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The Argentinean-based act ALIEN PRODUKT somehow can be named as being the most known actbesides PUNTO OMEGA for the international Electro/Industrial scene hailing out of thiscountry. Earlier this year they could release their already second full-length CD signedto the Arkansas-based label BLC Productions, so it was about time to introduce them andtheir activities with an interview with the band leader Ricardo Alien…

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Chain D.L.K.: Greetings Ricardo, first of some words to you and your music project. Wouldyou like to fill in some biographical details of the finding of Alien Produkt? Why thetypical German “k” letter in your band name?
Alien Produkt: Well, the idea of the name arose in a laboratory of communications towhich we were calling “the alien base” and out of there all the products that were goingto bring out were called “alien produkts” – antennas, teams of communications, microwave,etc. The use of the letter “k” is a little tax perhaps to the band that influenced us inthose times, Nitzer Ebb. Back in their recitals they were exhibiting a flag with thelegendary “nitzerebbprodukt” slogan. Many formations and personal experiences haveinfluenced the music of Alien Produkt. In the first epoch we already had our radio showcalled “La Trashnoche” in which we were spreading all music styles betweenEBM/Gothic/Industrial/Synthpop and we felt the need to express our pleasures to theproduction of the music. The friendship always joined us at first and the subject-matterwas more based on the paranormal topics and of extraterrestrial life,the band was formedby Leoisis, Osvaldo “S” (currently active in Punto Omega) and Ricardo “Ally”. Then theformation changed, Leoisis left the band and Pablo “Dunkel” joined us to provide a darkertouch to the music. Later Osvaldo “S” was leaving the band and got replaced by UTB. Atthis point the sound of Alien Produkt has been worked out rather to what it seems atpresent. Created out of the big musical affinity between UTB and Ricardo Alien, wedecided to incorporate a feminine voice, Loregore, to add a special touch. This happenedwhen we decided to look for a label to edit our debut album “Revenge” and luckily wecould sign with BLC Productions. Later there were some changes that could refine thesound of the band.

Chain D.L.K.: You’re hailing from Argentina, a country from which asides of you some moreacts now are able to grab international attention like Lujhboia or Suicide Solution.Please give us overview about the scenearound you. Which bands, places and labels do we need to check out? How is the reactionof the mass media on Electro/Industrial music?
Alien Produkt: The Argentinean scene is very limited, although there are existing capablebands that even have not been discovered so far. We’re trying to help so that they getknown and know of each other. There doesn’t exist even a label dedicated to this styleand the massive means of communication do not spread it. At the beginning of the decadeof the 90ies some very good bands existed, we were emphasized to Unidad De Transmisionwhich has marked an epoch. After this has disappeared at the end of this decade, we thenfelt the need to create our own project. There also don’t existing currently any places(clubs) dedicated to these music styles, but sporadic some underground parties gotorganized.

Chain D.L.K.: Being signed to the Arkansas-based label BLC Productions, you could release now already a second new full-length CD called “Ignorance”. How did you getsigned to BLC and where do you see the differences in all terms of production betweenyour debut “Revenge” and the new album?
Alien Produkt: Well, we’ve chosen BLC for the edition of our CD, because it looked to uslike a serious stamp that really knows very well the needs of its artists. Labelpresident Brandon L. Clark always believed in us and he always pays attention and supportto his bands. Our second disc “Ignorance” differs from to the production process andoffers a higher quality of sound, we have matured as a band which is a consequence of theincorporation of our own studio “Alienlab”. Add to this the fantastic work of WilhelmSteiner, the Dead Dreamer,, whose efforts for the booklet and theartwork are excellent for us. In short, “Ignorance” is very superior to our debut and weare really much satisfied with it.

Chain D.L.K.: Some changes has happened in your band staff. The female co-singer Loregoreis still with you, but with a reduced insert, and you’ve added with Laura M anotherfemale counterpart to the rough vocals ofUTB. Why this decision and what has happened with your previous band member Dunkel?
Alien Produkt: That’s true, the addition of Laura M was very important for us, we knewher by chance and she dazed us with her professionalism and talent, in addition to thenice person she is. This happened due to the fact that Loregore was pregnant and awaiteda son which made her participation impossible. Currently both Laura and Loregore sharetheir participation in the band. Regarding Dunkel we had some labor problems, also heformed a family and has a beautiful daughter, so he left the band. I also have give lifea little “alien” to the world, to whom I’ve dedicated this album, he-he-he!

Chain D.L.K.: Lets talk a bit on the conceptual content of “Ignorance”. I guess you’retrying to rage againstdecadence, mind manipulation and wrong censorship to mankind – you’re trying to open oureyes. Pleaseenlighten us a bit more about your explained manifesto…
Alien Produkt: “Ignorance” expresses many personal experiences, social and laborsituations that are present in our country and about the world. People who are sleepingin the “reign of ignorance” while the planet got destroyed around them, “El Proceso”reflects a dark epoch of military dictatorships, “oscilacion parasita” the mediocrity andthe contempt of the electronic music realized by the DJ’s who consider music, related tothe electronic sound, only with Disco-Tech, being a part of a supposed evolved elite,”reality (out of control)” deals with the big insecurity with which we have to live,”city of fakes” – the big falsehood which exists in some persons surrounding us, inshort: the attitudes, negative feelings, the destruction of the environment, to be ableto contribute, although that only a little improving is required to save the world wehave, so that future generations have a place to live.

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Chain D.L.K.: Against to your debut, you now also integrate lyrics and vocals in yourSpanish mother tongue. Do you feel more comfortable with your home language to find theright words for more complex themes? Or how do you decide in which language the trackcomes out?
Alien Produkt: We decided to express some songs in Spanish because every track we’recomposing will be sung in the language of its origin. The community of Hispanic speech isevery time a major, some songs express themselves better in English, the heap and thephonetics are also very important, the impact they produce is distinctive.

Chain D.L.K.: Your cover art got again created by the Dead Dreamer, Wilhelm Steiner. Inwhich connection stands his work to the concept of your album?
Alien Produkt: We are working very tied with Wilhelm and he know really well to interpretour concepts. We are very consenting to his work, he is truly professional.

Chain D.L.K.: You’re also active with La Trashnoche,, a radio showand online resource for the scene of Argentina. A short introduction, please…
Alien Produkt: La Trashnoche was created almost 18 years before as radio show, since thenwe spread without interruption the styles EBM-Industrial-Synthpop-Gothic. Some of thesestyles have been evolved and with the listening and discovering to this diverse musicstyles, we could learn to know some great people of the scene. Also a lot of partnershipsand marriages have been formed at our radio show, he-he! Thanks to the Internet arrivalwe could show it to the world with our web site and transmit it in real-time. It is agreat tool, the interactivity with the audience is very important! We like to invite youall to visit and listen our shows at – You’re all welcome!

Chain D.L.K.: How is it with live gigs? Any touring plans you can already confirm?
Alien Produkt: We will soon play in Buenos Aires, on April 14th at the “Maquinaria party”presenting our disc “Ignorance”. CD’s will be autographed and we’re gonna sell someT-shirts. On April 21st we will play in a theater with bands of different styles. In Junewe will do a trip to Sao Paulo, Brazil, to play at a festival and we also hope this time to beable to attend to the German WGT festival, if we are provided with the economicmeans. We are already invited for the second time to this huge event.

Chain D.L.K.: Your daily life besides being a musician. Please fill in details, relations, hobbies, and further interests…
Alien Produkt: Okay, at first we want to clarify is that each of us has his own work,also we are all friends, every month we are meeting, each of us with his/her family toshare pleasant moments. UTB is employed at a record shop, in his house he passes in themusically composition of some tracks, then we assemble the stuff together to capture theideas. My (Ricardo Alien) principal job is to work in a company of telecommunicationswhere I develop my activities as technician in digital microwave radio links and relatedtopics. I am married and have a beautiful 7-months-old son. I love the music, especiallythe arrangements, mixes and mastering, and I enjoy very much producing it. Loregore is amother of a 1-year-old beautiful kid, her husband is employed at the police and togetherwe are big friends of years ago. Laura is dedicated to the Argentinean folklore, shetakes part on parties where she sings as a guest vocalist in some bands, music stuffrelated to the culture of our country.

Chain D.L.K.: Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like toconfirm here…
Alien Produkt: We are already working on our third disc … surprise!! Currently we arealso doing remixes for Acylum, Homicide Division and Proyecto Crisis. We also areproducing some melancholy Futurepop for a new musical project – soon you will be hear ofit…And – we’re waiting for the support of the people – they shall acquire our disc, he-he!!

Chain D.L.K.: Some final words to our readers to conclude this interview?
Alien Produkt: NEVER YIELD TO THIS EVIL SYSTEMIt is necessary to recover the good values lost in this humanity.Thank you very much for the whole support!!!

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[interviewed by Marc Tater] [proofreading by Tommy T. Rapisardi]


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