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Rising German label, Dependent (, released Autoaggression’s debut CD “Geräuschinformatik” in March, 2005. It is one of very few remarkable albums that doesn’t follow any hype or conventional ways. Its sound includes several styles and art from Electro, Ambient, to Powernoise-elements. Behind this one man project stands Lukas Schneider, a student hailing from Germany’s Ruhr Basin area. On “Geräuschinformatik,” his debut CD, no website or contact address was given. Without the help of Dependent it was almost impossible to conduct an interview with Lukas…

Chain D.L.K.: First, can you give us an overview and a look into the history of your project, Autoaggression?
Auto Aggression: Autoaggression was the working title for two demos I produced between 2000 and 2002.after the release of the track “3,14” on Septic 3 in 2002. I decided to use the name for my productions concerning industrial and IDM music.

Chain D.L.K.: It seems like your production process is largely based on scientific themes. Can you give some insight on your composition process?
Auto Aggression: Science is just a tool. Art is the use of science to create something beautiful.Maybe the titles of some of the tracks on “Geräuschinformatik” seem to be scientific, but that’s the result of my intention to create something that is far away from the typical clichés concerning industrial music.

Chain D.L.K.: Would you say that you are a member of the dark Electro/Industrial scene?
Auto Aggression: Industrial is a huge part of my musical socialisation. But the way in which the Industrial scene has changed in the past three or four years, especially in my region, doesn’t help me to feel comfortable in certain clubs and discos. I would have liked it if the Industrial scene strengthened its ties to Electro and Electronica.

Chain D.L.K.: A lot of your music is lyricless and Powernoise based. How important are lyrics and vocals in your music?
Auto Aggression: Yes, I use some distorted breakbeats, but I don’t like the term Powernoise. The fact, that there are few vocals on “Geräuschinformatik” results from my approach to concentrate on the musical content. “Geräuschinformatik” is a very atmospheric album, and maybe even an emotional one.

Chain D.L.K.: The track, “City of I.C.E.,” features some thoughtful female vocals. Can you tell us anything about her? Does she have any deeper influence in your music content?
Auto Aggression: Nives has a great jazzy voice. To engage her for “City of I.C.E.” was the best choice I could make. Her main influence on “Geräuschinformatik” is her constructive criticism. For the next Autoaggression LP we will produce some songs together.

Chain D.L.K.: You are also a student at the ICEM (Institute for Computer-music and Electronic Media) in Essen, Germany. What kind of influence have your studies had on your music?
Auto Aggression: “Geräuschinformatik” is very influenced by the things I do within my study. The difference between the academic stuff I do at university and the industrial pop music I do at home lies in the goals I try to archive. Autoaggression is meant to be focused on fat sounds, deep content and the interaction with the audience.

Chain D.L.K.: Your label, Dependent, describes your music as being “Intellectual Industrial”. What are your thoughts and intention behind this?
Auto Aggression: I don’t like genres. There is no need for an innovative project to claim to be the inventors of (put your new genre in here). “Intellectual Industrial” is just a description of what I do. And it just reflects one facet of Autoaggression.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any other interests, besides studying and music?
Auto Aggression: I’m interested in a lot of different things, mainly cultural ones. I like modern and post-modern art and literature, independent movies, fashion and theatre. Although I don’t find much time for all of my interests, I can easily be fascinated by everything our society creates. Maybe criticism is my favourite hobby.

Chain D.L.K.: Do you have any future plans?
Auto Aggression: Next album. Live appearances. Following album. Everything else is secret.

Chain D.L.K.: All the best, Lukas! Keep up the great music.

[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Shaun Phelps]


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