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ADVERSUS: Einer Nacht Gewesenes

 Posted by Marc Tater (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Jan 03 2006
Artist: ADVERSUS (@)
Title: Einer Nacht Gewesenes
Format: CD
Label: Sonorium (@)
Distributor: SX Distribution
This is music out of the moniker "higher art" to my personal preferences. ADVERSUS consisting of 7 musicians – yes, "real" musicians, which are able to play some "real" instruments like violins, piano, flutes and so on. Musically they are playing a very own form of Gothic/Electro-Metal with some strong Neo-Classic/Medieval influences. There are two classic trained female sopranos and one male vocalist, bombastic choruses, tempo changes and a German lyrical content ranging between NDT (Neue Deutsche Todeskunst) up to poetically art. It is no doubt that only one of this musicians has more talent and musically training than any stupid PC-EBM "musician". The only problem is that this kind of music is totally out of my reduced musical horizon – I can nothing fill in here which can be called a quality review on the given stuff. So I will leave and conclude this review without any rating, just because I can’t do any comparisons at all. To fill in a star rating wouldn’t be fair to the band and label. Nevertheless this production has my deepest respect regarding all aspects of being a work of art. This more than 77 minutes clocking CD will be released in a DVD boxset and will include a 24 pages booklet with some oil paintings and special artwork done by mastermind Rosendorn.

Pink Turns Blue: Re-Union

 Posted by Shaun Phelps (@)   Dark / Gothic / Wave / New Wave / Dark Wave / Industrial Gothic
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Dec 30 2005
Artist: Pink Turns Blue (@)
Title: Re-Union
Format: CD
Label: Orden (@)
Rated: *****
Re-Union the accomplished collection of singles from German darkwave Pioneers, Pink Turns Blue. Pink Turns Blue is the combined effort of Mic Jogwer (Vocals, Guitar), Louis Pavlou (Drums), Reini Walter (Bass), and Brigid Anderson (Keys, Vocals). The band reunited in 2003 to play a few festivals and decided it was time to re-grace the world with their presence.

Re-Union functions as a "best of," compiling their impressive list of singles from 1985 to 1995. Imagine if you will, Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke’s powerfully accented voice set to the poppy (though sometimes depressed) music of The Cure with the energy of Billy Idol. Pink Turns Blue’s sound is reminiscent of the best points of the 80’s and early 90’s darkwave movement, flawlessly executed and surprisingly ahead of its time.

Pink Turns Blue’s Re-union blatantly displays the influence and impact their work had on darkwave and goth-rock, and shows their continued relevance to the scene today. This is an essential listen for anyone with a soft spot for Goth-Rock, or for anyone with a soft spot for good music.