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This interview covers and introduces the first act under the wings of the Swedish label Substream,, presenting us with their debut full-length CD “Sounds Of A New Generator”. Alreadyavailable and recognized in Europe, this fine Synthpop item got picked up by the rising US label DSBP ( and licensed and released for the North-American market. And so “Sounds Of A New Generator” got released featuring some extra tracks and two remix works during the warm summer days. Surely a not-expected addition to the entirely DSBP roster, but worth to check out…

Chain D.L.K.: Hi guys, would you like to introduce us to you and your music project auto-auto? Please include your bio to give some background info to our readers…
Auto Auto: Hi there. Our bio is sort of … out of date. Or at least has to be updated so we will give you a small recap of previous events and history…auto-auto was founded out of boredom in the year of our almighty lord 2004 by Erik Frankel & Johan Hellqvist.. We used to live together and had nothing better to do so we started to make music. We made a couple of songs and teamed up with a friend of ours, Philip Linné at a cafe here in town.. He had the ambition of creating an art-project in order to make life in our gray city a little happier…The plan we had from the beginning that we shouldn’t release anything started to diminish when a newly founded record company, Substream, happened to get hold of a few of our songs. Since they wanted to releaseus as their first act we embarked on a mission to save the world (and the whales) .. or. Well. Anyhow. We made a record, released it. DSBP showed interest and released it in the US with a couple of bonus songs..We’ve been playing live… making stickers… harassing people… well. Whatever… the works… ever since…

Chain D.L.K.: Please inform us of what’s currently happened in your local scene. There seems still to be paradise on earth for Synthpop acts, also after the hiatus of Energy-Records. Tell us a bit about your local scene, about acts, people and clubs not to be missed…
Auto Auto: In the last few years our own fair city has turned into a ghost town when it comes to interesting new electronic music and clubs. Mostly clubs… many has closed down or moved to asshole locations…But there are a few glimpses of sun on our map. This summer an Electro club called “Glory Boat” was organized.. and it was really great.. And of course.. Statisch is bring some really nice bands to town.. (FLA,LAIBACH.. etc).. as far as bands go.. there are some interesting acts but they are getting harder and harder to find each day.. The knights of the old republic (Covenant, S.P.O.C.K etc. etc.) are not so .. ahum, interesting anymore… but some new acts has surfaced, to name a few, Animal Keyboard, 047, Preset Boys, R&P.. well. One should check out Electric Fantastic sound (a record label that seems to sign everything or anything) but they have some really great acts…

Chain D.L.K.: Your last CD “Sounds Of A New Generator” got also licensed to the USA to the DSBP. How are the reactions on your stuff from overseas, I think your Synthpop-driven music is something special compared to the music of the other bands in the DSBP stable?
Auto Auto: Well, some people seem to really love it.. and it seems like we get some airplay at student-radio stations and clubs and stuff. So well… Its going ok! And of course there’s a difference between us and the other acts signed to DSBP stable… but maybe people who are DSBP “fans” will find something new and exciting!

Chain D.L.K.: For the US-release you decided to fill in 4 newer extra tracks and two remix works, why?
Auto Auto: We where so tired of the tracks on the album (1). Tommy wanted something extra for the US listeners, (2) and we really wanted something that show how our sound has changed…

Chain D.L.K.: It is obviously that you’re musically drifting a bit away from the sweet and smooth Synthpop which normally comes out of Sweden. Some reviews and announcements already used the term Powerpop or Hard Synthpop to start a description. Can we find the reasons for your harder outcome in the lyrical content of your tracks? But you guys seem to be funny people, just when I look on some gimmick photos printed in your CD artwork, aren’t you? 😉
Auto Auto: No. We’re very boring. And as far as the harder content goes. Well… part of this project is to show that everything is not black and white… as far as life and music… so we try to show a little bit of both sides… we’re versatile because we want to surprise you!

Chain D.L.K.: Also a critical view you also seem to take on religious themes and blind followers, like presented in the track “23. Nov”. Please explain us the meaning of this special date. What else drives you musically andthematically?
Auto Auto: Well, it was the date that the Russian former spy Alexander Litvinenko died. We read the future… And the last person executed by hanging in Sweden was hung on the 23rd of November… Big things seemto happen on the 23rd of November.. (really the song was made on 23rd of November and we had no name for it).. Religion pisses us of from time to time.. and we try to incorporate some religious themes to give our point of view on the subject.. and maybe use a bit of sarcasm in the process… The thing that drives us is old common lunacy alcohol and caffeine. We really just cant stop…

Chain D.L.K.: I don’t wanna start a new debate about the pros and cons of sharing MP3 files with you, but you’re using this format a lot to bring out special download EP’s (“Totem EP”) and to offer some special goodies for your fans. You’ve also placed several tracks at download resources such as, for example. Please give us your point of view on this whole theme.
Auto Auto: New times require new methods of distribution. Its not ‘84 anymore. Home taping isn’t killing record companies… we use the “Totem EP” for promotion purposes and to be able to share some of our music with people who might not have discovered us otherwise.. Plus sharing gives us a warm fuzzy feeling inside… And of course we’ve gotten some great remixes that we love!

Chain D.L.K.: Speaking on technical side of your music. In times of a growing evolution of computer-based software-synths, which kind do you prefer, the hard- or the software-based solution?

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Auto Auto: A combination of old and new… It’s sort of our mantra. Never be afraid to try anything that MIGHT sound good.

Chain D.L.K.: Please give a look to your live activities on stage. How does an auto-auto gig look alike, for all those who couldn’t see you acting on stage before? How much of your music is really played “live”?
Auto Auto: We have a video backdrop that is specially composed for our live show with sync and everything.. and well, fluorescent lights and stuff. Anyhow, some is played live, some is on backtrack.. like the common method today…

Chain D.L.K.: What else do you expect from the future, musically and for your private life? Any new releases in the works which you can already confirm here?
Auto Auto: Flying cars, men on mars, fools behind bars.. and YES.

Chain D.L.K.: Your final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
Auto Auto: Final words. Lotsa kisses.

Visit Auto Auto on the web at:

[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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