Chain D.L.K.
: Hello everyone. Thank you for your time.
Dr3w: Greetings. It is no problem, man. Oh, yeah. Hi there.
Je$$: Hello guys.
Chain D.L.K.: Let’s get this shin dig started, shall we. Ok, my first question is about the name Anorkia. Where did it originate from and who first had the idea of it?
Dr3w: Fangran Hong founded the band. Back then it was simply called "FANG". Him and KR-LIK hooked up and it became KR-LIK & FANG. Around.. What was it, Jess, March? Jess and I signed on to do vocals. That is when the name switched over to Anorchia, which soon changed to Anorkia.
Je$$: Hmm yep it was around March.
Dr3w: On a real quick note, I challenge the readers to look up Anorchia in a medical dictionary for a giggle.
Chain D.L.K.: Now how did get involved with the band? That’s me… I guess you know :wumpscut:. If not, you might visit someday. There, the story began. There was a remix contest. :wumpscut: delivered samples of "Wreath of Barbs" and anyone could do a remix and send it in. I did, kR-LiK did. I was one of the contest winners and regularily visited, a brazilian :wumpscut: site, trying to list all participants. I wanted to hear kR-LiKs mix, but it was "on request only". I requested it … Soon he asked me for tips on mastering "War Sex Crime"… The rest of the story, just for completeness, was that I tried to remaster WSC myself and all of Anorkia liked my work.
Chain D.L.K.: That’s wonderful. Your contributions to the band really show your talents.
Dr3w: I might add that Dirk also did the Dark Trance remix which appears on the demo. That was a part of our admiration for his work.

Anorkia member Anorkia member Anorkia member Anorkia member

Chain D.L.K.: Cool. What are all of your favorite bands, and who do you look up to in the music industry?
Je$$: Oh man, that’s a long list for me. I mostly listen too Industrial music, Electronica, Metal, and Classical Rock. I really like :Wumpscut: and Depeche Mode (all eras). That are the most important I think. In general, I’m old (hehe) and much into the 80s electronics. I look up to Moby. I think he’s a great artist. And he’s a bit silly, just like me. If I would list all CDs I listen to, this interview won’t end today…
Dr3w: In my opinion, Raymond Watts (PIG) is one of the, if not the most talented and diverse musicians on the planet. I also really like Frontline Assembly, Shotgun Messiah, Ace of Base, Depeche Mode, ohGr, ADIEMUS, Garbage, Chumbawumba..
Chain D.L.K.: How do you mix your music. Do you have lyrics first, or do you start out with a beat or a synth? Fill us in. I think the past songs were done with the music first. Drew?
Dr3w: Good question. As of our currently existing work, all of it was done on a synth-first basis, with drums added next and vocals added last. However, there will be many other different methods to our future work.
Chain D.L.K.: What hardware equipment do you use currently, and what would you like to obtain in your dirty little hands in the future? This shouldn’t be told… hehe… I use one 1.3GHz Athlon-PC, employing the following software: A soundtracker, Steinberg WaveLab Lite, Steinberg Cubasis VST, Steinberg Remix and emagic Logic Audio 5. I also use lots of free virtual synthesizer plugins.
Dr3w: I use an Audio Buddy preamp that links directly into my PC, along with the usual mic/headphones/stand. I edit the WAV. files using Cool Edit Pro. It is a primitive set up at best but it gets the job done. As for what I would like to get my "dirty little hands on"… I’m not sure. I believe that Fangran uses quite a variety of software. ReBirth seems to be his favorite.
Je$$: Well i use my Audio Buddy Dual Mic Preamp/Direct Box which of course the same as Drew has. I really need new Headphones, though. What I want to get? Some real Synthesizers, like the Waldorf Microwave or the Access Virus and things like that. I fear that I would need some more studio stuff then…
Chain D.L.K.: What other instruments do you guys play or toy around with, or want to in the future?
Dr3w: I am currently trying to become a better music programmer, and I am sure that sometime in the near future I will be doing more than vocals for Anorkia. I’d like to obtain a really great keyboard, and get really good at using it. 😉 Oh, yeah. I forgot that keyboard, too. That’s a cheap thing to start with. I could do some drumming, I did this in the past…
Je$$: I also play the guitar but believe me, I suck (lol). I am still learning. Maybe one day, not just my voice will be filling Anorkia’s music.

Anorkia member Anorkia member Anorkia member Anorkia member

Chain D.L.K.: Besides some more keyboard work, what else would you like to add to Anorkia in the future? Weird sounds. No matter where they come from.
Dr3w: The future is now. We are just wrapping up a track that features several new sounds. Think: metal guitar and DR3W speaking German.
Chain D.L.K.: How do you like the current music scene, and what do you guys want to change with the elctronica/industrial/ebm genres? The "current music scene" is quite a big thing to talk about, huh? Well. I hate the repetetive re-recordings and covers and the big music bosses expecting to get even bigger with it.
Dr3w: Honestly, I am not too smart about the industry. I listen to what I like and that is about all there it to it. I am very anti-MTV, not because I am a typical angsty type who doesn’t care for the mainstream, but because I think MTV is plain and simple poor television programming.
Je$$: Yes MTV plays mainstream music but they also destroy it as well.. they play artists songs til everyone is sick of them. I really don’t care for the new current mainstream music scene. MTV SUCKS! heh.
Chain D.L.K.: A typical question for any band is what I’m about to ask you… What is the name of the new album and when do you think it will be ready? The name is not yet known. Is it?
Dr3w: I wanted to call it "Electronic-Demonic-Nervous-Breakdown" but nobody else liked that.
Je$$: Hey, you got that from me. *Laughs*
Dr3w: The release is not yet known. It really all depends on label negotiations and whatnot. We don’t know if we are putting it out ourselves yet.
Chain D.L.K.: Any concert or club dates coming up within the next few months?
Je$$: Me, Drew and Fang have been working on that for the past few weeks.
Dr3w: It is a good possibility. I am good friends with the guitarist of Lansing based metal band Best Eerie, which is just now getting big on the East Coast of the U.S. We will probably be doing some shows with them early next year. There is also a very good chance that we will be opening for CHAOTICA in the near future, once they get their live set up back on track.

Anorkia member Anorkia member Anorkia member Anorkia member

Chain D.L.K.: That’s good to hear. will be launching soon… any surprises or special features included with the release?
Dr3w: Yeah, but if I told you what they were, they wouldn’t be surprises…
Je$$: And we will have to kill you. (Laughs)
Chain D.L.K.: Any future collaborations, music-wise, coming up? Work with other artists? I think I will try to get Anorkia involved in some of my remix projects. Nothing really big to release, just more contests.
Dr3w: That is uncertain at this point. There will no doubt be new contributers to Anorkia, it is just a matter of meeting them. Dirk is a fine example of this.
Chain D.L.K.: Well thank you all for your precious time. Myself and thousands of other fans cannot wait for your next release. Children of Pride was excellent and we look forward to another hard hitting record. Thanks. Anything to add before I let you go?
Dr3w: I would like to add that I am thankful for our small but supportive group of fans and that what we do is for you. Anorkia tracks are available not only via but also at
Je$$: Well, we currently have a good chance of being on Compilation CD.
Dr3w: Our new track, Denial, will hopefully be on the upcoming industrial compilation, ANNIHILATION. In stores Christmas. And many thanks to Brandon Clark for giving us a good chance. "Leben in Verleugnung"[interviewed by Monkey Hazard]


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