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Rotting Christ: Genesis

 Posted by KlingKlangBedlam   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Sep 28 2002
Artist: Rotting Christ
Title: Genesis
Format: CD
Label: Century Media
Distributor: Century Media
Gothic metal is kind of a vague term once you see into the metal underground,as alot of bands like to use it in the same way bands like Slipknot use it: to market themselves and nothing more. This band,Rotting Christ, I heard quite a while ago when I had their first CD "Triarchy of The Lost Lovers" and I can safely say this band fits the goth-metal mold. Nice dark imagery devoid of the Dio-esque cliches,and most of all mixing mood with melody and heaviness, not allowing the powerchords and riffing to choke the emotion. Not too far from Paradise Lost, whom I still have a thing for.The opening track "Daemons" starts off with a nice little opera atmospherics before jumping into the sludgy speed section. Track 2,"Lex Talionis" which is sung in Greek I believe,does stumble a little bit on the drumming but clears up easily by the chorus. The speed these guys play at it amazing as well,but again not forsaking the emotion involved. Track 4,"Nightmare" is a good slow one that catches me,and probably strikes me as my favorite for it's slow drawling vocals laced in with the snarling vocal lines. Overall,good slow gothic (black) metal with an intellegence and good use of sampling with the Delerium-like opera vocals. Some good atmoshperics here overall, and should please both black metal fans and goth fans alike. Beats Cradle of Filth,that god awful excuse for music. Rating: 10Also recommended are Septic Flesh,also from the great land of Greece,though at times they are more death metal.

Midnight Syndicate: Vampyre: Symphonies from the Crypt

 Posted by TG Mondalf (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Sep 27 2002
Artist: Midnight Syndicate (@)
Title: Vampyre: Symphonies from the Crypt
Format: CD
Label: Entity Productions (@)

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Vampyre is a slight departure from previous releases only in the sense that after producing Gates of Delerium which is heavily FX oriented the band wanted produce a more music oriented CD. That does not mean that Vampyre is completely devoid of effects because it is not. However what you do get is a stronger focus on the electronically produced symphonic sounds produced like only Midnight Syndicate can. These symphonies are haunting and ominous with a sense of impending dread which has become somewhat the trademark sound of the music of Midnight Syndicate. Midnight Syndicate has found a unique nitch in the music consumer market by focusing on the Haunted Attraction Industry. They have become a major staple for professional haunts worldwide and major Halloween productions. Their music is also loved by Halloween aficiandos, horror film/music fans, and gothic music lovers worldwide. Since it's creation the band's goal has been to create music that aids the listener is transporting themselves to worlds of their own creative imaginings. As usual, their most recent release comes with the same promise. Vampyre while having less FX involved in the compositions is not any less creative or thought provoking but instead proves that Midnight Syndicate can accomplish their goals without the heavy use of FX. Their musical compositions are dark, brooding, and imaginative enough on their own. This release, as the title suggests, focuses on the nightmare world of the master of the undead, the Vampyre. While powerful are foreboding these creatures also have tendencies toward depression begin caught in a life without end. Walking for eternity and stalking their prey in the night their unlife can be either ecstasy or damnation. Midnight Syndicate aptly capture the mood of this creature in their compositions, sometimes sounding full like a film score and at other times like a lone creature tinkering with a cathedral organ or harpsichord and still at others capturing the internal longings and defeats that a life such as theirs could bring them. Basically, Midnight Syndicate have once again proved their status in the industry and of their talents. It's simply amazing what these guys can do musically in creating imaginative music. However, after speaking with Ed from the band I can promise you the next album will contain more FX for those who love them.


 Posted by Davide Del Col   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Sep 21 2002
with image
Format: CD
The Laine Gebel's one-mand band "Ex Nihilo" has a total retrospective conception, completely focused on the electro-goth fisrt school born between the half and end of the 80's from the wedding of the Christian Death's macabre perversion with the DAF and Nitzer Ebb's first synthetic pulsations. So you will find grandiose keyboards cascades, possessed and wicked voices, deacadent melodic bass lines and all other classic ingredients that made the history of this genre.It's a pity that the production has a poor quality, because although the album is not original and fossilized on old ideas however it sounds enjoyable, funny and sufficiently various.I prefere when Ex Nihilo hit on the accelerator, reaching the emphasis of the furious EBM and approaching the Hocico's devilish attitude. Surely i think this cd is more appreciable and honest than several releases of idolized and famous EBM bands that make up a perfect hit single for the charts and then repeat the same versus for ten songs!

GARDEN OF DELIGHT: Psychonomicon 1991-2001

 Posted by Eugenio Maggi (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Sep 21 2002
Title: Psychonomicon 1991-2001
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: Sad Eyes/Trisol (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
An anthologic double cd from the Garden, featuring singles and bonus tracks on cd1 and a live recording (Castle Rabenstein, Germany, 28-09-2001) on cd2. The latter has a perfect, crystal-clear sound, so it's probably the best way to listen to the band's blend of gothic and melodic rock - sort of Paradise Lost meets The Cult, with an emphasys on energy and catchy tunes. Comes with the usual esoteric layout, and information about the tracks.

Hocico: Signos De Abberacion

 Posted by KlingKlangBedlam   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Sep 10 2002
Artist: Hocico
Title: Signos De Abberacion
Format: CD
Label: Metropolis Records (@)
Distributor: Metropolis Records
Ever seen the film Amorres Perros? That is the world of Mexico I think of when I hear this band: bleak,desolate,corroding and melancholy in it's decay. They are the voice of the poor and downtrodden in Mexico City come to a violent life, uncensored in their portrayal of domestic abuse,corruption,murder,perversion,and in general the decay of the human fabric day by day. Cold dance rhythms line up against terrorizing vocals in distortion and horror movie rhythms taken out of the corroded pueblos of Mexico City. Kinda along the lines of the great Kalte Farben or Placebo Effect and that is the closest I could compare them. Many say Wumpscut,but where Wumpscut tends at times to just toss out schlock and shock like a child, these guys are as serious as an aneurysm and sincere as Anne Sexton's suicide note. To understand why Hispanics have such a high love of life, you have to understand what they came from in Mexico, and Hocico is your tour guide of terrors and a blunt lesson of this.The first track,Pandemonium,pops open with classical piano lines culled from some horror film,matching perfectly with the cover and the Legend movie sample. Instincts of Perversion,a brutal cutthroat account of spousal abuse told through the eyes of the wifebeater. Totally uncensored and seemingly reveling in a DeSade-esque guise. Wounds is my favorite track, the kind of song violent uprisings are made of,which I think it calls for. Sample lyric: "I'll be here by your side to raise this gun,this gun in my hand/Nation I feel kind of away,now time to reclaim what is our's" in reference to revolution the old fashioned way, most presumably by the underclass. If there ever is an uprising in Mexico you'll be hearing this blaring on the speakers without a doubt. Forgotten Tears is also another solid song, a song about dying forgotten in the streets and shantytowns of that area,which seems all too common. What I miss is their Spanish tracks like "Espinas en mal", which for a change show how emotive the language can be. Hehe can this be the new face of the Latin hearthrobs? Not fucking likely and that's why we love them! I have said it before and I will say it again as a newer fan of their's: they have revived my faith in industrial completely. Dismantled too. See these pissed off Hombres de la Mal on tour starting in November and I'm there with you! Just don't get too close or you may faint from the bile. Rating: It's Hocico,that's my rating!I had them play this on the dance floor a couple of times,and all the teenie goths there hit the dirt! Try it sometime!

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