laughs. I had this idea of sterilizing music and autoclaves are sterilizers. In the end I just thought, “sod it,” and went with Autoclav1.1. It seems to work.

Chain D.L.K.: Did you have any musical projects before Autoclav1.1?
Autoclav1.1: I have messed around on guitar and bass in bands before but nothing serious. I was involved in a dark neo-classical death-industrial project with Justin from Cold Spring records called Satorii. It was a little like Sophia and music of that ilk. We never did anything with the project, though, which is a shame. Maybe I can persuade him to get fired up about it again. It’s a genre of music I really like.

Chain D.L.K.: What inspired you to follow a music project through to completion now?
Autoclav1.1: To see if I could, really. I have supported and worked with so many artists that when the chance came to get some music software and have a go, it seemed natural. It also covered a little element of boredom in my life at the time. I needed to try something myself.

Chain D.L.K.: Why never before?
Autoclav1.1: Literally because I didn’t think I could. When I had a few goes and went through a few packages I ended up learning and obviously getting better at it.

Chain D.L.K.: How would you describe your sound as Autoclav1.1?
Autoclav1.1: I listen to so much it starts to show through in my music. I love dark ambient, neo-folk and neo-classical. I adore IDM. I’m really into Industrial music obviously, and power electronics. I have varied tastes. I like some jazz, metal and also a hell of a lot of piano. I have an idea for some future songs with a lot of piano, Blue Grass and break-core, which could be odd. I saw this film called “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” and the music just sang to me. So yeah, Autoclav1.1 has elements of all this, and if not it will in the future.”

Chain D.L.K.: Is there any specific direction that you are going for?
Autoclav1.1: Not really. That depends on a release by release situation. Indelible has the influence of TV as a direction, and the debut full-length album will be bloody miserable but apart from that… We will have to see.

Chain D.L.K.: Why did you name your first EP No Protocol?
Autoclav1.1: Well, the songs were done to have no real meaning behind them. Or, better put: no protocol behind them

Chain D.L.K.: Have you been happy with the response to the No Protocol EP, thus far?
Autoclav1.1: Certainly, yes. A surprise, really…

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any regrets about the No Protocol EP?
Autoclav1.1: A lot. I did that release and then Indelible straight after. I was using the program Reason, and really stretched all I could do in it. I got Logic shortly after and just put my head in my hands. People like the music on the two EPs but I need them to hear the new work because it’s a huge leap. Ah well, at least it’s progression.

Chain D.L.K.: Have you had a lot of help or input from other artists?
Autoclav1.1: Yeah, my mate Jamie in Electronic Substance Abuse, Paul from another new act, EVA/3, and of course Josh from Scrap.edx, who is an utter star. Also, I had some good input from somebody I just recently met, Robert, who has a really cool electronic act named Slacknote. I appreciate any comments that may help, really.

Chain D.L.K.: What are the next two releases you have planned, and what was the thematic direction you took for those?
Autoclav1.1: Well Indelible is just out now which is TV based. I sat down and looked at all the junk they have on mainstream TV– there is plenty to moan about. The full length album has the working title “When You Fall I Fail,” It’s about my weaknesses really. Looking for other things in life, wondering whether the grass is greener on the other side then getting the proverbial slap across the face needed to realize I really have everything I need in front of me; in my home life had I been less pig headed to realize. I have been a real dick and this is me coming to realize that.

Chain D.L.K.: You are currently active in the scene beyond Autoclav1.1; can you tell me a little about those projects?
Autoclav1.1: You mean Sentry? Well that’s my management and promo company for some cool labels. Then there is Alternative Perspective, which is owned by Owen Brown and myself. With Alternative Perspective we create videos and do live VJ sessions in clubs. It’s a hell of a lot of fun. I really think we hold our own in the industry. I also run the Blackharvest ‘Zine which is exactly what it says in the title. We review music within the genre.

Chain D.L.K.: So what are you planning to do next?
Autoclav1.1: Right now? Finish these crumpets and coffee. Seriously, though, I will just carry on, I can see no reason not to. I’ll keep trying to write better tracks and keep on going really…

Chain D.L.K.: Thanks so much for your time!
Autoclav1.1: No, thank you! Thanks for the opportunity to speak.

[interviewed by Shaun Phelps] [proofreading by Shaun Phelps]


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